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Nothing by The Script

Album: Science & FaithReleased: 2010Charted:
  • This poignant ballad was written after a drunken phone call The Script's Danny O'Donoghue made to his girlfriend after they split up. He explained to The Sun September 3, 2010: "I was heartbroken and the last thing I needed was to be taken out for a drink. I ended up making a fool of myself by calling her when I was in such a state."
  • Guitarist Mark Sheehan explained the song's meaning in an interview with AOL Music: "It's really about drunk dialing, which is something that everyone does. We laugh and we say it from stage every night, 'Raise your hand if you drunk dial.' And when we first ask them, a few people kind of put their hands up, but by the end of the song when you ask them again, 'Are you going to be f---ing honest now?' and everybody puts their hands up. And that's what that song is quite literally about: piecing together a bad night the next day."
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