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Adam's Song by blink-182

Album: Enema of the StateReleased: 1999
  • According to Liza Bermingham, who was tour manager with the band, Blink-182 bass player Mark Hoppus wrote this when he was in a state of depression about being on tour and away from his family. The end of the song is a message that things will get better. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    AMELIA - Melbourne, Australia
  • Guitarist Tom DeLonge: "The story behind that is Mark read a letter someone sent him as an email, that a kid wrote before he committed suicide to his parents. We kind of got together and wrote this sad, slow song. It came out sadder than we ever thought it would, which is good too. Any song that moves you is good. Some people listen to it and go 'Wow, that's a real bum-out of a song.' But it's one of those things, a story of a kid not being happy in his life, crossed with us being really lonely on tour. At the end of it there's a better way out, there are better things to do than kill yourself." >>
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    Kaity - Harrisburg, PA
  • The lyrics, "I traced the cord back to the wall, no wonder it was never plugged in at all" were inspired when guitarist Tom Delonge was playing in his garage and he and his amp were in a puddle. Luckily, the amp was not plugged in or he could have been electrocuted.
  • The line "I took my time, I hurried up, the choice was mine, I didn't think enough" refers to the 1991 Nirvana's song "Come As You Are." There, the line is, "Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don't be late."
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Comments: 235

And, Molly....trust me when I say... there will be a time when those ups and downs are at an end! a time of peace happiness and contentment. stay strong, it will come!
here for you, too, if you need.
Id love to be able to give any advice to anyone battling those "dark demons" of depession that seem to dwell inside us all.
Ceige - Memphis
Logan, I would like for you to read my comment I just sent to Brandon....You are not alone.
It is a sad song, but absolutely triumphant at the end!
here for you too, Logan. ;)
Ceige - Memphis
My first comment is to Brandon... I'm sure that your post was written some time ago, as I've just recently discovered the amazing discography of Blink 182. However, the extent of their more popular songs, such as Adams Song, I've been aware of for years, and Adams Song, still remains my favorite. Why? Because, yes, Brandon, it does speak to the listener who has experienced states of depression, as well as, hoplessness. I am 46 yrs old... have been through/battled depressive states for years, up til about my late 30's. While I understand, that statement may not be any consolation for someone as young as you are.... let me emphasise further that, all individuals situations are different, therefore, I'm hoping that it does not take you that long to find your happiness. In my own personal story, which I hope is helpful to you, is the fact that, when I first heard Adams Song, yes it spoke to me... the whole song. I was just beyond the win of my lifelong battle with depression. So the entire song became my "anthem", so to speak. There is that light, that content, and peace and happiness, just waiting. You just have to fight your way towards it. But things will, I promise, get better. Not just better, but wonderful. But, you'll never know unless you continue on.

Now, i must add this - did I win a lottery? No. Did I get lucky in some sort as to create a positivity to diminish unhappness? No. I am single, lower class income, I depend on me, and me alone. I have no future prospects of anything further, either. Now... Do I absolutely love who I've become and who I am today? Absolutely! Would I have it any other way? Absolutely not!

I don't know you, Brandon, but in reading your message, I have faith in you! You will get through this! And if you are not comfortable speaking to doctors or your father, that is understandable! Sometimes we require more discret methods of getting through negative things... such as your post here. Anyway, if you still need a freindly and listening ear, I am here for you.
Ceige - Memphis
This song constantly reminds me of how alone I am. And I have a hatred for pop punk but this song is an exception, I honestly just wish I wasn't so alone.Logan - Washington Dc
I love this song. I can relate to it. I've thought of killing myself many times and still do. I don't know yet but I may. Things get better but they get worse again just the same. I'm so sorry that anyone has to feel this way. I wish we could all be happy.Molly - Nunya, Ar
Dear Brandon,
I am sorry that you are feeling down. nobody can really understand how you feel, and I truly hope you are feeling better soon, and please don't kill yourself. there are always people who love you and care about you.
Ceci - Grass Valley, Ca
I read that a survivor of the Colombine Massacre killed himself while this song was playing on repeat on the stereo in his room. It feels strange listening to this song when I do, knowing that someone took their life while listening to the song.Victor - Hartsdale, Ny
I've read how this song was dedicated to a fan who had committed suicide. "I took my time, I hurried up, the choice was mine, I didn't think enough. I'm too depressed to go on, you'll be sorry when I'm gone." The verses relate to the fan while the chorus reflects the band's feelings during their tours. Clearly both are experiencing the pangs of loneliness and the futilities/pressures of living. Their lyrics illustrate the reality of depression and suicide; how there's a peculiar hope in ending your life, but more importantly, there's a stronger beauty in seeing your problems through their end. The band is offering hope to their fans of better days ahead. Their attitude changes in the last lines of the song as the tempo picks up. The chorus repeats with interesting variations like speaking in the present and being happy with the mundane. "I never conquered, rarely came, tomorrow holds such better days. Days when I can still feel alive, when I can't wait to get outside. The world is wide, the time goes by, the tour is over, I've survived. I can't wait till I get home, to pass the time in my room alone!"Elisha - Washington, Dc
I don't know how many people will read this. But, Blink182's music has such an affect on my life. For the past 2 years everything for me has gone downhill. Cutting, attemped suicide.... Depressions a bitch. I've watched my entire family fall apart, don't live with my mom and my dads in prision. But I feel happy right now, at this very moment I feel like I have my old life back and It feels good. I guess that's what I really wanted. Was that feeling that I had control of everything and that it would get better. As much as I miss eveything I had before I'm happy with the outcome I love who I've become because of this horrible begining I've had. I just hope everyone with a story like me will take the advice of "Wake up tomorrow do what you would normaly and Do it with a f--king smile. f--k everyone else. If they don;t like it to bad."Carissa - Mechanicville, Ny
I just can't take it anymore. I feel alone my whole life and I don't see the way out of it. My life doesn't make sense anymore. I want to die! It's not first time.. Some time ago I tried to kill myself but I ended in hospital. I wish I could just gone,without anyone would notice it..Steven - Zagreb, Croatia
I understand what many of you are going through and the simplicity of reaching out for help even just on this site means that your taking a step in the right direction one thing i feel i must emphasize to everyone is that there will always be things that are out of your control. A while back I went through a really tough time in my life, i was pretty heavy into drugs, i lost many friends and family members all at around the same time which only sent me spiraling down further and one day i finally decided i needed help so i reached out to a teacher of mine. He had always respected his students and aided them in any way possible, he helped me by handing me one of his favorite books, i looked back at him puzzled but i took the book anyway, it was Richard Wrights semi-autobiography "American Hunger". Very hesitantly I began reading that night and was so drawn into the book that i had finished it by 4 in the morning, it was a very powerful book with an even more powerful message, EXISTENTIALISM, its the understanding that any thing you do no matter how small will ultimately effect everyone and how anything anybody else does will affect you in the same manner. This may seam strange to bring up but that understanding allowed me to realize that my drug use and my depression affected everybody, my friends family accomplices and even complete strangers. You might think that im saying ok end your life so you can stop affecting others but its the exact opposite, you ending your life will only make things worse because it WILL not might but will cause more depression from your loved ones and from there on will spread negativity into the world. The best option is to persevere through the darkness and reach the light at the end, it doesnt matter which route you take as long as your moving forward and away from the position your in, dont settle down and fuel your depression find an outlet, find a supporter, do something reach out into the world and make positive changes, do that and you will soon notice a change within yourself. Ive dragged this out pretty far but the point is things wont simply get better by allowing the negativity to engulyour world you've got to be the one to make the step forward or reach out for a helping hand: thats what the song is saying. You've all got more power within you than you can imagine so move forward and lets make some positive changes in this world and leave it a little better for the next generation.Alex - Tucson, Az
Brandon, I don't know how long ago you wrote that comment and I don't know if you're still checking back to see what other people wrote in response, but in the off chance you decide to check back, I just wanted to say... Whatever you're going through now will pass. I know it seems hopeless now, but just think; Your life in ten years. It will be yours. It won't be anybody else's and your mom won't have to be a part of it. You won't have to worry about taking care of everyone. Just make it through this part - you've come this far. Just keep going :) Like a marathon - you've already run half the race... why not run all the way to the finish :) Also, I know whenever people say this, it never helps to soften the blow of what you're going through, but it may help you gain some perspective and strength; Just remember that there are people who have pulled through from situations far worse than your own - I don't mean that whatever you're going through isn't real pain because I know that it is. I just mean that you should be one of those people who overcomes their adversity and that you should be one of the ones that make it. If someone else can, you can too :) You can survive this. Survive it like you're giving a big Middle Finger to the world and all the people who screwed you over. Survive this as if to say, "You tried to tear me down, but I'm stronger than you are and I f***ing made it DESPITE everything you put me through." Just think of everything that could be :) And if you can't think of anything... why not wait to find out what happens next? Like a story :) Let life surprise you, because things will get better, I promise you. You sound like a genuinely kind person... Don't deprive people of that special quality in you :)Anja - Calabasas, United Kingdom
BRANDON- I got teary reading your comment about how your life was so good before, and you were away from death, illness, unhappiness and all of life's krap. I can relate with that. These lyrics elate to me as well "I laughed the loudest, who'd have known?"- I used to get such good grades, be hyper, love life, and super happy and warm to everyone, then suddenly depression hit and I felt like there was nothing to live for, I lost several close friends who couldn't hack what I was dealing with and I couldn't explain it to them, so they had nothing to lose and something to gain by distancing themself with me. It does get better though. I know in your circumstances, actual things have happened, like the illness of your grandma, divorce of your parents- it rally isn't the end of your world- by ending your world, you have much experiences and memories which you will cut short. Just when your life is picking up, as you say, too. Your friends will miss you- that's been a strong deterrent too.

I think you are trying a little too hard to succeed and have everything in life to be wonderful. Once you accept where you are (that people aren't going to be around forever, that grades aren't everything,)., you will be on the way to becoming a great deal happier, and with happiness comes seeing everything around you in a more positive way.

