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Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

Album: Abbey RoadReleased: 1969Charted:
  • George Harrison wrote this in Eric Clapton's garden using one of Clapton's acoustic guitars. When the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein died in 1967, the band had to handle more of their accounting and business affairs, which Harrison hated. He wrote this after attending a round of business meetings. This song was inspired by the long winters in England which Harrison thought went on forever.
  • In the documentary The Material World, Eric Clapton talked about writing this song with Harrison: "It was one of those beautiful spring mornings. I think it was April, we were just walking around the garden with our guitars. I don't do that, you know? This is what George brought to the situation. He was just a magical guy... we sat down at the bottom of the garden, looking gout, and the sun was shining; it was a beautiful morning, and he began to sing the opening lines (to "Here Comes the Sun") and I just watched this thing come to life."
  • The music begins on the left channel and gradually moves to the right as Harrison's vocal begins.
  • The instrumental break is similar to "Badge," which Harrison helped Clapton write for his band Cream.
  • John Lennon did not play on this. Around this time, he was making a habit of not playing on Harrison's compositions as the two were not on the best of terms. The two eventually settled their differences as George contributed quite a bit to Lennon's album Imagine two years later. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Adrian - Wilmington, DE
  • Harrison sang lead vocals, played acoustic guitar and used his newly acquired Moog synthesizer on this track. It was one of the first pop songs to feature a Moog.
  • In 2006, this was voted by the members of the GeorgeHarrison.com forum as their favorite song of his.
  • In 1976, a cover by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel was a #10 hit in the UK.
  • Richie Havens covered this in 1971. The Beatles' version never charted, but his hit #16 in the US. Other popular covers were recorded by Nina Simone and Peter Tosh.
  • On November 20, 1976, Harrison performed this with Paul Simon on Saturday Night Live. On a previous show, producer Lorne Michaels offered The Beatles $3,000 (union minimum), to show up and perform. He said they could split it up any way they wanted, giving Ringo less if they felt like it. Lennon and McCartney were watching together in New York at the time and almost went. On the show when Harrison performed this, there is a skit where he is arguing with Michaels over the money. Michaels tries to explain that the $3000 was for the whole group, and he would have to accept less.
  • When Harrison died in 2001, many artists performed this at their concerts as a tribute. It was played at the induction ceremonies of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the all-star jam.
  • George Harrison played a guitar solo that was placed at 1:02 into the song, but didn't make the final cut. Here's the clip where George Martin and Dhani Harrison listen to it.
  • Take That's Gary Barlow covered this for a 2012 advert for Marks and Spencer. It was the first song he'd recorded as a solo artist since his sophomore album, Twelve Months, Eleven Days in 1999. He said: "It's a real a privilege to cover such an iconic track. You can't better perfection but I hope we've given it a modern twist that will capture the mood of the nation and provide the perfect anthem for summer 2012." The song's exposure on the commercial resulted in the original Beatles recording charting in the UK singles top 75 for the first time.
  • Tom Petty, who was Harrison's good friend and played with him in the Traveling Wilburys, said of this song in Rolling Stone: "No piece of music can make you feel better than this. It's such an optimistic song, with that little bit of ache in it that makes the happiness mean even more."
  • At the 2016 Republican National Convention, Ivanka Trump, speaking before her father Donald took the stage, emerged with this song playing. The Harrison estate was not happy and voiced their displeasure on Twitter: "The unauthorized use of #HereComestheSun at the #RNCinCLE is offensive & against the wishes of the George Harrison estate. If it had been Beware Of Darkness, then we MAY have approved it!"
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Comments: 124

George Benson did an amazing jazz guitar version of "Here Comes the Sun" on his album "The George Benson Collection."Gregory - St Louis
@Adrian (above): John Lennon does not appear on this for one sole reason: he was recovering from a car accident and could not participate. It has has nothing to do with a rift between he and Harrison for which there wasn't any at the time. The same applies to a number of tracks on "Abbey Road".

@Ken (below): You are talking about "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". This is the comments section for "Here Comes The Sun".
Gary - Usa
AS stated above, on November 20th 1976, George Harrison & Paul Simon performed "Here Comes the Sun" on the NBC-TV program 'Saturday Night Live'...
George Harrison's original version was track one of side two on the quartet's eleven studio album, "Abbey Road"; and on October 26th, 1969 it peaked at #1 {for 11 non-consecutive weeks}* on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart {also reached #1 on the album charts in Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Germany, and of course in the United Kingdom}...
