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Fade Like a Shadow by KT Tunstall

Album: Tiger SuitReleased: 2010
  • This is the first single in the US by Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist KT Tunstall, from her third studio album, Tiger Suit. The song is more upbeat and urgent than Tunstall's UK lead single, "Still a Weirdo." The singer's record company chose it for the American market as they felt the tune would play better at US radio. Tunstall told Billboard magazine just after the song's release: "I may lose some fans of the old stuff, but I get the feeling I've already made a few new ones by embracing a bit of experimentation."
  • Tunstall explained to MusicRemedy.com that this song is about a person who haunted her for many months. "The person is still very much alive, but my interactions with them led to these weird, almost visitation-like feelings that I found difficult to shake off."
  • Tunstall expanded on the song to M Is For Music: "The song is about when I met someone who had a really negative effect on me, and even though they were still alive, I experienced these almost visitation-like hauntings that I couldn't shake off. I took to wearing a t-shirt with the person's name on to try and exorcise them, which finally worked."
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