Good luck with life :)

About the song, I love it its catchy, but the lyrics bring me down alot. I don't think it is anti-suicide, but either neutral on the topic- by storytelling, or even condoning it unintentioinally.
Jackie - Perth, Australia
Life gets better ♥
Candy - Moreno Valley, Ca
Powerful song. Although Tom says it is an anti-depression song it still comes across as very sad to me.Paul - Louisville, Ky
I honestley believe that this song was made for me.I'm only 16 but I have had suicidle thoughts in thee past;/ At the time,alot had happened to me both,mentally && physically and I had no one to turn to.I couldn't really trust ANYBODY.I was pretty much on my own,.&& I didn't know what else to do but to end my life!, I started cutting myself at the age of 13 and I ended up at thee hospital but I didn't die. && I asked myself,."Why am I still here,.why does god want me living on this planet in pain && fear?" A week later,.I was watching FUSE and "Blink 182 Chronicles" was on && they played this song && I thought "Oh my gosh!I do have a reason to live,because things are going to get better." I still sometimes have those suicidle thoughts in my head && idk how to cope with it,.someone help!!!,.
My e-mail is: maggie.velasco@rocketmail.com
Maggie - Baldwin Park, Ca
This songs reminds me of a horrible time in my life but its funny cuz every time i hear it i remember i got through and im glad i didnt kill myself cuz now i realize how amazing life can be when you just open your heart and lean to love... So Brandon,... i promise life will get better so please dont jump.... i actually have alot of friends that struggle with depression and hurt so if anyone wants to need to talk... email me... amandamarieisamazing96@yahoo.comAmanda - Branson, Mo
Thankyou Brandon. You and this song saved me.Belinda - Topeka, Ks
Beyond the walls of depression life is defined. I have struggled with depression since the beginning of last year, as well as contemplating running away. I was tired of living and eventually my depression became so bad i actually cut myself a few times. I lived it out. After seriously considering everything i realized killing yourself should never be an option. If you live through the deepest point of your depression, everything is easier. Apparently you have great friends and thats all that matters. You won't suck at life, you just need to channel your negativity into something else. Life is worth living and your too valuable to your loved ones to leave so abruptly. Take it from me, I thought my parents hated me, didnt have many friends, and was going to a new school. But i stuck it out and the world is a better place now. Suicide hasnt been in my range of thought for a half a year now. Keep living and things will get better. To quote Tom Hanks in Castaway, "I knew i just had to keep breathing, cause you never know what the tide'll bring in."James - New York, Ny
Brandon, don't do it. Suicide isn't the answer. I know you said that you don't want to tell your Dad, but maybe you should. He can offer you support and help you with your thoughts and emotions - you shouldn't have to go through this alone. None of what has happened to you is your fault. You could tell your brother or your sister instead of your Dad. A doctor doesn't have to be involved either. Life has so much to offer, don't choose suicide, please.Joe - Nowhere, Antartica
Brandon I'm going to say the same as one of the people below me. Please DONT do it! there is so much more to life than grades, and i think one of the most important things you mentioned in what you wrote was your friends just stay with them and if you need a talk just hit me up on skype :tomphillips.15Tom - London, United Kingdom
Brandon from Perth: suicide is not the answer. A lot happens in life that we can't control, and it sucks. I'm not going to tell you that everything is gonna be perfect, but I can tell you that there are ways you can find solace. I used to suffer from depression after my grandfather died. I got all the anger and sadness out of my soul by writing. I'm begging you man, find someway that you can express what you're feeling so you don't have to keep it bottled up. Your parents divorce or alcoholism was not your fault. Please don't do anything you can't take back. You seem like a good guy with so much to live for. Please don't do it.David - Woburn, Ma
Brandon, whatever you do, DON'T DO IT. jasontm91@yahoo.com if you need to vent.Jonathan - Minnesota, Mn
i have never posted anything like this before so im sorry if its boring or just plain bad. im a 16 year old from perth in australia. i have thought about suicide since i was about 12. i weigh 90kg am not very tall but i still have a really awsome group of friends. ive kissed 1 girl in my whole life but we both had to be drunk. i used to be an afl (aussie rules football) fanatic and played everyday for 9 years straight. as soon as i got to highschool in 2007 i stopped and now i play cod ALOT but still play soccer a bit. my mum and dad split up in 2007 also and that pretty much ruined my school life ive felt so depressed ever since the moment i heard my mum tell my dad its over ive got 1 sister and one brother. they both got through school when my parents were happy and together. my mum is now a massive alcoholic i lived with her for the first 3 years of my parents break up and all i did was get ignored, yelled at and see my own mother passed out with her face on her laptop in my backyard. i now live with my dad who is probably the greatest person ive ever met but even though my life is getting beetter i now think about suicide everyday. me and my dad live on the 8th storey of an apartment block and nearly everyday i go out to the balcony look down to the ground and stick one leg over the rail and think jump jump but i havent done it. ive told my closest friend about it and he just said "man think of all of us" i told him thats the reason i havent jumped yet. just tonight i heard that my great grandma who is 97 is very very sick in hospital. we have always been close and dont know how im going to cope if she loses the battle soon. when im by myself all i think about is how much im going to fail in life because im probably going to get kicked out of my school this year because of poor grades. i never had poor grades before 2007. ive listened to this song almost 1000 times and i cant not think about committing suicide each time the lyrics "im too depressed to go on youll be sorry when im gone" i think about my mum when i hear "youll be sorry when im gone" i just think to myself all the time that death will be better than whatever lies ahead of me because im in such a big nose dive in everything right now and it couldnt possibly get better. im sorry if this is a crappy post. i think this is the best song ever written but cant find a way to think that last verse applies to me to not give up and live through the depression until it gets better someone please suggest what i can do without seeing a doctor or telling my dad what im thinking at the moment.Brandon Hill - Perth, Australia
It's funny how we can all relate to this song. I've always felt like I know exactly what the lyrics mean. "I couldn't wait til' i got home to pass the time in my room alone", I used to go out, skate, play with my band, LIVE. Eventually it all faded. i stopped doing anything, just didn't feel like it. Started playin WoW and listening to songs like this. My head eventually just got filled with thoughts of suicide i couldn't get rid of. Though i hope i wouldn't act on them. I don't even know why i posted this. I guess I just need attentionEro - Lincoln, Ca
When I'm bummed out or depressed I pull out my iPod and listen to that song...helps me get through it.
First I get bummed out more... but by the end i'm feeling better(when the music picks up at the end)And i look up and feel good.(got to listen to the full song though.utherwise it dont work.)
John - Altamonte Springs, Fl
the first reason il listnened to the song was because of the name but then when i heard it i loved the song at first i was sad and then i heard tomorrow holds such betterd days blink 182 is solidAdam - Mt Pleasant, Tx
JESUS SAVED MY LIFE AND MY FRIENDS LIVE! HE WILL SAVE YOURS TOO!!!! JUST ASK HIM, say: Jesus! HELP ME, i need you, I need your love, your strength and your power to come into my heart, mind, soul and body, im yours. read the BIBLE.. GODS LOVE LETTER... what does the Bible say about taking your own life?
God has a great plan for your life. God has created us in His image (Genesis 1:26-27). He created us for a purpose. God has a specific plan in mind for everyone.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).
God's plan is for life, not death. The Bible teaches that both physical and spiritual death are the result of our sin and disobedience to God, but eternal life is a gift to those who receive it.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 6:23).
Jesus taught that death and destruction are the work of "the thief" (Satan). He said,

The thief comes only to steal and destroy (John 10:10).
John 8:44 says that Satan is a "murderer" and the "father of lies." The feelings of despair that lead to suicide are caused by some of his lies.

Jesus wants us to have life. He said:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full (John 10:10).
Life belongs to God. It is never our place to take our own life or someone else's life.

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own, you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).
The solution to despair and hopelessness is not suicide, but faith in God.

We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name. May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you (Psalms 33:20-22).
Christ promises that He will give us rest from our problems.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).
Tell someone. Tell your parents, your brother or sister, your teacher or school counselor, your pastor or youth minister that you are thinking about suicide. If a friend tells you that he or she is serious about suicide, then you need to tell someone who is responsible and can help.

Accept Christ's free gift of eternal life and salvation, if you haven't already. Romans 10:13 says:

For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.
John 1:12 says:

Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.
When we accept Christ, God gives us a brand-new life and sees us as completely holy and righteous.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! (2 Corinthians 5:17).

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Because of God's salvation through the death of Jesus on the cross, we can have assurance of eternal life with God.

I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life. (John 5:24)
Evan - The D, Mi
I have had the worst day of my life I thought of divide but whenever I feel down I listen to this it reminds me tomorrow holds such better days :) I love u blink u guys make the best music and from some comments I've read u have saved lives u guys rock!!!Joe - Toronto , On
This song has mixed memories for me. i used to have really bad depression, ever since i was about 14. i used to just want to sleep all the time and there were days when i just felt like i was in this deep pit full of fog and i just couldnt seem to move or do anything or connect with anyone. it jsut got worse and worse and by the time i was 16 i had no friends left and was seriously thinking about suicide. this was one of the songs i used to listen to a lot. luckily my parents twigged something was wrong and took me to a doctor. turned out the depression was actually caused by all the extra chemicals that start running around your body when your a teenager. it unbalances the chemicals in your brain or something and screws up your feelings. he put me on some treatment and put me in touch with some support groups. i found one that wasnt too weird and they helped a lot too. it took a few years but eventually i came out the other side and ive never looked back. it seems incredible now that i ever felt like that. so now when i hear this song its a reminder of some really dark times, but also that ive come thru it ok and lifes really good now. so anyone out there going thru a really rough patch - it not you, its your damn body screwing up, and something can be done about it. if no ones figured out whats happening with you, you need to tell them and ask for help, or get a friend to ask for help for you. you can get past it, i swear. just hang in therePen - Sydney, Australia
I really love this song and it's definately my favorite Blink song. It's a really deep and thoughtful song and i honestly tear up a little every time i hear it. It's a beautiful song with a good message, and a pretty cool nirvana message.Caitlyn - Royersford, Pa
yea its a sad song but hits on a topic that is important for us to focus on as the rate continues to rise.. i have found myself asking the question why? alot.. looking through the telescope i can see this much: america is the number one consumer of pharascuticals in the world and one of the only nations that allows advertisements of them... ever been to a 3rd work country? well why why why is the poeple who suffer so much so much happier?.. (pardon my spelling) one day i was flying out of dallas looked down and relized how similar the landscape was to a "system board" or "mother board" of a computer.. at the time it did not mean much to me but now it raises alot of questions about developed nations and the relationship with depression and how we were "ment" to live thus being said im stating that we were created... and created to do so much more.. if you think about how the computer works and relate it to our economic system and american life you will come to the same place as where i am now.. it robs us of life and the more developed we become the higher depression will rise.. i feel soo bad for the american indians they were right all alongJonathan - Dallas, Tx
"I took my time, I hurried up, the choice was mine, I didn't think enough"
Rest Easy Kurt
Joseph - Hillsdale, Nj
Old news, but not too long when this song was released, a kid was so depressed he hung himself... This song was on repeat in his room when they found him.Becca - Hillsboro, Or
This song is very sad. But its one of my favourites. Reminds me of my friend.R.I.P I miss you so much drake! I'll love you forever and always!Kelly - Ventura, Ca
By far the saddest song to include the words "Laughed the Loudest" and "Apple Juice".Kria C. - Skagland, Slovakia
I love this song. It's brought me through some tough times. I remember when my girlfriend dumped me, it really hit me. I'd be depressed all the time because i really liked her and she didn't feel the same about me anymore. I got over it after awhile but this amazing song really helped me through it..and it helped me through other sad stuff..blink 182s the best!Connor - Frederick, Md
sometimes when i'm sad/angry or emotional, i listen to songs like this and they help. Music always brightens my day^^Aurora - Redondo Beach, Ca
I've been depressed since as long as I can remember, and I often thought of suicide, and even tried it a few times.. But something kept stopping me from going through with it.

