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El Camino by Elizabeth Cook

Album: WelderReleased: 2010
  • The Chevrolet El Camino, last made in 1987, is a classic American car perfect for cruising around looking for fun. In this song, Elizabeth Cook sings about a less-than-desirable guy driving a 1972 model. In an interview with Dan MacIntosh, she explained: "It was a very easy song to write. It was one of those, sort of, 30-minute moments, where it all came out in the order it is on the song. I was sitting in a park in East Nashville, and realized there were a lot of people out there sort of cruising around, checking each other out and stuff. It really surprised me that that was going on. It was a creepy scene, with a lot of funky cars and stuff and I just started with that first line ('I know this guy, he's all wrong for me') and it all came exactly like in a record."
    And for the record, she has dated a guy with a mullet ("Right now my hands are in his mullet").
  • Cook is a Country singer/songwriter whose parents were musicians, but not like The Osmonds - they would put her on a bar stool while they would perform at various honky-tonks. She released her first album in 2000, and gained a following at the Grand Ole Opry. Her Welder album was produced by Don Was, who has worked on albums by The Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt and The B-52s. Said Cook: "He was amazing to work with! He's very experienced. He was very trusting of me, and he didn't really tell me what to do. It's my 5th album, so I've kind of got an idea what I'm doing. He let that happen, and just sort of oversaw the process and made sure we didn't screw up."
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