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Porch by Pearl Jam

Album: TenReleased: 1991
  • Written by lead singer Eddie Vedder. He wrote it on his way up from San Diego to meet the rest of the band for the first time. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Shaggy - Bristol, CT
  • Founding Pearl Jam member Jeff Ament recalled the recording of Ten to Uncut magazine March 2009: "We went to Michael Goldstone at Sony and said, We don't want to spend a lot of money making this record, we want to get out and play, do it the way were comfortable, doing it with somebody local."

    "There were two sessions at London Bridge in Seattle, probably of a day or two each, and after that we went in to record the record proper, because we had four or five new songs," he continued. "'Deep,' 'Jeremy' and 'Porch' were probably the last three."

    "I think we went in March or April [1991]. Ed had moved up here in November. It happened pretty quick. I remember there being a lot of snow on the ground, which is pretty rare for Seattle. We were stuck in the city, stuck in our basement." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    DeeTheWriter - Saint Petersburg, Russia Federation
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Comments: 12

If Eddie's mom had aborted him we would have no Pearl Jam. Depressed teens that Pearl jam's music helped them push through would've committed suicide. Abortion is just plain illogical. A baby is not part of a woman's body, it is another human begin that deserves to live. If somebody isn't prepared to have a child then they need to not get pregnant in the first place.John - Chester, Va
Porch is not an acronym for Pro Choice 1) an acronym is when all the letters are an initial... 2) it's PRO for pro not PORLuke - Manchester, England
Easily one of the most underrated Pearl Jam songs. They should have released this as the single after "Jeremy" instead of "Oceans."Chris - Scranton, Pa
Porch is an acronym for "Pro Choice".The song is about Eddie's child hood and that if a woman doesn't want a child she should rather have the child aborted than bring it into the world and then disown it like he was by his mom.A similar song about abortion is " wipping" on VitologyDave - Cape Town, South Africa
only thing about the pro-choice thing is that in that performance as well as when they performed on saturday night live and several live shows I've been at, during the guitar solo Eddie starts saying "A woman has a right to choose" over and over so perhaps there is some pro-abortion message in the song, I don't see it if there is, but he does do that a lot during that song.Kyle - St. Louis, Mo
I think that pourch is about a fight with a Girlfriend, " could have heard yuor voice one last time" " would you hit me, would you hit me" and I think the fight is because he cheated on her. She left without notice or contact and the guy in the song wants to just have that one last time to win her over. "this could be the day, hod my hand lye beside me" and then the end where he comes to the realiazation that it is over " I know would not ever touch you, hold you, feel you ever, never agian"Jim - Glenolden, Pa
Eddie writing "Pro-Choice" on his arm during the unplugged performace doesn't really have any meaning to the meaning of the song. The Pro-Choice was a reference to what went on during one of the commercial breaks. It the was a break just before they sang Jeremy, and he was going over some of the things he could say instead of "Seemed a harmless little f**k" because MTV didn't want him cursing. While still in commcercial he said to the audience, "I just want to say, you should should be have a f**king abortion."Anthony - Philadelphia, Pa
The version of "porch" on MTV unplugged is one of my favorites. From Where can I down load itStephen - Garnerville, Ny
The Pro-Choice thing was because they'd just played Jeremy and he wasn't allowed to say F**k, much like this website, and he started complaining about abortions after the song, then they did porch, so I doubt the pro-choice thing is to do with porchJam - Somewhere, England
i think like Evenflow its about poverty in the US, the porch being the place where he/she sleeps...Andy - Leeds, United States
Somewhere I've also read that Eddie says that its a song about 'when you love someone tell her or him'.Rahul - Mumbai, India
Eddie Vedder scrawled "Pro-Choice" on his arm in black magic marker during the MTV Unplugged performance of this song.Nick - Arlington Heights, Il
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