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Love Hurts by Nazareth

Album: Hair Of The DogReleased: 1976Charted:
  • Nazareth made this song a hit, but it was originally recorded by the Everly Brothers. Roy Orbison also released it in 1961 as the B-side to his #1 hit "Running Scared."
  • Nazareth got its name from the first line of the Band's "The Weight" - "I pulled into Nazareth..." The band is from Scotland. >>
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    Brad Wind - Miami, FL, for above 2
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Comments: 50

RE: Pierre - Cape Breton, Ns
All overdrive ... good old feedback. Of course, it can be quite illusive at times ... you can duplicate the levels and the angle/proximity to the amp and sometimes it sustains and when it doesn't, you get to improvise and make that "oh well" face. It also sounds like he uses a slide in the recording, but all vids I found showed the guitarists bending.
I am sure there is a little echo/reverb thrown in in the mix, but not much.
Concerning the song, the real star is the unbelievably emotional vocal performance. He is so underrated.
Lee G - Atlanta, Ga
On March 7th 1976, "Love Hurts" by Nazareth peaked at #8 (for 1 week) on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; it entered the chart on November 16th, 1975 at position #95 and spent 23 weeks on the Top 100...
And on February 28th, 1976 it reached #1 (for 1 week) on the Canadian RPM Top Singles chart...
Three weeks after Nazareth entered the Top 100 with the song, Jim Capaldi came on the chart at position #97 with his covered version, but he only stayed on the Top 100 for one week...
In 1991 Cher's covered version reached #43 on the United Kingdom's Singles chart...
Nazareth had one other Top 100 record, "Holiday", it stayed on the chart for three weeks, peaking at #87.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
Man, my first REAL heartbreak in 2010, I played this CD track maybe 14 times all the way through. It really spoke to me.Steven - Universal City, Tx
well, Depends how you experience your love, is the answer to the results. of the outcome. but for me pure. and real love doesn't hurt. Love is beautiful, when you share it. with the right person..Erwin Deleon - North Hollywood, Ca
I always thought this song was kind of annoying. Hair of the Dog is a much better song for NazarethKen - Pittsburgh, Pa
I used to listen to this song in my teens, on Mexico City FM radio station "Universal". I think it has one of the best solo guitar ever.Jesus Herrera - Mexico, Mexico
It is once thought that women are more emotional than men but that just isn't true. I am a very emotional creature and in a sold relationship with a wonderful woman but I still cry and feel hurt a lot more than a lot of my male friends...Anyway I like this song and yes it is very emotional especially where love is concerned.Joel - Columbia, Ny
The husband and wife that wrote Love Hurts also wrote Rocky Top sung by the Osborne Brothers and the couple lived in Gatlinburg Tn.when they wrote it.I think there last names were the Bryants.Jimmy - Knox, Tn
Never heard the Everly Bro. version; but Nazareth sang 'love is like a flame it burns you when it's hot' Roy Orbison version had 'love is like a stove, it burns you when it's hot' Love both version, it's just a plain great song!!!Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
The Naz version is the best.Haven't heard this sone in forever until it is was on some commercial. Had to look it up to see who sang it. Remember this song from Jr. High, didn't mean so much, but now 30 years later it makes a lot of sense!D - Frisoc, Tx
Ah, hell, I still love this song.
Nazareth stood out at the time as a heavy rocking band with a few ballads, but retaining that hard edge.
Another really good Nazareth song, this time much darker and almost unknown to those who don't have their albums, is "Please Don't Judas Me."
Oldpink - New Castle, In
This song came out when I was in high school. I heard it just now, for the first time in a long time, on the radio.

One way I know a song is good is if I like it even better now than I did "back in the day." And this one has even more emotional impact on me now than it did when I was a teenager. Plus, I appreciate the nice instrumentation and melody even more than I did then.
