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MY KZ UR BF by Everything Everything

Album: Man AliveReleased: 2010
  • Based in Manchester, but hailing from Kent and Northumberland, art-pop quartet Everything Everything was formed by frontman Jonathan (all surnames of the band members are fortuitously, "Everything") in 2007 with friends from school and university. This song was first released as a single in October 2009. It was re-issued the following year to tie in with the release of the debut album. Man Alive.
  • According to the press release this song is "sung from the paranoid perspective of a post-traumatic R&B lothario during an air-raid." Drummer Mike Everything explained to The Sun: "I've always been interested in the way R&B singers sing about very self-absorbed and detailed things like their cell phones, their diamond rings or their designer shoes. I got to thinking what would happen if that superficial, shallow world was suddenly the centre of a war zone - like Iraq or Afghanistan - and how crazy it is that both places can co-exist in the world.
    The song title stands for My Keys, Your Boyfriend and it's about a very petty love triangle which quickly becomes irrelevant once the house begins to be bombed."
  • Jonathan Everything told NME the album could have had a very different name. "I looked at all the lyrics and tried to pick a title out from that," the frontman explained. "For a long time we thought 'Taj Mahal' was a really good title."
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