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Back in Time by Huey Lewis & the News

Album: Back to the Future Original SoundtrackReleased: 1985
  • This plays over the end credits of Back to the Future, the top-grossing film of 1985. Lewis wrote the song with his bandmates Johnny Colla, Chris Hayes and Sean Hopper specifically for the film, incorporating plot elements in the lyrics:

    Tell me, doctor
    Where are we going this time?
    Is this the '50s?
    Or 1999?
  • The lyrics are essentially a summary of the movie, with a fairly obvious title that scans better than "Back to the Future." The band also wrote and recorded "The Power of Love" for the film, but that one has nothing to do with the movie itself. Lewis found it much easier writing "Back in Time." "You don't have to invest yourself in it," Lewis told People about writing to the plot. "So that was a lot of fun, actually."

    "The Power of Love," which stands on its own, was released ahead of the film and went to #1. "Back in Time" was issued as a single after the movie came out, but failed to chart on the Hot 100.
  • When director Robert Zemeckis asked Lewis for a song that describes the film, Lewis suggested a tune he was working on with Ry Cooder called "In the Nick of Time." That song ended up in the movie Brewster's Millions and sung by Patti LaBelle. Lewis came up with "Back in Time" as a replacement.
  • This song was also used in a second place in the movie - it is heard as Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) wakes up to it on his alarm clock after returning from the past.
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Comments: 9

There is actually an extended dance mix of this song on the rare Japanese Super Selections CD.Frank Schnyder - Los Angeles
I thought the official video for the song was kind of lame so I created one that included clips from the first movie synched to the song. This is my fave movie of all time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4xf50aUxaEDj - Minneapolis, Mn
This was also used as the theme, albeit by a different singer(s), for the short-lived "Back to the Future" animated series in 1991.Brad - Barry, Tx
This song was also featured in the CW show, Supernatural on the third season episode "Mystery Spot" after one of the main characters Sam is pulled out of the time loop he was stuck in. It was used to signify the day change, where the time loop day (Tuesday) used "Heat of the Moment" by Asia every morning. When he wakes up and hears "Back in Time" he realizes that he has gotten out of the loop.Jessica - Raleigh, Nc
Let's clear up some things here:

"The Power Of Love" by Huey Lewis is heard immediately after the 1st sequence in the film during Marty's skateboarding scene.

"Time Bomb Town" - by Lindsey Buckingham is heard on his clock radio when Marty wakes up.

"Heaven Is One Step Away" by Eric Clapton is heard on Red's boombox when Marty returns to 1985

"Back In Time" by Huey Lewis is heard only in Bttf (Part 1) during the ending credits. Many of the lyrics are directly related to the movie, such as "can't drive 88", or "Get back Marty" - the music video for the song also features Christopher Lloyd and the DeLorean Time Machine.
Jonathan - Nahant, Ma
the power of love is also played in the car radio in the third film, as marty is being challenged to dragrace by the needles guySean - Toronto, Canada
If I am not wrong, towards the end of the song before the guitar solo comes on, I distinctly hear Huey Lewis saying "Get back Marty". Micheal J. Fox played Marty McFly in the movie Back To The Future which featured this songAlan - Singapore, Singapore
Actually, referring to the second comment from the top, that song was NOT "Back in Time." That song was "Power of Love." "Power of Love" is also played when Marty's band is auditioning. (The judge that tells them they're too loud is none other than Lewis himself!)Blake - New Orleans, La
It was in a third place in the movie, on the radio alarm-clock that woke up Marty (Fox) right near the end, just before he found that his entire family had changed for the better.Kei - Salem, Or
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