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1983 by Neon Trees

Album: Neon TreesReleased: 2010
  • This is the second single from Utah-based rock group Neon Trees debut album, Habits. It was the follow-up to their breakthrough song "Animal."
  • Frontman Tyler Glenn explained the inspiration for the song's music video to myYearbook: "The 1983 video is intentionally lo-fi. It's only intended as a viral video too. We thought that it captured a different type of '80s throwback. Obviously the song can't hide from the '80s thing, but really that song is more about return to innocence in love and in relationships. I thought the lo-fi VHS tape look was clever."
  • The song was titled after the year in which singer-keyboardist Tyler Glenn was born, but bassist Branden Campbell explained to Billboard magazine, it's "not about the '80s or pop culture or anything like that. It's about going back to an age of innocence in our lives where relationships were so much easier with younger siblings and family and how much everyone cares about each other and how easy it is, most of the time, for everyone to get along. It's about going back to that place in your life."
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