* Three times it was knocked out of the #1 position; and all three times by the same album, 'Led Zeppelin II'.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
I like the way George fluffs the line ''It feels like years since its been here'' he sings '' It seels like years'' confusing the words feels & seems. But the fact the fluff was left in just shows his honesty'Roy - Slough, United Kingdom
When George Harrison first demo'ed the song in the studio, it was just him on an acoustic guitar. George Martin loved it, just as it was. He pleaded with George Harrison to record it just like that with a string ensemble in the background. But GH refused; he thought that would be copying "Yesterday". Besides, GH believed a song about a weeping guitar HAD to have a slide guitar lead, and he brought in pal Eric Clapton for that. George Martin did get his way, eventually. When making the "Love" album, he produced a version with strings backing GH's acoustic demo. It was the only track on "Love" that had musicians other than the Beatles.Ken - Louisville, Ky
A lot of comments refer to this, but here is Harrison's actual explanation:

"Here Comes the Sun" was written at the time when Apple was getting like school, where we had to go and be businessmen: 'Sign this' and 'sign that'. Anyway, it seems as if winter in England goes on forever, by the time spring comes you really deserve it. So one day I decided I was going to sag off Apple and I went over to Eric Clapton's house. The relief of not having to go see all those dopey accountants was wonderful, and I walked around the garden with one of Eric's acoustic guitars and wrote "Here Comes the Sun"

The last thing I'd like to do is to influence someone's thinking on the matter, or change how someone "sees" a particular song. We all have our own little "head movies" that play when we hear a particular song, and those are precious thoughts. However, I don't think this is a "happy" song. George was very unhappy while writing this tune, and was lamenting his situation more than seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Whatever. Great song.
Marty - San Francisco, Ca
Martin, I love that story, George is in my heart, Dave, Scotland.David - Banchory, United Kingdom
This song always cheers me up when I am depressed.My interpretation is that good times are coming after a bad period.In fact I heard it a couple of days ago and cried while I was listening to it,I had had a long illness and that song reminded me that I was recovered and that I could enjoy what I had.Martin - Fresno, Ca
for me this is the song that gets me inspired to start a day.....Pradeep - Kathmandu, Nepal
To me, this, Something, Guitar and All Too Much are George's very best songs. When I'm seeing the end of Winter I tend to run this song through my mind. The acoustic work he does is amazing. I like the light touch of synthesizer. I agree that George AND Ringo were very integral components of the whole complete Beatles. George's and Ringo's playing both complemented theirs and Len/Mac's works.Meocyber - Alma, Co
My mom and dad used to always rock me to sleep with this song when I was little.........It will ALWAYS remind me of them...awesome songBrett - Piketon, Oh
I love this song, it's so happy!!!Allyson - Waverly, Ny
I love George's voice so much,every song he wrote I love.His voice is so soothing and I really like the song he sings called "Long Long Long".The words are beautiful and so is his voice!Jema - South Portland, Me
This is Harrisons' best work. Some will say Something is better not even close. This song is as good as any Lennon/ Mccartney composition. The acoustic guitar in this song is incredible. Harrison plays it with a capo on the seventh fret this gives an almost mandolin like sound.I believe he plays a Gibson J 200 acoustic. This is a jumbo acoustic with a grand rich sound.This song is the reason why I started playing guitar I have seen footage of Harrison singing this at the concert For Bangladesh at msg in the early 70's, just him and one other guitar player incredible. I do think however that here comes the sun as recorded by the Beatles is over produced. All that song needs is Harrison and his acoustic I think the sythisizer was not neccassaryBrian - Boston, Ma
A teacher at my school is so bald that his head shines when the light hits it. Every time he walks by we sing Here Comes the Sun. He dosen't know that we do that yet!!Tyler - Greeneville, Tn
I think that this is the song that will get me out of my depression i hopeRachel - Springfield, Mi
This beautiful song helped me get over a brief but severe bout with depression several years ago. The music and lyrics perfectly coincided with my emotions as I gradually came back to normalcy. Thank you George Harrison and rest in peace.Jorge Velez - Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Normally, I hate happy music.

But this song is so authentic and genuine and I love it.