Later on, I realized, that suicide is really not worth it.

I believe, that as humans, we have no special purpose in life, all we are is animals.. Like all the other animals we see around us. We live, and we die - At that point, it's over.. We will never live again.

It's depressing, but it's fact.

But, looking at that.. I thought to myself.. If I'm going to die someday, and never live again.. Why rush death? This life is the only chance I'll ever have to live, it might be bad, and depressing, but is death any better?

There is always a chance things will get better, so why die, and miss out on that chance?

Another thing is.. You walk down the street, and find $1, you walk a few more blocks, you get greeted by everyone, someone in a car let's you walk first, someone waves at you, and you find another $1.. Good life, right? ... Till you bump your toe by mistake on a pavement, from that point on, you forget everything good that just happened to you.. And suddenly, you find yourself saying things like "I have such bad luck" or "My life sucks..." and "Why do bad things always happen to me?"

It's not that we don't ever have good things happen to us, we just choose not to see them.
We dwell on what hurts, and throw away what makes us happy.
Michael Joubert - Durban, South Africa
My dad's name is Adam. He commited suicide last year in November and he always used to talk about how fun his life was back in the day when he was 16. I tripped out when i heard this song the first time, i actually cried. I listen to it all the time and i want to be with him. But i just remember "Tomorow holds such better days".Rhian - Victoria, Australia
This song always made me feel better.... like i wasnt the only one feeling dowen. Its comforting to know that many other ppl are and have been in your shoes and everything turned out alrightAaron - Houston, Tx
I love this song. I cried the first time I heard it and I've loved it ever since.Liesa - Roy, Ut
This song let me know this band actually had a brain. I love everything about it.Theresa - Murfreesboro, Tn
its a very very good song.. but i dont think it keeps my thoughts of suicide away. everyday i think about it. And i can honestly say i wouldnt leave a note or tell any one when i was going to do it. Theres no one to read it. so what point in writing it? well any way great song love ur band blink 182 rocksGlo - Lake Orion, United Kingdom
Im from australia and its just amazing to know that this song has inspired many people and how it has infact helped people out through tough times, personaly I love this song and when I frist listend to it I didn't realize that it was about suicide till I listend more closely but anyway thanks blink 182 for this song I love u guys :]Nathan - Sunshine Coast,
hey zeb, your not alone. find your strength.Billy - Perris, Ca
Just saw the grammy's.Blink is back babyMatt - Houston, Tx
ok im not looking for sympathy.but ive tried to kill myself and just didnt have it in my my family would have died inside i would have left my bros.(put the gun to my head loaded and couldnt pull the trigger.i have been depressed in fact i am right now lol.but i have not been diagnosed with deppression.a girl choose a stoner over me.and i have no problem with ppl that smoke weed just saying. and i have no idea what this song is about but it is awesomeZeb - Hackleburg, Al
i agree with emily from olney. blink was trying to show the beauty of life, and that no matter how bad things are, it will get betterMatt - Wall, Nj
This song means more to me than any other song out there, and I listen to a lot of music. I often have rough times at home and at school. They used to get so bad that I would get violent or even suicidal. I would sing this song to myself over and over through my tears and gritted teeth, over and over until finally I could breathe normally and get the violent thoughts out of my head. I've always thought of it as a looking-up song, that no matter what happens, NO MATTER WHAT, there'll always be better times. That song saved me countless times--in a way, I owe my life to blink.Jessica - Newport, Pa
My name is Torey im 14 and i just heard this song about 3 days i have heard it before, but never really got it. Earlier this year i had difficultiesof my own. I cut myself. it was a hard time, but i has so many friends that came out of the blue and helped me through it all! now just a few weeks later im better than before. LOVE'N life.Its amazing!Torey - N/a, Tx
I lost my best friend also... I attempted suicide and happy to say im in a much better place nowChris - Newport Beach , Ca
i always knew there was a meaning behind the song about death but never truely knew what went downKelsi - Ionia, Mi
i listened to this song before but i just know started to really think about the meaning behind it
i just wish a better day would come for me i lost my best friend i knew her for five years and she stated to date my brother we don't talk anymore i have one really good friend and if anything happened to her i don't know how i could live.
Emily - Coulmbia, Tn
People may think this a depressing thought, but I listen to this song everytime I go to my ex-boyfriend's grave who overdosed either on purpose or accidentally. I sometimes think that the song is about suicide, but I get what another commentator said here about how it's discouraging suicide, and it is a beautiful and genious song.Samantha - Long Beach, Ms
This song brings back memories of my childhood when I couldn't get enough of blink. Weirdly enough this song has a positive vibe to it for me, although the lyrics are depressing.Matt - Niagara Falls, Canada
music is very somforting for some people, i find music comforting. whther its listening, writing, or playing. jake, never tell someone to commit suicide. you may not agree with their views. but death effects more than just you and them. its also for all their friends, family. it can affec people they never met, because suicide can lead to other suicides. and family is bigger that mum and dad, there is also cousins,grandparents... to think of. so never ever tell someone to commit suicide, because they might just...Tanya - Kent, England
dont whine and cry like you were gunna commit suicide and this song made you not want to...if you life was bad or you had real depression it would take more than a song to make you not do it..stop tryin to make people feel sorry for you and pull the trigger already..you wont be missedJake - Bettendorf, Ia
This is a brilliant song and i luvz it a lot dude blink 182 kicks ass =] luv you travis barker gorgeous ass!Ashley - Gosport, In
This is an incredible song with a very powerful meaningAdam - Apple Valley, Mn
This song is honestly the most touching song I have ever heard in my entire life. Blink 182 is known/was known for their sexual humor, so it was amazing to hear this from them.Courtney - Attleboro, Ma
it is the day before christmas 2007 my name is ryan and im conceplating ending what has become a dreary unworthy life i work verry hard and for what absolutly nothing i am truely afraid of death but this song makes me feel better about it the only difference is it is my moms falt she has ruined me and taken away what i could have become i have been thinking about this for a few days now and its seems so right just make the pain go away i wonder if anyone will relize im gone like this song i bet my room will be borded up and forgoten about i used to be so popular and now im nothing but a mear loser of sorts i am going to wait till the day after christmas before i decide my result but i belive i have found the awnserRyan - Willnottell, Pa
suicideBriana - Greensboro , Nc
I am really depressed and contemplating suicide. I self-harm. I really appreaciate this song, because it puts things in perspective. Each time i think about suicide i listen to it and i dont do it!Tanya - Kent, England
This Song Really Touched Me =) One Of My Favorites for sure..
My Brother killed himself 8 Years ago.. This Song Helps Me Feel That Tiny Bit Better ;) Since I tried to kill myself too D:

"Tommorrow Holds Such Better Days.." :D
Jess - Melb, Australia
this is a suacide note about a poor kid hoo killed himself well i have all the sympathy fore that boy well last year i was diagnosed with nearo psychosis i am now 14 i think im pretty much over it but this song got me through it 1 day i got 10 blank cds and put this song on all of them 1 track 1 cd well im not gona write a noteAdam - ?, Wales
Thia song was about the first drummer in the band and when they kicked scott raynor out and they got travis barker in the band and scott was an alcoholic and his nick name was adam bcuz he was caught naked like adam and eve and he killed him self bcuz he was so sad that they kicked him out, FACT ask anyoneJosh - Hibbing , Mn
Honetly, i've thought about suicide a couple of times before, i'll probablly never do it and its against every religion but i feel guilty for just thinking about it.Sometimes my life is ****** up but by listning to this song i know that where there's a good there's bad and vice versa. So when im sad or depressed, I look to the future, life at collage, marriage..everything. There is always something to look forward to and this song has made me realize it.Sashana - Nowhere, United States
wen i was in grade six i was depressed and i thought the only way getting over it was suicide then my friend told me bout adams song and to play it a couple of times and think bout killing myself so this song pretty much helped me so thanx blinkDakotah - Winnipeg, Canada
Hey Ashley (Anywhere),
People try to find things to keep them going, try to find something to live for, to maybe feel that someday they will have a purpose in life. Honestly if you look at just the earthly things in life, what is even worth living for, we live and we die. So who really cares. Theres only one thing in life that is truely worth livng for, and thats jesus christ. Knowing and loving him will fulfill youre life more than you could imagine. Youre life could have more purpose and meaning that you ever thought possible. Those times when you think youre alone, you wont be. Not that you ever were but now youll realize someone is there to catch your tears.
Your brother in Christ, Justin
Justin - Naples, Me
I once got a blink 182 cd. When I first heard this song I hated it. I only listened to a couple songs on the cd for a while. After a while I listened to this song more and more. I started liking it better every time I heard it. Now, it is my most listened to song. I absolutely love it and never get sick of it. I memorized the lyrics and learned it on guitar. I don't know why I love this song so much, but I do. It doesn't seem like a song I'd like. Whenever I'm feeling depressed I listen to it over and over. There's just something about this song I love.Michael Mueller - Rogers, Mn
this song has so much meaning to it, thank you blink for your such amazing songs.Matt - Bellevue, Wa
I have never wanted to commit suicide as such, but I do sometimes wish I could run away from everyone. My friend suffers from depression, she says she feels no one understands her, but she listens to this song over and over, and i think she relates to it. This song helps her to know she's not alone.Tanya - Kent, England
As a depressed person and asking others who probably feel similar, I just have a question for you, what keeps you going? What hope do you have? What purpose do we have here? Any one feel free to answer.Ashley - Anywhere, Va
I have been depressed for years. It's a terrible feeling to think about killing yourself. Sometimes when I'm driving I think about purposely crashing or driving off a bridge. I'm just too scared. Sometimes I wish I didn't have that fear. Blink's song is depressing to me. I put it on repeat anyway. I definately "laugh the loudest."Ashley - Anywhere, Va
this song is the deepest song blink's ever done. i think when he says "remeber the time, i spilled the cup, of apple juice, in the hall please tell mom this is not her fault" is talking about he doesn't want his mom to feel gulity for his death (or regret anything) like yelling at him for something small like spilling juiceMax - Loveland, Co
About six years ago I was diagonosed with depression, however, I went a year untreated. I cant even count the times that I wanted to give up..I was just so tired of fighting, especially since my family did not understand what I was going through. I can honestly say that this song saved my life, it kept me fighting by letting me know that someday things will get better and they did. When I first played the song for my mom after I recieved treatment she cried, because she had no idea I was that sick, but she was greatful the song helped me through it. To this day I cry when I hear this song...it was a scary time in my life and I am so thankful that I never gave up on life. Sry this was so long.Kim - No Where, Tx
Yes i would understan why people would want to compare themselves to what the song talks about and yes i understand that some people just like the song. All in all you will still listen to this song and it will move you and that's all you need to know

