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Red Velvet Car by Heart

Album: Red Velvet CarReleased: 2010
  • This is the title track from American rock band Heart's thirteenth studio album. The album was produced by Ben Mink (kd lang, Barenaked Ladies) and was Heart's first set of new material since 2004's Jupiter's Darling. During an in-the-studio interview with Billboard magazine, guitarist Nancy Wilson explained the recording process of the record was organic. "We're recording with just a real woodshed, small acoustic element, people playing together at the same time and (in) the same room - like what they used to call a hootenanny," she said "There's no ProTools feel to it at all. We're just sitting around playing guitars together and going for a performance that is on the spot."
  • Nancy Wilson told the story of this song on the band's website: "When I first said those words, I knew it right away that it was a phrase worth using in a song. Sue Ennis - our friend and our co-writer from way back - was in town and really needed a rescue from the Hollywood hotel where she was attending a seminar. I said, "Are you kidding me? I'd come get you in a red velvet car. I wrote it down immediately. Ann took that title and ran it."
    Lead singer Ann Wilson added: "Nancy is like Ringo in that sense. She's always been great at coming up with cool turns of phrase that don't really need to be explained because they communicate something powerfully. Musically, I've got to give it to Ben Mink, because I wanted the song to have that R&B sensuality to it, but also something fresh, and I think together, we got it."
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