Bethany - Richmond, Va
This is an absolutly brillant song! This is one of George's and the Beatles' best!Breanna - Henderson, Nv
This song came out on A bee movie at the endAly - Baldwin Park, Ca
Eric Idle's (from Monty Python fame) favorite song. He and George were like brothers, George was a huge fan of the Python's and he and Eric became very close.John - Grand Island, Ny
Huge props to the contributor who explains about the Moog synthesizer. I thought that the fifth Beatle had more to do with that than did Harrison, as it was featured on all of side two of Abbey Road, and Harrison typically focused on his guitar work. Correction - this song didn't feature the Moog, it SHOWCASED it! There's more than a fleeting glimpse of its tones as was more typical of its appearances in the '60s. It's DOUSED in Moog sounds. Say, like The Turtles would lay down one synth line (You Showed Me), but this song has many layers of Moog sounds. For that reason alone I would absolute LOVE this song, but the fact that it will always stand as one of the TOP songs by the Beatles is what really does it. IMO, Harrison and McCartney were both FAR superior songwriters with much greater attention to details and melody, both of which are what you remember years later. I always thought Lennon did too much bitching in his lyrics. All with one exception - Julia, that was Lennon's shining moment!Jesse - Madison, Wi
Tod, this did not chart as it was never released as a single. In my opinion it would have reached #1 had it been, pure brilliance. That's what gets me about charts, brilliant songs such as these don't make it yet The Maccarenna goes to #1. The Beatles had 20 #1 hits in the US, yet if they would have released every great song they had, would have had 100 #1's.John - Grand Island, Ny
How this did not chart is rediculous. George Harrison was flat out brilliant.Tod - Las Vegas, Nv
I put this tune to a slideshow I did
for a climb on K2...AWESOME!
Craig - San Diego, Ca
Positive song, George you are surely missed.Theresa - Murfreesboro, Tn
For me, "Her Comes The Sun" meant their fantastic group. The "Sun" is 'The Beatles', and it will never set!Edgar - Cebu, Other
John didn't contribute to this song for two reasons: 1) he was in hospital when this was recorded, (July 7, 1969) recovering from injuries from a car crash and 2) it only has one guitar part - an accoustic played by George.Ken - Louisville, Ky
what a short-lived band. what an amazing band.Joe - Bellingham, Wa
This song was and still is one of the best one ever. For me it's even better thanit is for other people for this reason. Here comes the song came out shortly after I was adopted into a family that had 7 children of there own. The family had 4 girls and 3 boys so the signed me up to there team to even them up. Even though my mom had seven of her own and took care of a couple hundred as they were being transfered from family to new family, when I was own her list,,, she signed me own. It only took her 1 minute to tell my dad what THEY WERE GOING TO DO!!! "WE'RE ADOPTING HIM!!!!", and they did. Mom convinced and it was over. It was and still is great.
There are many ways tomake some jokes about this great family. Being assigned, it evened up the line up, 4 boys and 4 girls. As jokes,,, there was some extra bonuses for them. The bottom 3 were all girls. So they signed me on. hahaha That way, they had some one that could
Mow the lawn
and clean the pool
I'd feed the pets
even after school
the next morning
I'd have to start it all a new
I'd work hard enough
and long enough
to do that stuff
but family I love you
Of the 3 boys, they all played music. One brother, who is a college grad. does nothing else for his income, even though he makes a few dollars less than the Beatles, that's his job, at least a few days in some months.
Either way, all the Beatles songs are great,
this one is just dedicated to me. (In my own brain)
Dan - Rochester, Fl
This Beatles' Song never charted because it was never released as a Single (since 1967 the Beatles released very few singles)Raflph - Florida, Fl
This has been played on the Space Shuttle as the Good Morning song once.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
This song is so amazing; I can't help but listen to it and think that George wrote it especially for me. Adam, I totally agree that George was the best! Irreplaceable!Katie - Charleston, Sc
This song was played at Heath Ledgers cremation.Nathalie - Vlissingen, Netherlands
I like this song a lot except the bridge (Sun Sun Sun Here it Comes) sounds too much like the early beach boys.Forrest - Rochester, Mn
another one of georges graet contributions to th fab-4.incidentally he was the picker in the band ,not john!Wes - Sherwood, Ar
This is my favorite song of the beatles. i like george's song because their softer than songs composed by Lennon and McCartney.Andrew - Bartlett, Tn
i have always loved the season of fall and winter, and the idea that once the blistery cold is falling off, we'll hear those warming thoughts singing off the lyrics and guitar:
"Here Comes the Sun..."