-maggie, Los Angeles, CA
Maggie - Los Angeles, Ca
when i hear or think of this songs it makes me upsetbecause my cousin commited suicide when i was 9, but even though i get upset i really think this is a good songMolly - Sandiago, Ca
This song is probably Blink's most mature song. I think the line "remember the time that I spilled the cup, of apple juice in the hall, please tell mom this is not her fault" is talking about that he doesn't want his mom to feel sad for getting mad at him when he just did something small like spilling juice. I think he doesn't want his mom to think that she is the cause of him comitting suicide. Also, I think Blink-182 is the only bad that could succesfully pull off putting a song like Adam's Song, and a song like Dynestary Gary on the same album.Bob - Hippy, Co
Why does everyone turn this into their own issue? I don't think any one of you actually thought the results through. There is no more anything after that...you aren't going to even realize what came of the situation when you are gone.Michelle - Aurora, Ne
My friend says its about this guy, who had a best friend in that school, columby or something, and when the 2 guys came his best friend got shot, so he wrote that song, but thats all that i noeSam - Australia, Singapore
I like this song because of the raw truth behind depression at a teenage age. Yeah, suicide isn't the answer, but that real hopeless feel is hard to shake. Unlike a lot of other people on this page, I don't feel that in the song that the depressed attitude was resolved. I actually feel as if he/she went through with the suicide, or continues to be depressed. I guess I feel this way because durring the course of the song, he keeps saying how he can't wait to get home and pass the time in his room alone. Well, he repeats this in the last line too.
The song to me just feels like he knows that he will feel healthier eventually, (like spring after the winter grey-ness) ut he doesnt know when it will come and kinda feels like giving it up.
Emily - Tolland, Ct
Adam's song is about mark, tom and travis's dad's adams apples.
You know this because when you drink apple juice, it goes down your throat and toches your adam's apple.
Zack - Los Angeles , Ca
"...spilled apple juice, in the hall, please tell mom this is not her fault". This passage is about when Tom Delonge worked at motts apple juice, and it was very depressing for him, and he felt like commiting suicide, so he quit and wrote a song about what he thought when he poured Apple Juice (From Concentrate) into 2L. bottles, to be later sold at COSTCO wholesale. This story is true, i read it in the newspaper.Gabriel Garcia-miro - Miami, Fl
I absolutely love this band, they're way nice to listen to. Adam's song to me is a message of understanding. the majority of comments on here are from people who have comtemplated (if not attempted) suicide. and if not, virtually everyone will feel depressed at one point in life, it's unavoidable. the line in this song that really gets me is "Another six months I'll be unknown". because there are so many suicides that happen, maybe the story will be in the paper, and schoolmates will cry for a while, but eventually our attention goes to something else. family and friends may feel responsible. i think the best philosophy is "better safe than sorry," meaning if you know of ANYONE who is suicidal, GET THEM HELP. you never really know what someone's going through, what their thinking, what you could do for them. maybe they're thinking that no one cares, that's why no one has asked them what's wrong. show them you care. GOD BLESS.Becky - Sacramento, Ca
Check out the poem "Adam's Song" by Bob McKenty. It chronicles mankind's fall from grace and is a "...depiction of the instability of life's circumstances. The poem reflects how little control we have over life's events. Certain things are inevitable..." I think this may be where the title of the song comes from.Evan - Shelbyville, Tn
This is a very well written song. But has anyone noticed the guitar in the beginning and bridge is an almost exact copy of Metallica's "One" (if you are a guitarist and dont believe me learn how to play "one", at least the beginning, and then learn the intro to "Adam's Song", its really wierd to switch back and forth between them"Skyar - Clovis, Ca
this song is about a boy who wrote a suicide letter. the song is a depressing song but it makes me realize about life. i lose someone close to me to suicide and i couldn't listen to this song. now it's been three years since this person been gone and now i listen to this song and realize what it really means and that suicide is not the way to go. i listent to this song now every year on the day he died and i will listen to it over and over for hours on end and it cheers me up and makes me look at life different. and make me realize life is to special to die over.Kc - Pittsburgh, Pa
Dude you gotta listen to this song.I listen to it every day it brings me to the fact that i gotta love my life not hate it witch i do a lot it bring's me outta the darkness of my life and the shadow of my big brother.BLINK-182 KICK A**.Angels and Airwaves kick a**!!!!
Blink should get back together they should ignore the problems they had.Blink made me happy and feel good!!!!
Sheree - Cheshire, United States
I really love Blink 182 so much. I really hope they get back together. Adam's song is one of my favorite songs... Rock on Blinky!!!!!
Izzy - Hopatcong, Nj
I'm a really big Blink fan, always have and always will, whether they are on HIATUS or not.
When I was really depressed, this song touched me. It made me realize how precious life is and how you have to go through alot of things. I think it was awesome that they made this song. I listen to it constantly, as well as ALOT of other Blink Songs..LOVE YOU BLINK!!!
Sam - London, Canada
This is my all time favourite song. I think it's really sad how sometimes the only answer people see is death or suicide. Life is a beautiful thing. It always has it's downs, but it is really such a great thing. I've never known anyone who's committed suicide, but I have suicidal friends, and it really hurts the people around them who see them hurting themselves. So don't kill yourself, although it may seem like the only option, there are so many other ways to get through your problems. It also hurts the people around you more than you ever know, because no matter what, you are loved by someone out there, and you are and important part of the world. Now that I've got that part covered, this is an AWESOME song. It gives you such a clear and accurate understanding about how some people may feel about their lives. Blink 182 is an amazing band, and i feel that they are sometimes misunderstood. All their lyrics have so much truth and honesty in them, and help people understand how a teenager really feels. All round a great song.Faith - Perth, Australia
great song, great lyrics, great vocals, great drums, great meaning
just perfect
Eddy - San Diego, Ca
well to me adam's song is one of the best songs ever from blink 182 and i think that is just the perfect song about suicie and how its not the answer to your problems. to me it has just the perfect guitar , bass an drums and the lyrics an the vocals it matches just perfect! and i've never known anyone that has comitted suicie but someimes i feel like life sucks an nothing is ever good enough and i feel this song makes me feel so relaxed you know and it as a great message to it that things will get better and i love this song an i totally love blink 182 to death!!! even tho they are no longer blink 182 but whatever BLINK 182 RULES FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!Eddy - San Diego, Ca
Blink Rocks. In the words of Mark Hoppus "Dont forget to eat, sleep, and Blink". To bad they arent a band anymore.Alan - Trussville, Al
This song is soooo sad if u no wot its relating to.. and actully havin a friend of mine commit suicide its really sad cos i can relate back to the song... but the storie i 1st herd behind it was that there was a 4th member to blink 182 and his name was adma and he commited suicide and they wrote that song in memorie of him but i thought it was a hoax cos who wood kill themselves if u get to hang with awsum ppl like blink 182.. thats all i have to say for now love u all JAYNEJayne - Buderim, Australia
Well I heard this song on the way back from a physical I had. I was diagnosed with genital herpes and my mom was all but nice. she let me know what mistakes i had made. i did alot of drugs the passed few years and i let it be known. my family went through alot b/c of that, and it also led to a suicide attempt of mine that didn't pull through. apparently, you cut down the wrists, not across. my parents had to deal with me being put in a mental hospital. I soon broke up with a girl whom I had love very much, but soon found out she not only cheated on me, but our whole relationship was somewhat "fake". this song, although sang by Blink 182, one of those "ska" bands from the 90's, is still a good song. I listend to it with a full heart and I make a point of listening to it at least once a day. It makes me feel the innocense I once had, and how my life ended up to this very point. A very passionate song I think...Andrew - Brunswick, Me
This song represents the feeling of teens under tremendous stress that feel as if they are unwanted and feel suicide is the only way to make the pain stop. The band members tried to get the point across that suicide isnt the answer. In fact (as a friend once told me) it is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. The best advice i can give to anyone thinking about suicide is dont. Yes the pain for you may stop, but the pain that your family and friends will suffer isnt worth it. If you are considering it, find someone that you trust and that you can confide in. I know from personal experiance that they wont criticise you they will just help. Also dont look to the past. Keep your mind on the present and future. This is another point the band tried to make.Rebekah - St. Augustine, Fl
automaticaly, i knew it was a song about suicide, if your feeling really low, and maybe a little suicide, or w/e your case is, this song really helps you, it makes you cry but at the end it gives you a message of hope. I have always kind hated Blink 182, but when i listened to the lyrics, and read that they had made a nirvana refrence in it, i thought they weren't so bad,
thnx blink 182!
Grunge=dead - Nowhereville, Ca
This song not only has helped me through tons It's also the first tht I'm leraning to play on my guitar thank god for blink-182Emilooo - None, Greenland
i have been clinicly depressed for about 5 or 6 years, i am 14. I currently take anti-deppressants but they aren't perfect. In the early days of my depression i thought of suicide, but my incle had done the same thing so i never did. When my first SERIOUS girlfriend and i broke up i found this CD she had burned for me when we were going out. instead of throwing it away, i listened to it and heard adams song for the first time. I honestly think the song is part of the reason I am actually ALIVE! thank you Blink is all i can say, thank you for saving my life.Anonymous - Salt Lake City, Ut
I'd never really been TOO much into Blink, until I got to college... I first heard this song sometime in 2005, and I understood what it was about, but at the time, I wasn't really into its message. While I was at college, I became really depressed and on the third anniversary of one of my best friend's suicide, I listened to this song, and it touched me. I quickly learned to play it on my bass.. This song just means so much, and you can never fully understand it until you have a friend or relative that has committed suicide. Thank you Blink for giving us this song, it has touched so many.Bryant - Salina, Ks
I thank the laughed the loudest who'd of known is very truthfull, as i know that many people incuding myself cover up the deppresion and therefore do seem to(laugh the most) enjoy life the most.Jonny - London, England
has anybody ever thought that this was Adam's choice?It was silly but thats how life is.He wrote this song in2 Blink182 before the harm was done because he liked them.The story behind this song has a whole lot more than anyone will know.And that appLe juice bit was when him and his mum had a fight.that's self explainatory.Don't believe what you see on TV or hear on the news.Although it had something to do with his Mrs.I never knew him myself but a old aquantince did.I really like the song although i
only heard it for the first time about 4months ago and got told about the story.Sad really.
Kat - Nz, United States
Thanks a bunch, Tanya, and anyone else who prayed and hoped for her well being because she made a full recovery and actually got out of the hospital about a day later. I haven't been on this website for a while; it's Feb. 11! Wow. Anyways, thanks.Alex - Loveland, Co
Blink 182 was the first band that I ever got into. They were the first CDs that I ever owned & dispite my parents dislike due to misunderstanding of their songs I listened to them anyway. I always felt some connection to Adam's song, ever though I myself didn't fully understand it and had never dealt with teenage depression myself. Then 18 months ago yesterday, a month before I leave for college, my 15 year old sister committed suicide and it all made perfect sense. I understood the song was about suicide but I didnt have anything to relate it too until she died in front of me. I always knew that some how the song would make sense one day from the first time I heard it. I never felt more like the song would be apart of the fabric of my life up until that day. I would never commit suicide but after her death it was all I could think about. I still deal with it and the song always makes me think of her and it hits hard. please don't kill yourself, it may seem like the only option but there is so much more in life then death. You have no idea how painful it is for those that are left behind.
R.I.P. Kebra D. Selah (1-11-1989 - 7-29-2004)
---> Remember { http://www.kebbsmiles.com/ }
Chris - Dallas, Tx
altohugh this song is VERY "real life" it is an okay song, and I feel bad for Adam cause he couldn't get through his problems and had to kill himself. Suicide is NOT the answer to your problems, it'll cause more problems for your family and friends! I wish I could have helped Adam so maybe he would have had a second thought and changed his mind. I know someone named Adam who goes to my school, and that's my cousin's name too.Holly - Preble County, Oh
This song sends shivers down my spine EVERY single time I listen to it. The words are amazing and the vocals.Faith - Perth, Australia
This is my favorite song by Blink 182. It's impressive that they could make such a serious & touching song. This song has helped me through some really hard times. I always cry when I hear it. Especailly the part "Please tell mom this is not her fault"Renee - Saint John, Canada
well ive been depressed for the last 3 years and i relate to this song so much, when i first got depressed no one noticed and i always laughed at everything and smiled and hid it from everybody, and i was very seriously contemplating suicide, but i stayed and i'm glad i did, because i still get really depressed and i still hide it most of the time, and i do self-harm, but i have great friends that understand and that help me, and i have a great boyfriend that i love and that i trust with my life, and he's the only one that truly makes me smile when i get really really depressed, almost suicidal, and i help him when he gets upset or stresed outAshlee - Hobart, Australia
This song is absolutly amazing and Blink will always kick ass!Travis - Las Vegas, Nv
I don't like the way that Blink 182 have profited from a boy's suicide by writing a song about it and selling it. However, I think it's a great song and i can relate to a lot of it, it's good to have a more serious song amongst the joking style of their other songsBen - London, England
This song means alot more to me now than it used to. I've never been a big fan of Blink 182 and I'm still not really but I really do love and can relate to this. Ignore my last comment on here about the apple juice bit please. I hope (and pray) your friend's alright alexTanya - London, United States
Every time I listen to this song, I start crying really hard because I can relate to it so much. I feel bad for Adam because I know what it's like to be really depressed. Today, my friend, Amanda, was skateboarding and she ended up falling and hitting her head on the sidewalk and had to be rushed to the hospital. I would REALLY appreciate it any of you guys who care enough could pray for her and that she is okay.(She wasn't wearing a helmet) She is a really sweet girl and I just want her to be okay. (January 7. 2006)Alex - Loveland, Co
to tim from pittsburgh in my personal opnion everybody goes to heaven cause nobody is perfect (unless you are a seriously derranged freak like hitler).Ed - Richmond, Va
this song really helped me get through a rough time in my life. for like three months i couldn't stop thinking about committing suicide (fear of commitment). but i started listening to this song and going back to school it helped me see better times ahead.Ed - Richmond, Va
Love this song but can anyone explain the apple juice bit? I don't know it just doesnt seem to fit or sound right :-sTanya - London, United States
Heloo. The first time i listened to this song i had it on repeat for hours. Its a really emotional song but it means so much to many people. Everytime i listen to this song i think of my past. It made me cry but i love the song. I'm a massive blink 182 fan and i think this song was one of the most meaningful songs that has ever been made. I love it!!Jade - Cleethorpes, England
The line from 'Come as you are' isn't "ripping off" Nirvana in any way at all! The song's about suicide, and it's a REFERENCE TO SUICIDE! Meaning Kurt Cobain (supposedly) killed himself, so they use that as an example of suicide.Nicola - Wellington, New Zealand
Come on people think about the bright side it's a wonderful song and music video!!!
I'm sad about the kid who killed himself. But i had a neighbor who killed himself and it really scared me. But I have to think of the bright side it's good that I really didn't
Tara - Loveland, Co
I love Blink soo much their songs are just wonderful to me. Adam's Song was such a shock to me. It moved me soo much when I heard it. The whole subject of suicide over all and how many times it crosses my mind and many others minds its sad and depressing. Every word in this song is correct and perfect. This was a very moving subject to talk about. I feel sad that kid ended up killing himself.Anonymus - New York City , Ny
Some kid in my school killed himself last year and when I heard about it I was listening to this song. I was sort of friends with him (we talked in some classes, worked on a project together, etc...). Now whenever I hear this song I think of him. His sister was a friend with one of my friends so I burnt her a copy of Blink's Enema of the State and told her about Adam's Song. This song also stopped me from harming myself.Sam - Amesbury, Ma
LOVE THIS SONG!!! whenever i hear this song i'm crying by the apple juice part which i think came from the original suicide note and is really good cos it makes it easier to relate too. the stupid person who said blink condones suicide should really listen to this song they don't condone it but they understand which is cool lastly it's crazy to blame killing yourself on a 4minute piece of music have some guts and blame it on yourself and your issuesStacey - Nowra, Australia
i luv this song so much, because blink are just so amazing, each song has its own meaning and you can listen even when you change your mood to suit a song.lol. this song makes me stop myself from doing this i shouldn't because it helps me think..............luv it. x x x xAvil - Cheshire, England
this song holds a lot of memories for me. I bet it does for a lot of other people too. This song reminds me of how it's important to hold onKimberly - Greeley, Co
This song is definately one of Blink 182's saddest and most touching. Well said, Jenny. I feel so bad for Adam that he was so sad. No one deserves that, no matter what they've done or how satan-like they are. there is some goodness in everyone. I hope Adam is happy where he is now and maybe someday I could meet him and tell him that God will always love him even when he thinks that no one does and that life is always worth living. In fifth grade, i was so sad, at least twice that year i thought about killing myself and how it wouldnt be too hard and that that was the easier way to run and how i could be with God and leave my misery and guilt behind. I can relate to Adam, and I really hope someday we can all meet up and the golden gates of heaven and tell adam that we love himAlex - Loveland, Co
Im a girl that has thought abwt doing this kind of thing many times. I suppose it gets down to who u love and who loves u. The part of the song where it says 'please tell mom this is not her fault' realy moves me my mum has always felt it was her fault when Im depressed but its not! There are times i wonder what Im here 4 and if i should be at all, but im in love, i have great friends, i couldnt ask 4 more. i havnt known who this song was abwt, i dnt suppose many people have but it hurts me tht so many people feel this way. To u Adam xJenny - Cheshire, England
i never understood this song fully until i read what it meant. wow, that's really sad. one time i considered killing myself but i thought about what good things i had. like my bestest best friends i the whole world and how i would miss out on sooo much. this song is sooo good and it encourages me to live life at its fullest and not care bout what other people think. :)Kimberly - Greeley, Co
I think this is a great song, and from my point of view its a song that totally expresses how sad it is to commit suicide, it shows you that theres anything better than that. I know this because there was this time in my life when I was really depressed and listening to this song really made me see that the best way to get through it isnt killing yourself.Skye - Granada, Spain
i reckon this song is the saddest by blink 182. i mean ive never been depressed but i know heaps of people who pretend to be depressed for attention and they just shouldn't abuse this kind of stuff. like depression is an illness and its seriousness is kind of highlighted in this song especially. im so sad that blink 182 split up but i guess it would be better to split up than to sell out. adam's song is kickass but its just soo sad!!Unknown - Hoboville, Australia
i really love this song. it touches me so much. iv been in situations like the song and i have listend to it during rough times, it actually helped me get through them, thank you for writing such an awesome song!Ashley - Philadelphia, Pa
first of all this is my favourite song EVA!!!and i never really made me sad but then i asked out this girl i really liked and we went out.she said that she loved me after a week, and then dumped me the day later saying it was to do with family.and then i introduce her to my best friend joe and she told me that he really liked him and then they went out and still r.and after this i was wanting to commit suicide i would listen to the song loudly and just sit in my room, but then i worked out the meaning its not just about suicide its about getting through bad times and not using suicide as your way outBen - Canberra, Australia
It may be that "I never conquered, rarely came" is a reference to Julius Caesars' famous quote "Veni, vidi, vici", "I came, I saw, I conquered"...Alfredo - Milano, Italy
I really love this song. Who knew that a band like blink 182 could tug at a person's heart like that. The first time I heard this song it hit home with me. There was a time in my life when I was so suicidal,and I had many of the same thoughts of this song. I finally realized after hurting myself for so long by cutting myself and holding knives to my chest that I had something to live for!Tina - Columbia, Ky
this is an awesome song blink 182 how dare you break up i love you guys!Megan - Scituate, Ma
I used to be pretty heavy into depression and this song was one of my favourite pick-me-ups. I used to think about throwing myself infront of cars or off cliffs when i went camping. Thank goodness that sort of thing is over.Wes - Melbourne
heres the dilly i had some depression problems in the past and now they are gone unless i listen to this song of course >_<....it dont help me much but good messageChad - Bob, Ne
email me on your thorghts if you like

