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Atomic Dog


George Clinton

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This classic Funk song explains why men are always going after women: It's because they have a little a dog in them, and dogs chase cats.
This was released under George Clinton's name after he lost the rights to the names "Funkadelic" and "Parliament," but he used the same musicians.
Clinton admitted to being in an "enhanced" state when he recorded this. He ad-libbed the lyrics.
When Clinton taped his vocals, the backing music was playing backward due to an engineer's error. (thanks, Brad Wind - Miami, FL, for all above)
Snoop Doggy Dogg sampled this on his first single, "What's My Name," changing "Atomic Dog" to "Snoop Doggy Dogg." Snoop is a big fan of George Clinton. They appeared together in Nike commercials in 2002.
When Clinton and P-Funk play this live, it goes on for quite some time.
The unique sounding rhythm of this song is a result of a simple 2 bar drum beat, played backwards using tape. (thanks, Dave - Marieta, GA)
George Clinton
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Comments (8):

Just a general thing. Have you noticed that every site that claims to have the lyrics of this song misses one verse? its something like "Untied Dog part of a Dogmatic society. Ain't your ordinary hound". Then the rest of the lyrics? I am not sure of the actual lyric and I tried to look it up but not one site even mentioned it?
- Vaughn, New York, NY
This track is the most sampled song in the P-Funk catalog.
- tim, ocean, NJ
This song was originally intended for inclusion on the last Funkadelic album "The Electric Spanking Of War Babies" from 1981.
- tim, ocean, NJ
Any one who listens to the lyrics, can tell he was in an 'enhanced' state. Dancing dogs? Song still kicks ass. Love that crunchy groove.
- Nathan, Defiance, OH
the hammer song pumps and a bump was sampled from
the group brick
- pumpz, Zanesville, OH
I was part of a nationally ranked collegiate ultimate frisbee team in new york during the 80's-90's that adopted 'Atomic Dog's' as our official team name now recognized world wide.
we still like to rock out with the ladies, get downright nasty and even throw the disc now & then with old friends. Peace out space bro!
- brian, newark, NJ
The lyric "why must I chase the cat? must be the dog in me" is a sly way to talk about guys chasing ... well, a not nice thing to call a girl... think about it.
- Horace, western, MD
I think MC Hammer sampled this in "Pumps and a Bump".
- Alex, New Orleans, LA
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