Simon - Chattanooga , Tn
George has always been my favorite. I saw the "LOVE" show in Vegas 3 weeks ago and when "Here Comes The Sun" started playing, tears started streaming down my face. I still get chills reliving the moment. For people my age, things like this are the only live experience we will ever get. This song just made me feel his presence and wonder: if this song affected me so much, how must Olivia have felt when she saw the show? What a beautiful man and a beautiful song!Leah - San Antonio, Tx
This is one of my two favorite Beatles songs. (The other is "Something.") Whether or not it has drug references,it has beautifully simple lyrics and I can, spiritually, feel those first rays of sun in the guitar and the repetition of "sun, sun, sun." I've always loved John, but George gave the Beatles a combination of viscerality and spirituality that almost no musician or other performer can match.Musicmama - New York, Ny
This song was in The Parent Trap but it wasn't George's way it was by someone else. They walk across Abbey Road too. The song is around the same point but it starts a little before.Krissy - Boston, Ma
can't say i HAVE a favorite beatles song, but this is definataly one of the most beautiful, hopeful songs i have heard. Ever.Echo - Normalville, Ma
You know, like Dr. Freud said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." I don't think there are any drug-related or sexual overtones to this song. I think it's just a simple song comparing the growth of love to the end of winter. It's one of my favorites because it says things without complicating them excessively.John - Overland Park, Ks
I agree with angie. Not all songs have a sex refrence. I love George Harrison and this song.Krissy - Boston, Ma
Everyones comments about the 'brightess' of this songs soul are right on. It has similar effect on me as 'Take it Easy' does, but this one litterally radiates sunshine and smiles. This was the song my wife and I danced to at our wedding, as it was also the song that played as she and I first met on the beach... as the sun was comming up :-)Chris - Austin, Tx
People get this through ur heads not all of their songs had a sexual or drug meaning to them.Krissy - Boston, Ma
This song has an ability to uplift your spirits when you might be down because it has a simple but profound message in it.This is a powerful example of great pop song writing and could possibly be Harrison's best work.George - Belleville, Nj
I'll never forget how I discovered this song. The Phoenix Suns were playing the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1990 NBA playoffs. At that time the Lakers were probably the best team in the league, but the Suns were giving them all they could handle and they were about to eliminate the Lakers. TNT network, who was carrying the game, opened up with this song, and I'll never forget, during the line, "Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting " they had this great shot of Magic Johnson, his face coverered with sweat, and he had this doomed look on his face. I thought it was so cool.

17 years later, I'm completely hooked.
Steve - Tampa, Fl
I heard that this song is about sex. And that when he says, "Here comes the sun," he means... well... you know.Nathan - Willow Spring, Nc
I've heard that this song is about the end of World War 2, however that could just be one interpretation. It does fit though, if you think about it.Dan - Chicago Area, Il
A great guitar riff another proto progressive rock song of the Abbey Road album.George - Yonkers, Ny
I think Something is the best song George ever wrote, but HCTS is my favorite George song. I love the story of how it was composed, basically George skipping work for a day to enjoy the spring. I've sometimes wondered whether being in the Beatles helped George's career as a composer or hurt it. I tend to think it helped him, as there was really no pressure on him to deliver great songs as singles, as Lennon/McCartney wrote great songs faster than there was time to release them all as singles. This gave George an incubation period to develop as a song writer. I also think that working directly with two people pumping out great songs so prolifically as L/M, maybe it would make one believe that there is a little bit of that magic in everyone.Steve - Fenton, Mo
An arrangement of strings, acoustic guitar with synthesizer with arpeggios and a capo on acoustic guitar.This song was never released as a single a song like this would have been released as a single by most artists. Elvis record company would have released this song but then again Elvis wasn't the Beatles.
