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Louisiana by Underworld

Album: BarkingReleased: 2010
  • This piano-laced ballad is from Barking, the eighth studio album by British house group Underworld. Out of the nine tracks on the album, Rick Smith and Karl Hyde wrote eight at their studio in Essex, before sending them on to various guest artists well-known for their contributions to trance, drum and bass and dubstep. This was the only song they finished themselves.
  • Hyde told the story of the song to MTV News: "Every time I hear that song, I think, 'People might not get this when I say it, but it's kind of dark.' I had written the verse and the chorus with a piano and it was in the archive, and I said, 'I think there's something here, something really strong and I think we need to make the rest of the tune,' " the Underworld musician recalled. "So I said [to Rick], 'Let's try something radical. We'll get into the room with you on piano, we'll have a beat box, and I'll have a microphone!'"

    This was unusual for Underworld who typically write their songs via the Internet. Said Hyde: "Eventually, this song appeared and there it was, and we sort of crafted it in a really, really traditional way. When it was finished we just felt, we don't want anyone to work on it; it's done, it's complete."
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Comments: 1

Lots of Radiohead in this one. Late a bit, more of a nineties
Quite beautiful, although)
Valo - Moscow, Russia Federation
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