Musicmama - New York, Ny
I agree with lawrence, it should be " some fool dream with happines.I really love this " Love Hurts", the impact of this song is so strong and the way it floats can penetrate to the deepest.Louie - Davao, Philippines
I agree with Shana, This site definitely needs more NAZ... This song brings back a lot of memories for me, Also it's my favorite variation..To each his own I guess...Ron - Sioux Falls S.d., Sd
Does anyone out there know what effects were used by the guitarist "manny charlton" of Nazareth of course, in the song. Sounds like a combination of stereo chorus, echoe or delay, maybe some flange or phase, etc. :)Pierre - Cape Breton, Ns
Wow, it is so TRIPPY to listen to Nazareth's version on youtube and THEN listen to the Everly Brothers version. Talk about a difference in styles. I still think I prefer Naz's raw style. One big lyric diff is that the Everly's sing "Love is like a STOVE it burn's you when it's hot." Whereas, Naz sings "Love is like a FLAME, it burns you when it's hot."Don - B G, Ky
Personally, I think Joan Jett's cover is tby far the best version of this song.Renee - Saskatoon
This song brings about two different feelings at the same time: while I want to cry and identify with the song, I also want to turn that dial until the song ends. More of the latter, it's like nails on a chalkboard.Julia - Knoxville, Tn
I believe that the second verse goes like this, Some fools DREAM of happiness not some fools THINK of happiness someone please tell me i'm correctLawrence - Syracuse, Ny
Released already in November 1974, the Nazareth single took more than a year to hit the charts anywhere. However in the UK, it went nowhere, Jim Capaldi made it Top 5 instead. This is the reason, Erik from Denmark, why it can not be found on the UK-version of the 'Hair Of The Dog'-album, only the US-version on A&M.Walter - Antwerp, Belgium
Regardless which version is best, if it wasn't for Gram Parsons, Nazareth would've never touched this, I guess. The upbeat version by the Everly's was done in early 1965 for inclusion on their 'Rock'n'Soul'-album. Oddly enough, this was an album full of covers, e.g. Buddy Holly's 'That'll Be The day', with only this track, the brothers were covering themselves !!Walter - Antwerp, Belgium
Message to Mike and André : for me the original version of the Everly Brothers is top; the cover of Nazareth is sh..; ofcourse that's my opinion.Teresa - Mechelen, Belgium
Mike Cunningham has all the 'wisdom' to proclaim what's the 'best' version and what's 'trash'.
Well Mike, that wisdom can only be found between your own two ears and can only be individual...!
André - Purmerend, Netherlands
The original slow 'Love Hurts' version by The Everly Brothers was recorded on July 13, 1960 and was released on the album 'A Date With The Everly Brothers'.
They also recorded an up-beat version in the 'That'll Be The Day' style; I don't know when. Because of the style, it was probably recorded in the mid sixties. It can be found on the Arcade Benelux B.V. Label, CD: 01 5930 61, released in 1991.
For guitar players: The slow version is in the: F# key, the up-beat version in the A key. The latter is recorded in one set beat for the whole song of: A, F#m, D, E7, 2 measures in each chord.
André - Purmerend, Netherlands
This song is about heartache. It was featured on the Dazed and Confused soundtrack.Joel - Seattle, Wa
Hi ... It really hurts and scares to love ... it is only a lie ... this song just say it all ...thank you NazarethGhada - Amman, Other
Never liked this song until I heard the version of The Everley Brothers, much better than this.Teresa - Mechelen, Belgium
I'm a fan of Roy Orbison and I think his and Nazareths are head to head the best. Listened to Parsons and Harris'; didn't think much of it, AT ALL.Jon - Oakridge, Or
When did Everly Brothers record their version?Markus - Stockholm, Sweden
Erik, Check out: http://www.nehrecords.com/shop/NazarethHair.htm
1. Hair Of The Dog
2. Miss Misery
3. Love Hurts
4. Changin' Times
5. Beggars Day
6. Rose In The Heather
7. Whiskey Drinkin' Woman
8. Please Don'r Judas Me

and yes, it was '75.
