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Nowhere To Run by South Park

Album: Chef AidReleased: 1998
  • This rather aggressive song was featured in the 1998 South Park episode "Chef Aid," where it's part of a benefit concert to raise money for the character Chef's legal defense. The song was performed by DMX, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ozzy Osbourne and Crystal Method, and written by Jack Blades, Crystal Method, DMX, John Eaton, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ozzy Osbourne and Rick Rubin.
    Trying to get some insight on just how this thing came together, we asked Jack Blades about it, and he told us: "Rick Rubin called me and had 'Nowhere To Run' as a South Park thing. They had this track, and they wanted Ozzy to sing it, and they needed lyrics, and so I'm like, Okay, I'll write you the lyric. DMX wrote the DMX part. DMX did the music. It was a cluster f--k. I wrote the lyrics with Ozzy, and so that's what we did. The f-bombs, those guys wrote all the f-bombs. I'm not a big f-bomb thrower in my lyrics." (Blades is much more proud of his work with Night Ranger and Damn Yankees. Check out our interview with Jack Blades to learn more.)
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