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Heart Vacancy by The Wanted

Album: The WantedReleased: 2010Charted:
  • This is the second single released by English/Irish boy band The Wanted. The song is more like a traditional boyband ballad than their debut single, "All Time Low." Tom Parker of the group told 4Music: "We were going to release 'Heart Vacancy' as our first one, but we didn't want people to categorise us being a typical boyband, so we released 'All Time Low.' I think when everybody heard it, they didn't expect that kind of sound to come from a boyband. We wanted to show people that we can do songs like that but we also do ballads as well."
  • The song was written by English songwriter Wayne Hector, who also co-penned "All Time Low," plus the Danish trio of Lucas Secon, Jonas Jeberg and Cutfather.
  • Band member Jay McGuiness told Digital Spy that he loves this song. He added: "I thought people might think it's a bit girly but my brother loves it too and he's an electrician. I take his opinion very seriously!"
  • Jay told Digital Spy about the song's music video: "We actually shot it in New York. It wasn't planned, but we had a few free days and they managed to sort it out! The setting is incredible, but the director kept making us come up to the camera and sing really emotionally, which I'm the worst at. I kept hearing all these people behind the scenes slagging me off because I was being rubbish!"
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