Jay - Atlanta, Ga
I am searching for "Love Hurts" with Nazareth, on this page it says that that it is from "Hair of the dog" from 1976. I am sitting with that album, but it is from 1975 and "Love Hurts" is not on. Side A is 1. Hair of the dog, 2. Miss Misery, 3. Guilty, 4. Changing'times, Side B is 5. Beggars day, 6. Rose in the heather, 7. Whisky drinkin'woman, 8. Please don't judas me.
The album is Vertigo #6370 405. Is there another version where "Love hurts" is included?
Erik - KÃ?ge, Denmark
I agree with you Jeff from Stokie that the Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris version is the best version. Coming from Northern England I'll admit counrty music aint my speciality. (ask me about the early '90s rave scene in Leeds/Manchester and I'll fill you in) This song seems to have captured my attention purely for the rendition. I've listened several times and can tell that Emmylou is singing in beautiful harmony. I try to listem to Gram and he's quality. Either by accident, production or talent it seems to work but I can't understand why he gets it right. Keep on fighting Gram! On and On and On.....Jonny - Leeds, England
Yes Nazareth has written their own songs-Hair of the Dog(son of a b),Holiday,Razamataz,lots of covers from other bands made them famous-This Flight Tonight-Joni Mitchel,Morning Dew,My White Bicycle-Tommorrow(Steve Howe from Yes 1st band)and of course Love Hurts.Cool band,never cared for this song though..,Andrew - Toronto
You are right Jeff. Gram Parson's version of this song is awesome. I've never cared much for Nazareth's cover.Zak - Austin, Tx
This song was in the movie Grand Theft Parsons. That was my first realization that Nazareth did not write this song. In fact, I think it sounded a lot prettier.Mike - Indianapolis, In
One of the true classic love songs of my childhood. Between this Love Stinks & I don't believe in Love by Queensryche you got your bases covered when your heart is broken.Dee - Indianapolis, In
Actually, Bon Jovi have never done a cover of this song. Corey Hart's version of this song has been mistaken by many people as Bon Jovi. Corey's voice does resemble Jon Bon Jovi's voice a little bit. Corey released this song on his self-titled album in 1996.
Bon Jovi have recorded a song called "Love Hurts", but it is their own and not a cover song. It is completely different than this one.
Faith - Athens, Oh
Don McLean recorded this on his 1981 "Believers" album. It's the best I've heard so far.Gary - London, England
Always hated this song. It seemed like cheese even in the 70s when it was released. Now, "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth is a completely different story...Rob - Santa Monica, Ca
this appears in "Dazed in Confused" (1993) during the middle school end-of-the-year danceVictor - Vienna, Va
Did Nazareth even write any of their own songs? As This Flight Tonight is written by Joni Mitchell!Ted - Kingston, Canada
I love Nazareth and this site needs some more of their songs!Shana - Pembroke, Canada
The song was written by Boudleaux Bryant
-S. Sheri, Canada
Soyab - Toronto, Canada
the best version of this is Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris....I strongly urge you to listen to itJeff - Skokie, Il
Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Van halen have all recorded versions of this songJulia - London, England
Heart did an awesome version of thisDave - Pomeroy, Oh
Jim Capaldi also released a version of this song it was a bit more up tempoPete - Nowra, Australia
Intersting comment about where the band name came from. That line about pulling into Nazareth was written at a time when The Band was a little strung out from touring (and most likely from drugs too). Nazareth, PA is where the world famous Martin Guitar Company is located. Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson came up with all these characters who represented lots of different things and people, some real, some imaginary. They happened to have been picking up some guitars when they started writing the song. So for the band Nazareth to name themselves after that song is just fascinating. There is really no connection musically between The Band and Nazareth. The Band happened to use the town Nazareth because of their recent visit, and the play on a biblical place. Kinda just arbitrary reallyJared - Meadville, Pa
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