Sal, Bardonia, NY
Sal - Bardonia , Ny
Haunting and delicate, this is George Harrison's finest. Absolutely my favorite Beatle song of all time.Paul Isn't Dead - Irvine, Ca
Wow...amazing. I listened to this song a lot when my best friend's dad died to remember that everything would get better eventually. Kudos to George for writing a song that 13-year-olds in the year 2006 like myself are still listening to.Emmie - Long Island, Ny
This is my favorite song by the Beatles. RIP George Harrison...Quin - Alpine, Ut
I thought her favorite song was 'Take it Off' by the Donnas! or 'Walk this way' by Aerosmith or maybe it's 'Lawyers, guns and money' or maybe it's 'Material Girl' or maybe it's...Teri - Chicago, Il
I don't know if songs can be too popular, but I do know they can over-played. This is not one I would count among those, however.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
This is Georege's best song! I love the guitaring to it. His acoustic playing is phenomenal. His singing is spectacular. I don't think I can think of any more adjectives to describe it. Just, when you hear it, you know it's something special.Cameron - Bainsville, Canada
Coldplay do a very good cover of this. This song is 2nd only to "Get Back"Paul - Redditch, England
The song is played on an acoustic guitar with a capo high up on the 7th fret.Liquid Len - Ottawa, Canada
the beatles are the GREATEST simple as that! this song is just too great!Jerry619 - San Diego, United States
Yet another song about liquid sunshine LSD, one of the first being "Good Day Sunshine", of course. At the time, the Beatles weren't on the best of terms, going through a particularly stressful period. To George, the personal turmoil and strained relationships seemed like a long, cold lonely winter. But when the group did acid together, the smiles returned to their faces and George felt like the ice was melting, bringing the group closer together again.Zoloft - Milton, Wv
This has to be one of the most cathartic openings to a second side to an album... after the insanity of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" and the pause from flipping the disc... you get this offering of pure joy. Did they ever know how to put an album together!Tom - Norman, Ok
Its pointless to say this song is too popular considering every Bealtes song is liked by at least a thousand other people. Even the horrible Beatle songs have cult followings.Nathan - Defiance, Oh
Can a great song be "too popular"? It is what it is, and it's a wonderful song.

I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, just saying that whether or not it's "everyone's favorite Beatles song" isn't an issue when it's just a bloody great song. :)
John - Boston, Ma
I agree with Megan, it seems everyone loves it. Don't get me wrong, its good, but i definately think there are better songs of the Beatles. It just seems like this...anthem that i hear everywhere. I heard it during an everest movie once...go figure. It is very beautiful though and one of Harrison's best. Very uplifting-too popular.Mr. Pitters - Funky Town, Ca
Still, some of George's songs were nothing special. Consider "You Like Me Too Much." Or "You Know What to Do." John and Paul had a headstart on the songwriting process, so they were more prolific and resourceful than George could have ever been. John and Paul had "Strawberry Fields" and "Penny Lane" while George had "Blue Jay Way." John and Paul had "I'm Only Sleeping" and "Here, There, and Everywhere" while George had "Love You To." Not exactly comparable songs, although George's contributions in the later years were exceptional. John and Paul had a proven history throughout their entire career of writing the hits.Tom - North Attleboro, Ma
This song is absolutely beautiful. My all time favorite. I love George Harrison, my favorite Beatle. I feel so good every time the acoustic starts. I just love it. The Eric Clapton note is interesting. I love him and Badge is a great song. Everyone should get a cream album. But Beatles I LOVE YOUBridget - Montreal, Canada
Stef, that would make sense. HCTS is a beautiful song. it is definately one of my favorite songs of all times. and the ones on All things must pass, just plain stunk.Lee - Clearwater, Fl
My favorite song of ALL TIME. I love it soooo much! The guitar is sooo pretty and I love George's voice and the song overall. George is the best. I love the song and Georgie!Sylvia - London, England
One of Harrison's finestJon - London, England
Althought Clapton may be a great guitar platey, I always thought it was ridiculous of John to say that. Harrison was a great guitar player in his own right, has a much softer voice which suits The Beatles, and Clapton cannot compare to his songwritting ability.Robb - Hamburg, Ny
A true masterpiece, I love this songMauricio - Hanford, Ca
I still listen to this one all the time. Lovely, lovely.Keith - Kyle, Tx
As the "punchline" to the famous SNL skit with Harrison and Michaels, Lorne told George that he could make a few extra bucks by saying one line. When George asked what it was, Michaels whispered in his ear. George immediately turned to the camera and said "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"Ken - Louisville, Ky
Lee: I think the songs on All Things Must Pass were written before George's solo career ever began. He probably wrote them before writing this song. Most were songs that he couldn't get approved by the other Beatles. In fact, a version of All Things Must Pass is on Anthology Number 3 by the Beatles.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
Hey Kevin, you're right that Paul had a beter career in the sense he had more publicity and is still touring today. However, George disliked the spotlight and never got out behind John and Paul's shadow. George's music was better and not pop drenched like Paul. Harrison had the best solo beatle album All Things Must Pass, and consistant hits from 1970 up to 1990 as part of the Wilburys. I think when you look at Harrison's catalog compared with those of McCartney you'll agree that Harrison had a better career.Nathan - Defiance, Oh
I like this song because I think about it when I see my 2 yr old little girl, on weekends. "Here comes the sun"... So beautiful!Brian - Appleton, Wi
Its a great song,not my favorite from the Beatles..but I'm pretty sure I remember a interveiw from or about Ringo where he said this song was his favorite Beatle song of all of them.

