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Never Ending Story



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At the time this song was written, Limahl (real name: Chris Hamill) had just been fired as lead vocalist of Kajagoogoo, who had a hit in 1983 with "Too Shy."
Written as the main theme for the movie of the same name. (thanks, Jeff - Kendall Park, NJ, for above 2)
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Comments (7):

The sitar in this song really makes it sound New Agey. Awesome!!
- Zan-D Mack, Springfield, MO
On the back cover of the original UK single release (both 7" and 12"), Beth Anderson is credited in big letters. But neither the German nor the US release make mention of her name. One important thing to mention - the song was composed and produced by Giorgio Moroder, and the lyrics by Keith Forsey.
The UK and the German 12" releases featured the 12" Mix, with the 7" version and 'Ivory Tower' on the flipside. The US 12" is completely different, featuring the Club Mix and an Instrumental Version (which isn't 'exactly' instrumental, rather a Dub Version with almost full lyrics, just the 2nd verse missing - a great version, by the way).
- Eddie, BA, Argentina
I never liked the song "Too Shy," but I always enjoyed this one. And Beth Anderson does great back-up.
- Mike, santa barbara, CA
Good song, great movie!
- Nelson, Melbourne
Yes, it was. A short version was played during the opening credits; the full version during the closing credits. I think the movie came out at a fairly appropriate time. The movie was about how a young boy is asked to save a fantasy land in danger of being destroyed by a "Nothing", an unseen force that wipes everything out of existence. I think the major message of this movie is that children are slowly losing their gift of imagination, due to television, video games, and the like.
- Patrick, Tallapoosa, GA
was this used in the movie "Never Ending Story"?
- liz, massapequa, NY
The female vocals in the chorus were sung by actress Beth Anderson (who is actually seen in the video for the song more than Limahl!). Some singles creditted the song to 'LIMAHL (featuring Beth Anderson)', although by and large she's not creditted as a performer in her own right officially on this song. Following the acrimonious split from Kajagoogoo, Limahl also had a solo hit with "Only For Love".
- Dave, Cardiff, Wales
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