Drew - Melbourne, Australia
adams song is seriously the best song that blink ever wrote. i can reate to it so much. like a few months ago, there was this girl that i liked for ages and she was going out with this dude who treated her like crap, never made her feel happy. and then she started to get feelings for me but decided to just forget about it. an then one time we made out and all that. it seemed like we might go out, but she just decided to ignore me. it was a really hard time, and still is, sometimes it is really hard, but when ever i hear this song, i just feel this amazing feeling of hope somehow.
and suicide is so really to, we are a generation that needs help!!! we all need love!!!
Drew - Melbourne, Australia
wow this song actually helps people through suicide?? i suggest listening to the band Joy Division which is 100% sucidal bleak lyrics..oh and the lead singer Ian Curtis hung himself at the age of 23, so you kno every word he sings he means.Mick - Dunno, Mo
everyone ones said enough, killing the meaning.Yasmin - Canberra, Australia
look at all thease cmments blink 182 beats all other songs w/ this really deep song it is my fav songNick - Roch, Ny
I found out about this song from an article i read. It was about an 18 year old girl who committed suicide because of this song and Good Charlotte - The day that i die. Good Charlotte is one of my favourite bands. I love this song because i can relate to it. I have been near to suicide a couple of times and this song is really a pick-up if you're depressed. You wonder how it can be when it's such a depressing song but it makes you relaise there are things in life to live for. So i have gotten past my depression and have moved on. Add me if you are depressed or just want to talk. Hottie_Alert_100@hotmail.com.Nina - Auckland, New Zealand
First of all, this is an awesome song, nice job guys, also i dont know why this song would convince somebody to kill themselves, i mean, seriously, it would convince me not to kill myself, [not that i have ever thought about suicide], i mean if i was someone that was really depressed and wanted to kill myself the song that would make me kill myself would be one of those retarded songs by SlipKnot, anyway Adam's Song is beautiful and is more like a sign of hope for someone that is really depressed. and oh yeah, i dont think Kurt Cobain comitted suicide either i mean he had so much Heroine in his bloodstream along with other drugs that it is physically impossible to be able to shoot yourself with having so much drugs in your body that you would have been dead on the spot, and there is so much more evidence involved in that case im not even gonna get into it because im here to talk about Adam's Song, ok so... a lot of you were saying that they ripped off Nirvana with those lyrics, well since Nirvana is so awesome wouldnt you want to take their lyrics too? and if it was that important wouldnt Nirvana have sued them already??? and the "Remember the time that I spilled the cup Of apple juice in the hall Please tell mom this is not her fault" line, well since a lot of you think that that line is so stupid, well maybe their is somehting you dont know about that line, like a something that happened to change a relationship with someone in your family like your parents that could cause you to commit suicide, [and someone that commented before me who's name is Elijah, metioned something like i said, about the apple juice in the hall and i give you full credit for that, because i got the idea from you], also I did notice the person screaming/ yelling in the background of the chorus, as mentioned by someone before me who's name escapes me at the moment. And nobody knows for sure Tim, but i think that there is no such thing as heaven or hell and that God will forgive you no matter what you have done whether it be in your lifetime, how you killed yourself or what you did in the afterlife, or how bad whatever you did was, and God will always fogive and love you. OK well i think ive said enough for now, and to tell you the truth I am quite tired, so I am going to bed, <3 Green Day <3 [love you Billie Joe xoxox]Jessa - Toms River, Nj
I did't really know what this song was about, but now that i know i understand it really well. I think blink 182 have written this song perfectly. This song can inspire kids my age to never commit suicide because you leave so much behind.Thanks to Blink 182 on writing a song that inspires...GO BLINK!!!Jess Blackshaw - Singleton, Australia
I had never actually listened to this song until my friend mentioned how much she loved it. She has been contemplating suicide for a couple years now, its gotten really bad and its scary, she cuts herself a lot and I'm afraid that it will lead to worse things like the braveness to finish her attemps. Just recently she told me that she wanted that song played at her funeral, and I never really listened to it that much, then when i finally actually listened to the lyrics i realized it was about suicide. Now that i have found out the meaning of this song, I dont think i can listen to it anymore cuz i just get a feeling...and its so real..that my friend is not gonna be with me much longer.Becca - New York, Ny
I believe the verse "Remember the time that I spilled the cup of apple juice in the hall please tell mom this is not her fault" is talking about an incident he may of had when he had when he was a kid, and his mother yelled at him for it, and perhaps some words were exchanged between the two of them. And what he was sayin was that the reason for him commiting suicide wasn't because his mom yelled at him, but that it was for more personal reasons that we're taking place in his life.Elijah - Alton, In
good sad songGino - Chicago, Il
Its odd. I know the lyrics by heart but unless I have the song playing I can't remember them (I tried to on the way home from Worlds of Fun once and it didn't work, all I could remember was the "Remember when I spilt the cup of apple juice in the hall, please tell mom this is not her fault" but not even the correct tune), but the song never effects me dramatically until I'm sitting there, reading the lyrics and singing and listening to it. I've got a knot in my throat, trying to hold it back because I don't wanna cry right now. But it won't leave. I've had friends that I've had to try and talk out of suicide and thankfully I did. I've thought about it before. I didn't have anyone to talk me out of it the night I was seriously considering it, all I had was the fear of what mom or dad would say if I went downstairs and collected anything I would need. And it scares me hearing this song, remembering that I was once that desperate, and that I might be that desperate again. This song scares me out of it. It might not seem like it when I'm all happy and bouncing off the walls. But Adam's Song means the world to me.Casey - Omaha, Ne
blink 182 did a good job on this song. this was the first song i heard after my friend eric was killed in a car accidnt last year. horrible feeling, dont ever want to loose a friend again, but this song helped me throught everything i had to endure. thanx for blink 182Greg Imdorf - Losiville, Oh
Ugh it makes me sad to listen to this song because it reminds me that Blink 182 at one point were making really awesome punk music...they've gone pop the last several years. This song's not bad though...Matt - Millbrae, Ca
This is really a sad song, I used to be soo depressed that I would listen to it on repeat all the time, the voices in the background of the last chorus send chills down my spine. I am 15 and know that I probly havnt been through anything that should be bad enough to make me commit suicide, but I still tried it, and luckily failed. There are many reasons tho why you shuldnt commit suicide, because of what your leaving behind, your freinds, family, and if you dont have that, then ur future. I know for a fact that you will enter eternity if you die (no matter which way) and that unless you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then you will go to Hell, not because you were bad or good or whatever, but because you denied Christ. I'm not here to try and talk you into being a Christ-follower, because if i can talk you into, your friends can talk you out of it....but don't put it off cause you never know what tomarrow brings.Jordan - Pb, Mo
I am 49 years old, a Christian, a grandpa, great life and this song really caught my attention when I heard it. My dad killed himself when I was 13 years old. I was the 5th in a family of 11. The tragedy that we went through haunted us for decades and only time has a way of blurring the memory but we never forget. A younger brother also committed suicide during his 3rd marriage, leaving behind kids that would always wonder why. I know full well the darkest temptation that draws people to a helplessness that makes them think they can end it all. It doesn't end. There is a GOD in Heaven. You have to overcome the darkness. Get out and live for tommorow. It's a big, big world. I truly appreciate this song because it makes me determined to help someone that I may see struggling. Phenomenal song because it makes me see the desperation for what it really is. Absolute disregard for those who love us.Angel - Casa Grande, Az
it's just about how, you know, suicide isn't always the answer, and that no matter how succky you think your life is, tommorrow can get better if you make it thatAlex - Austin, Tx
This song just really makes me think. I really wanted to kill myself, because of my living situation. Nobody ever payed attention to me,and no one really cared of what I thought. My best friend showed this song to me. Every time I hear it, I cry. It's so amazing,just the meaning,and how it says at the end basically to keep going on. U only get one chance to live,so make the best of it!Marilynn - Winchester, Va
this is the best songs about suicide ever made. it made me cry cuz my friend tryed to kill herself once but me and my friends stoped her. and "remeber that time when i spilled the cup of apple juice in the hall" made me laugh cuz my me and my friend did that w/ orange juice once. ( the same friend that tryed to kill herself. great song, blink rocks!Bobbi - Santa Clara`, Ca
Right now it's hard to even try to think about tomorrow...it could better but it could be worse and often times it is worse. I feel so alone and cutting isn't getting it done anymore. I'm glad that they're are a lot of people who understand why people commit suicide, But most of the resources for people like me require feeling and pain and that's why suicide is contemplated and carried out...because life gets to hard and I know Blink does condone it but there's not much anybody can do to make it better it hurtsAshley - Dublin, Ca
its amazing how the song just pulls at your heartstrings, the line that always gets to me is "please tell mom this is not her fault", not only is a great song, its proof that not all famous people are stuck up jackass's.Mike - Kamloops, United States
this song is so sad and toughing but brillSuperfreek - Lenister, Ireland
this song is so brill i used to slit my wrist trying to commit suicide untill I really listened to that song and now Icant go through with it so in a way that song saved my life thanks......Superfreek - Lenister, Ireland
wow, This song is so amazing. It kind of all ties together because im slow. like the boy who killed himself was adam and theyw rote the song for him ha wow but this song is like wow. one of the best song yet made. <3Hayley - Mckinney, Tx
It's a depressing and sad song. But AWSOME!!!!!!!!! I'd like to thank blink 182, and Tom for being my idle. Tom: And I hope you wright more songs for BOXCAR racerSchuyler - Eugene, Or
not great. "Remember the time that I spilled the cup of apple juice in the hall. Please tell mom this is not her fault." what the hell does that have to do with anything?
- Chase, Pasadena, CA