Maybe some else could verify that,but I'm pretty sure I'm right.
David - Wichita, Ks
This song was also a big hit in the 70's for Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel.Tony - Perth, Australia
no doubt about it...music certainly can take us back to those magic moments ....you guys are great, all those great memories from years ago

George was my favourite too....Love those Beatles what a band
Pete - Nowra, Australia
Here Comes The Sun is my second favorite Beatles song, only behind Revolution 1.Brent - Brooklyn, Ny
Always found this song magical, with its child-like optimism, and uplifting melody. 'Here comes the sun', don't worry, everything will be all right. I remember singing the title line to myself when I was about 12, and wondering who it was by, and as so often happened when vaguely familar melodies came into my head at that age, I discovered it was by the Beatles. Probably my favourite Beatles song (definitely George's best)John - Dublin, United States
and Andrea he died in 2000 he did not die long ago
I think you Have him mixed up with Lennon
Kevin - San Antonio, Tx
Paul McCartney has had a better career Nathan.
But I like Harrisons songs better.
Kevin - San Antonio, Tx
Too bad Paul and John were such jerks when it came to allowing George to compose songs on Beatles's albums. George did have a better solo career though, so he got his revenge.Nathan - Defiance, Oh
Richie Havens played this song at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. He was the final act to go on in the early morning of August 31st. As he performed this as the sun was gradually coming up.Barry - New York, Nc
haha back in eigth grade my science teacher Mrs. Hutton would sing this song when the sun would come out or if she was in a good mood and I would wonder what she was singing or who sang it, but alas six years later I have discovered it to be one of george's greatest songs.Adam - Rochester, Ny
Here Comes The Sun holds memories for me cause whenever we saw the first signs of spring my mom would sit there and sing 'Here comes the sun do do do do' as the sun came up...I can remember that all I wanted her to do was be quiet lolErin - A Small Town, Canada
This is a magical song, it's one of the most optimistic songs ever. Everytime I here it, it takes me away to an imaginary fairytale landscape with sparkling streams. Everytime I'm stressed I play this song, it's great therapy.Chance - Melbourne, Australia
Since I live in Eugene, Oregon, Not too long ago when I turned on the TV, this song was used in commercials for the resorts, hotels and favorite vacation spots of Sun River, one of the most pleasant cities of Eastern Oregon.Annabelle - Eugene, Or
The only thing that could make this song better is playing it back to back with "Here Comes The Moon". The Saturday Night Live duet with Paul Simon is gorgeous. Another great one by George. Maybe that's why it's everyone's favorite song.Jude - Thomasville, Ga
Part of the melody of this song is played on the modular Moog synthesizer that was built by Bob Moog for the Beatles.Sam - Boise, Id
Here comes the sun is arguabbly one of the Beatles best songs besides Hey Jude!Swaman - St Louis, Mo
Here comes the Sun holds many childhood memories for me, i.e. runnning constantly round the coffee table singing it. The beginning of the song elicits an increibly tranquil mood, which i think george does very effectively in a lot of his songs. Just a chilled out entertainer really (but better on guitar than david brent)!Khalifa - Reading, England
One of the best versions was the live performance at the Concert for Bangladesh, where George was accompanied by Pete Ham of Badfinger. Harrison was producing Badfinger's album "Straight Up" at the time. You'll also notice that Leon Russell was at the Bangladesh concert and also played that beautiful piano on "Day After Day."Rick - Atlanta, Ga
or, i should say, his legacy still is...Mary - New York, Ny
This song is gorgeous. The lyrics are simple but beautiful...I love the guitar...George Harrison was awesome.Mary - New York, Ny
What's with the people saying George and Ringo were treated bad? Any Beatles fan knows that they were just as important to the band as paul and John were. Everybody knew that including John and Paul.Dustin - Akron, Oh
ok Megan, It's not EVERYONE'S FAVORITE BEATLES SONG... My favorite happens to be While My Guitar Gently Weeps your just stereotyping. Plus I do think this song is a beautiful song and it happens to be my dad's favorite beatle song as well it's just a beautiful song enough said.Jude - Los Angeles, Ca
