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Rosie by Richie Sambora

Album: Stranger in This TownReleased: 1991
  • "Rosie" is an uptempo song about a fallen woman, not that she has fallen as far as the unfortunate in Al Stewart's "Old Compton Street Blues," but the inference is that "In this low class joint, dancing in the dark all day," the narrator's former high school sweetheart is one step away from walking the street.

    The song doesn't say if his desire to take her away from all this is successful, indeed it is more of a plea than a narrative.
  • "Rosie" was actually written for the Bon Jovi album New Jersey, but ended up on Sambora's vastly under-rated debut solo album.

    Running to 4 minutes 49 seconds, it was co-written with Desmond Child and Diane Warren, the latter of whom, although a fine songwriter is not the sort of name one would immediately associate with mainstream rockers like Sambora and John Bon Jovi. Although the song is an obvious single, it was not released as such. There are bootleg versions which feature the full Bon Jovi line up. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2
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