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Vegetables by The Beach Boys

Album: Smiley SmileReleased: 1966
  • Paul McCartney was in the studio when Brian Wilson was mixing this song - you can hear him in the background munching on celery. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jim - St Louis, MO
  • Wilson wrote this when he was struggling with the hallucinogenic drug LSD, which can cause a childlike regression over time. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Andrew - Covington, OH
  • In 1847 the Bible Christian organization took the lead in establishing the first national vegetarian Society which was formed at Ramsgate, England. At its inaugural meeting the word "vegetarian" was coined. The word should not be confused with the word "vegetable," it was derived from the Latin "vegetus," meaning whole, vigorous, active. Around the same time in America the teenage Louisa Alcott's father was exchanging vegetarian recipes with his friends the essayists Ralph Emerson and Henry Thoreau. (From the book Food for Thought: Extraordinary Little Chronicles of the World by Ed Pearce)
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Comments: 3

actually, paul wasn't munching celery, he was snapping carrots in half. I like the beatles much more than the beach boys, so i know this kind of stuff.Claire - Colorado Springs, Co
I like vegetables, but to write a whole song about them? LSD was obviously a factor. I should know.Darrell - Eugene
It has since been DEBUNKED that McCartney had any participation in the recording of "Vegetables" other than sitting in the control room.Sean - Chicago, Il
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