Harrison is my favorite Beatle. I think it is because, no offense, but most people love John and Paul because they are John and Paul and they have more song, I know that when I was little those were the only two I knew, and I just wanted to go for the underdog. But the more I learned about George the more I like him and his music. I like Paul and John too but George is my Favorite. Ringo comes at a close second because he is awesome too!!!Kristen - Aurora, Il
one of the best beatles songs, if not THE best. George Harrison is one of the most underrated musicians ever and it's such a shame that John and Paul were such dicks to him.Claudio - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
i can remember sitting with my dad in the living room listening to this song over and over when i was about 5. whenever i hear this song it always reminds me of my dadSam - Philadelphia, Pa
i can remember sitting with my dad in the living room listening to this song over and over when i was about. whenever i hear this song it always reminds me of my dadSam - Philadelphia, Pa
George recorded a new version of this for the IMAX movie "Everest" which he did all the music for.Alan - City, Mi
This is cool, my dads a great fan of the beatles and is practically in love with abbey road, as in the real road! Anywayz, i'm doin a project on the song for music and CT class, so this is sooo useful! course i'll add a bibliography, in case u were wondering...:)Jessica - Hong Kong, Hong Kong
this is one of my many faverites beatle song.it was also featured in the linday lohan movie"the parent trap" but i don't know if it was a cover or the beatles playing in it.then again i didn't even know who the beatles were at the time.also in the movie it shows lindsays character and her mom walking across abbey road.and my faverite beatle...ringo starr ..alwayz!Julia - Ottawa, Canada
Another thing: Why is Ringo treated so badly? He's worth as much to the group as any of the others, although George is my favorite.Beverly - Westerville, Oh
This is among my most favored songs by the Beatles. It is uplifting, and just plain genius.Beverly - Westerville, Oh
There was a radio station who was making a transfer from this really cool mix-station to this lame soft rock station, called "Sunny 104.5" While the stations where transforing over, the had this taped looped so for 2 days, this is the only song they played. I'm pretty fine not hearing this song for a while after that. I mean, there wasen't even commercial breaks!Steve - Wallingford, Pa
it seems like not long ago he died.. its a real shame!Andrea - Montreal, United States
Great song it changes time signatures multiple times, which is amazing because George (like the rest of The Beatles) couldn't read music.Peter - Montrose, Dc
"Here Comes the Sun"'s melody is another variation of the "Be My Baby", "Don't Worry Baby" genre...Mike - Berkeley, Ca
Next to Linda McCartney, Heather is the second best woman to come into his life. She loves him for him and not because he's famous. She didn't even know who he was when she met him. And as far as the age difference goes, he's not the first man to marry a much younger woman. It's ironic tho that she resembles Linda so much. But Linda will always be the love of his life. This is an excellent song BTW. George was extremely underrated while with The Beatles. The Beatles will always be the best.Shirley - Ocean, Nj
My favorite Beatles songBrett - Watertown, Sd
Of course the "Heather/Paul thing" is a "little different" Carolyn. I.e he's a genius, she's got one leg.
But who cares? they're happy! good luck to the pair of them!
Catherine - Glasgow, England
It's not my favourite Beatles song. It's Beautiful and it's George Harrison's best but anyone with any sense knows Hey Jude is the best ever Beatles song.Catherine - Glasgow, England
This is just a beautiful song that never gets old.Tavers - Mesa, Az
Peter Tosh has a really good cover of this song.Rich - Union, Nj
Harrison was the Beatles' glue. Lennon was out of line in 1968 when he said they'd just replace him with Eric Clapton if he walked out of the studio during the White Album sessions. You cannot replace a George Harrison, if they had in 1968, there would be no Abbey Road, not to mention that there would also be no solo in Let it Be (album version), my personal favorite of all time.Adam - Beaver Falls, Pa
You'd think she could be more creative...it seems to me like "Here Comes The Sun" is EVERYONES favorite Beatles song...Megan - Tracy, Ca
Harrison wrote it in Clapton's garden after feeling the the air was finally clearing from all of the terrible feelings the Beatles had for each other and all of the lawsuits that were flying back and forth (Sue me Sue you Blues)Randy - Beaumont, Tx
Here Comes The Sun is said to be Heather Mills favourite Beatles song!John - London, England
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