The writer is just referring to random memories he has which is what families who lost some one talk about especially kids like someone will say 'remember when Benny burnt a hole in the couch' or something like that it's just Adam talking about his life maybe the time when he spilt the apple juice was lauhged about and in that way he wants his family to remember happier times and he doesnt want his mom to worry
Sarah - Chicago, Il
I must say, I love Blink 182. This song included. Although, many people keep mantioning it when talking about Good Charlotte's Hold On. This I find odd. Yes, they're both about suicide, but they're comparing the two. They're so different, you can hardly find any thing, aside from suicide, that is in both.Katie - Manassas, Va
"This Song was amasing my name is adam and i laugh loud so it was cool to see a song which is cool and resembles me a little bit. didnt know about the suicide tho"

Adam You are seriously a retard, go laugh loud somwhere else.. blink sold out after adams song they turned all pop im dissapointed with teh outcome, but adam song was great song, rock on
Sam - Boston, Ma
I luv this song. I think it is one of my favorites. i've never attempted suicide or even thought about it. I also don't know anyone who has, but i still luv this song. I totally agree with Emily. Blink 182 was trying to discourage suicide. Blink 182 rocks.Amber - Mazon, Il
well my bf told me about this song, and he loved it. once i actually listened to the lyrics i just couldnt help but cry. just last year i was slashing my wrists and hoping to die coz i'd just had enough of everything, but this song made me realsise that there is a way out of this pain and you just have to keep going. i still cry every time i hear this song, it's unbelievable how words have such an impact. i hope blink know what a great song this is and i hope they realise that it has touched so many people in so many ways.Bee - Melbourne, Australia
Man, I love this song. My sister killed herself 2 years ago, and whenever someone in my family is feeling down about it, I get out this CD and play this track. I cannot listen to this song without crying, butI would never admit it, it would make me look like a sissy (whoops, too late now). This is a very deep and emotional song. Blink 182 rocks my socks!Elliot - St. Louis, Mo
this is a great song..ive never really considered suicide,.. im sure i will sooner or later, and if i actually go through with it i would leave this song on repeat and a letter thanking blink for all there music and help with everything

they rock m/
Alys - Bristol, England
well this my absolute favorite song because i almost comitted suicide last summer while this song was on repeat then my bestfriend comitted suicide a weekTanner - Bakerfield, Ca
This is blinks only good song. they are the catchiest band ever, but this is the only one thats novel.Jack - St. Paul, Mn
Some one asked what these lines were about: Remember the time that I spilled the cup of apple juice in the hall. Please tell mom this is not her fault. Well, I reckon that these lines and that whole verse (I never thought I'd die alone, Another six months I'll be unknown. etc). Are things that were in, and Mark took from, that kids suicide note. Just my opinion thoughKev - York, England
My friend and I were talking about suicide once and at least 5 of my friends have considered it and i have 2. He was saying wat stopped him was knowing that he only gets one shot at life and if he kills himself his shot's over and he never gets to try to make it better. So ya and i like the song it's sad but something almost every1 has dealt with.Aspen - Albuquerque, Nm
wow this song is sad but i wanted to kill myself at 1 point but my friend mikey helped me get throught it all! i think mikey looks like mark but any way 2 all u depressed ppl there is sum 1 who cares about u n wiull help u get through it all no mater what
Stacey - Edgewater, Md
not great. "Remember the time that I spilled the cup of apple juice in the hall. Please tell mom this is not her fault."

what the hell does that have to do with anything?
Chase - Pasadena, Ca
I can't believe no one has mentioned why the song is called "Adam's Song". Not the inspiration behind why it's written, but why it's titled that. It actually comes from a sketch on the HBO comedy show "Mr. Show". In the sketch, a band named Titanica visits a kid, named Adam, in the hospital who attempted sucicide because they were blamed. Quote from the sketch: "I listened to your song "Try Suicide" right before I tried suicide!". The band gives him free hats, shirts, and backstage passes to there tour. Adam plans to hang with them at every show. then they remove Adams bed sheet and discover that he is burnt from the chin down (he jumped into a vat of acid). The band realize that they don't want a kid who "looks like a wet cigar" on tour with them, so they come up with a solution. They write a song for him entitled "Try Again (Adam's Song)". The lyrics are:

Try, try, try again
Try, try, try again
Head first this time
Dive right in

That's where the title comes from.
Matthew - Bethlehem, Pa
me and my friend are doing a report on the "adam song" and we pick tis song because we like blink and this song has the most meaning we think.Regan/bryan - Miami, Fl
Has anyone noticed the screaming in the background of the Chorus ???Bones - New Plymouth, New Zealand
I want to start off by getting the obvious out there, blink 182 is amazing, this song in particular. it is basically my anthem but things r on the way up. ive had 2 friends and an aunt commit suicide and ive thought about it myself, so im kind of surrounded by it but this song makes it easier. it even game me the inspiration for my tattoo "HOPE" on my arm (borrowed from travis barker)and the money that it cost went to help kids in depression institutes. so thanks blink 182, RIP adamJared - Chicago, Il
I first discovered this song after my friend Lyndsay told me that it reminded her of our friend Zack who had just died after he hung himself. She played it a few days after he died and we both just sat there and cried...there are few songs i know about that deal with suicide so this one will always be close to me. Music really does have a way of touching you. I believe that if i didn't have music i would never have gotten through Zack dying.Jessica - Champaign, Il
think song is and always will be one of my favrites.
2 years ago my best friend slashed his wrists and i played it as they lowerd his coffin.it is the most deeply emotional song to me.people need to realise how much music affects our lives and emotions. any one else feel like they are constantly searching for something?its not boredom or depression just sumwhr inbetween.i want to start sumthing so that ppl who feel the same can cum so they stop feeling outside of life. any ideas to atomicpink_4@hotmail.com
Jara - Perth, Australia
This guys are just awesome.This song is so deep. When I first heard it I wasn't actually listening to the lyrics. But then I noticed the sad mood and I started to concentrate on the lyrics. Brilliant!Nicholas - Austria, Austria
love life live it u've only got one chance... think of the ppl u leave behind... i miss you baby.....Bec - Sydney, Australia
A while back i was seriously considering suicide because of the way people were treating me, but then my best friend Colleen saved me by talking to me, a couple months later i was listening to this song and i realized that i haven't experienced enough in my life to make that sort of decision and that there is still hope out there, after all if 16 does hold such better days i better just wait and see.Mike - Detroit, Mi
This song is awesome, last summer i was so depressed, and i listened to almost nothing but this album, i had nobody to talk to but i remember one day i was just listening to adams song and i was really concentrating on the lyrics, and i relized how at the end it changes from past-tence to present-tense, i relized that they were saying there are better ways to deal with everthing and i just thought about it for a while, and i relized i could solve everything somehow that didn't involve hurting myselfKatie - , Mi
it's a real shame that people take this song the wrong way. All that Blink wanted to do was show people there really is a better side to life, you've just to make it happen, and it's not hard. Suicide is the wrong way to go, no matter what the reason. If i could, i would devote my life to depressed children and teenagers, just to help them get a grip on what's going on. hi_fi_killer_2004@hotmail.comCarl - West Sussex, England
I think this song is awesome, This song Didnt really mean much to me when i first heard it but now, that i saw the stroy behind it, it touches my heart i love blink 182 i am a true fan and allways will beJosh - New York, Ny
Blink 182 rocksAlex - Brick, Nj
Hi.i love this song because its amazing and explains why people do suicide.My friend was going to do suicide and I saved her. she was listening to this song when they did it.I told her that killing yourself is no way for solving problems.you got to work on it and fix them.its a stupid way of dealing with problems. help your friends if you know about them and suicide Thanks Blink 182 for writting this song! Blink 182 rocksAlex - Brick, Nj
Blink 182 usually writes songs which have a lot of meanings to them. This song is a sad and suicidal song to many young and lonely children. One person that I heard of was very depressed. When he heard this song he comitted suicide.Esther - Brooklyn, Ny
This song is the best song ever. All teens should listen and really think about what it is about. If you listen to it, you'll understand. Thanks Jon for all your help. Luv yaHannah - York, Pa
first off this song is something that i listend to right before i tried to kill my self... ive tried committing suicide once and just got really sick instead... it made me realize that no matter how tough life gets, it will always get better. some one told me something once and ill never forget it... they said hey man you only got like 80 years to live; you got forever to be dead. its always nice to have some one to talk to... im no shrink but if you need someone to talk to my email is xtremeclimber789@aol.comKyle - Jefferson, Nj
wow! this song is really moving! i think songs that can really get to you are the best they are so much better than songs with out meaning! i love this song even though it makes me cry :(. too many young children feel under pressure and upset recently and feel that sucicide or self harming is the only way out! when you feel this upset it is often because you do not have enough developed coping resorces to deal with often very simple presures. This song is great and i love the message to it! GO BLINK 182!!!Jerry - London, England
any one wanna make a blink club add ash_summers@hotmail.com i no there is loads but this can be adamsAshley - London, England
Blink is awesomeJon - San Diego, Ca
wow...... what more to say but, wow..... i never new this and i agree wid ashley this song still effects me but it brings back memorys now i know this tht i didn't want but its a brilliant song. Suicide is really big l8ly and now i know this i dunno wether i can listen to this again, to many memorys. WELL DONE BLINK 182!Jack - London, England
i love this song, then i found out that it was about this, i cry nearly every time i hear it. it was made in 1999 its now 2005 and it still has its afect on every one thanks adam thanks blink thanks everyone luv you allAshley - London, England
this song is so touching. It really hurts to hear it though. one of my good friends mikki committed suicide two weeks before her 17th birthday last year. it still is hard to hear the song. i almost always cry, and half of my friends are still suicidal. i used to love to listen to this song back when i thought about killing myself but when i listen to it now it just makes me sad. granted it has a great message it just cuts a lil too deep while i am still digging out of my depression.Jilli - Great Falls, Mt
i agree with jessica about he kurt cobain thing i love this songNicky - Wilmington, De
Blink rocks.. everyone of their albums is awesome.Brooke - Armagh, Pa
this is really the song that made me a blink fan. Everyone thought that i was just the class clown, but what they didnt know was that i was really depressed suicidal. If i hadnt heard this song last summer, i wouldnt be here to write this, and i thank god for them every dayBen - Springfield, Il
I love this song. i thought the 'rarely came' bit was like the saying 'we came, we conqured'.....like the lyric 'i never conqured rarely came'.....but i could be wrong
Jenni - London, England
Hey all, im a freshman. And for the past like year ive been really depressed and bummed about everything, ive thought about suicide but it doesnt seem worth it. I listen to this song on a daily basis, i kid you not. It just makes me feel like its ok to be depressed and that depression is fine. BIG PROPS to blink for this so'ng

'too depressed to go on'
Karl - Milwaukee, Wi
this songhas two references to Nirvana, "who thought i'd die alone" which is from "The man who sold the world" (origionally by david bowie but then redone by nirvana) then "I took my time, I hurried up, The choice was mine" which was kinda like a response to "Come as you are" and ..have you seen the similarity between their sign and nirvana's sign?...weird sounds to me like they are tryin to copy nirvana a little bit....Meghann - N/a, Va
Yeah, my name is Adam, and i've had this song forever, and just recently started listening to it again because it is basically the story of my life, pretty wierd huh? Anyway, this song is great, and everyone should listen to it, it helps.Adam - Federal Way, Wa
Amazing song.. its simple yet beautiful and deep and so sentimental. it covers so many peoples emotions and was so well written. (I heard it was an actual suicide note left by someone..Adam obviously). 2 months ago one of my best friends living abroad died.. she comitted suicide. the day i found out i went out with another group of friends and it hadn't hit me yet. coincidentally they all started singing this tune... i know for a fact SOMEONE sheds a tear everytime this song is played.. its one of their best song's.Yasmin - I Live In London, England
dominic, it probably is a sexual reference. The song is about a depressed boy. When you are depressed you lose an interst in life in general, and one of the symptoms of this illness is less interst in sexual activity. It's not like blink 182 would hesitate to put a sexual reference in a song.Ruby - Perth, Australia
I heard blink got sued for some kid hung himself and had this song on repeat... But my opinion this song is well written, couldnt be any better,
But as emily wrote above me, i think people do commit suicide, and are just missed for about 6 months then they all move on and just forget the special times they all had, of course some arent forgotten but once u realize there dead its different, u cant bring them back, u cant cry all your life. It's hard as hell but some people just end out that way
Joe - Parkesburg , Pa
I think this is the best Blink song out there. At the time, when the song played on the radio, it used to make me feel real good for some reason. I don't know. But it does rip off a line from Nirvana.Steph - Ottawa, Canada
This song is awesome. It really moved me. It was one of my favorite original blink-182 songs but, when I found out the things behind the song I liked it even more. Blink-182 rocks!Gabe - Utica, Ny
while walking on the beach yesterday, in blink-182's hometown area, people had written on the beach messages like "Adam we miss you" and stuff that normally makes you just fell very depressed and sad. Something else caught my eye...besides "we miss you" and a date, there was "blink-182".........so thanks for telling me what Adam'ssong is about...Megx - San Diego, Ca
i love this song!!! it discribes the depression that a lot of teenagers are going through. and some of what they say in this song isnt exactley true. your room isnt gonna get sealed off or boarded up. your mom/dad/grandparents ya know who ever you live eith are gonna feel guilty. i dont discorage suicide but i think if you listen to "adams song" you will change you mind
Kristel - Brighton, Co
I LOVE THIS SONG! just got done listening to it for like the millionth time! i also love how the first lines are after 'Come As You Are' b/c its to me its kinda like the meaning... it doesn't matter what your problems are keep going {come as you are} and everything will get better... everyone has there bad days i noe i do and this song just helps me that nothing else can just like other things help me w/ different problems

Kaylene - Moore, Or
hey someone asked about where we go when we die. if anyone has any questions about this i have some answers email me at Sickness5080@hotmail.com Also this song brings me back and helps me rember how i felt most of my 8th grade year just really depressed i hadnt heard it in a while since the middle of that year but now whenever i hear it i remember everything i felt heard even smelt the day i heard itJosh - East Longmeadow, Ma
Well Tim, nobody knows for sure.Will - Portland, Or
This song has been my unfortunate anthem since the 8th grade. I've been seriously depressed on and off for months at a time since the 6th or 7th grade. This song moves me now not so much because of its content, but because of how i remember sitting on the bus in the 7th grade listening to it on loop and completely relating to it to the point where i would tear. Depression is torture and its worse when you dont have anyone to tell, but atleast i know i'm not the only one.

and marla im from syracuse too, Baldwinsville, and i'm starting school at the university in the fall.
Jim - Syracuse, Ny
This song has a reference to nirvana lyrics. Anyone else see any similarities between the latest blink 182 face on their cd, and the yellow nirvana face on the black background that appeared as their symbol or is it just me?Ruby - Perth, Australia
If you commit suicide, do you go to hell? I heard that if you do and you're a good person (supposedly), you go to heaven. Anyone know for sure?Tim - Pittsburgh, Pa
Recently, my father died of a brain tumor. I've been depressed ever since I heard the news of the tumor. I've tried killing myself, but I've always stopped myself. I try to think of all the good things in life. This song is exactly what I've been going through.James - Sydney, Canada
Hello i would just like to say that Adam's song has helped me a lot i am not just saying this because the comments box is here or any thing i am saying it because it truley has helped me through a lot of depression i used to cut and now i am so much happier with who i am i wrote a song and it kinda reminds me of adams song and how u can over come deppression i would just like to thank blink!! and Adam!!! thank you for saving me :) always KristieKristie - Bagley, Mn
"Adam's Song" is one of my favorite songs, I love it. Whenever I'm feeling down or really depressed, I listen to it over and over again.Natalie - Harrisonburg, Va
Imagine what it would be like if that kid was still alive....it would have made it so this song never existed....Collin - Colorado Springs, Ct
i watched an interview with Mark and Tom a couple years ago about this song. there was a kid who committed suicide and left this song playing on repeat. when asked about it, Mark said he was shocked because "its an anti-suicide song."Marla - Syracuse, Ny
Im goning to be the first pervert commentor. Yay :>. "Rarely came" seems a little out of context unless it's surrounded by comma's, so I'm going to say that it's a sexual reference.Dominic - Pittsburgh, Pa
This is a great song. It almost makes me cry everytime i listen to it.Glenn - Sydney, Australia
This Song was amasing my name is adam and i laugh loud so it was cool to see a song which is cool and resembles me a little bit. didnt know about the suicide thoAdam - London, England
I love this song, not only because it is sad, but because it has Nirvana lyrics in it, kinda like they were talking to Kurt CobainJessica - Del Rio , Tx
This is a good song, but I heard on TV a kid hung himself cause his girlfriend broke up or something like that, but when he killed himself this song was on his radio playing repeadidly.
Joe - Houston, Tx
Im not a big Blink 182 fan but their songs do have ALOT of meaning behind them. This is happends to be one of them and yes it is about suicide but more of the of "Why?" type songs.Mike - Covina, Ca
thank you, Weng. that's what i was about to put, but you beat me to it. you rock =).Sheera - Charlotte, Nc
I totally agree with Heather about the contents. Suicidial thoughts are a scary thing and this song makes sure to point out that there is a better tomorrow. This is one of Blink's best song because it is so heartfelt.Marie - Pueblo, Co
The story behind this song: Mark read a letter someone sent to him as an email, which is written by a kid---before he committed suicide to his parents.

"We kind of got together and wrote this sad, slow song. It came out sadder than we ever thought it would, which is good too. Any song that moves you is good. Some people listen to it and go 'Wow, that's a real bum-out of a song.' But it's one of those things, a story of a kid not being happy in his life, crossed with us being really lonely on tour. At the end of it there's a better way out, there are better things to do than kill yourself."
Weng - Los Angeles, Ca
I kinda thought this song was more about how depression is. People are unhappy and think of suicide very often. Knowing that tommorow they can go on to a better place with "better days" but that in doing so, they leave behind a saddened family and a boarded up room, and a lot of "What-if's" and "What-could-have-been's" so Blink is simply trying to make the situation known because knowledge is power and you need courage to change some things about yourself. ROCK ON BLINK!!!!!!!!!!Mmmmmia!! - Laurel, Md
blink 182 says that the song is about suicide, but is not condoning it, and the rather dreary mood the boys have towards it shows that it's not the best option. they boys stated that they wrote the song to discourage suicide, as in that by killing yourself, you're room will be sealed off, you're mom will feel guilty, you'll be unknown and not talked about in 6 months, ect.Emily - Olney, Il
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