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April 29, 1992 (Miami) by Sublime

Album: SublimeReleased: 1996
  • This is about the riots that ensued after the Rodney King trial in Los Angeles, California. King was a black motorist who was beaten by four white police officers after they pulled him over. The incident was videotaped by someone who lived nearby and became a huge news story, dealing with issues of police brutality and race. The case went to trial in suburban Los Angeles, where the all-white jury acquitted the officers. Just hours after the verdict on April 29, 1992, riots broke out in the black sections of the city, prompting King's famous remark: "Can't we all just get along?"
  • In the lyrics, lead singer Brad Nowell says, "April 26, 1992" when referring to the date of the riots. This was a mistake - the date in the title is correct. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Curtis - Ottawa, Canada
  • This contains samples of actual LAPD radio communications.
  • Miami is the first city mentioned in a long list of American cities where riots occurred. In the Doors song "Peace Frog," Jim Morrison did something similar when he named cities where the band ran into trouble with the law, including Miami.
  • This features samples from "La Di Da Di" by Doug E. Fresh featuring MC Ricky D, "Original Gangster of Hip-Hop" by Just Ice, and "Shook One (Part 1)" by Mobb Deep.
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Comments: 33

Luda - Granite Falls, Wa
Is right. There was no riots before April 29th. The song is incorrect.
Nicky C - Long Beach, Ca
Lyn - Nc
Try again. 1992 was a leap year. Lol. 120th day off the year.
Nicky C - Long Beach, Ca
I just created a songfacts account so I can tell you: bananarama. Put that in your vape pen and vape it.Coral - Portland, Or
April 29 is 119th day of the year.... backwards is 911Lyn - Nc
I've read most of the comments and I think everyone is missing the point. Whether there were there for the riots or if the date was the 26 or the 29th is irrelevant. They captured the tone of the people who were rioting.Jon - Co
Bradley saying "Give me my share", from the Second Hand Smoke version, can be heard faintly in the beginning right before the main vocals start.Joe - Somewhere, Ct
The title refers to the date it was written and possibly their location at the time. Everything else in the song refers to the riots in Long Beach on April 26th, 1992. Ons Junior Market was located at 1934 E Aneheim St, Long Beach, CA. It also mentions or Alamitos Ave, Temple Ave, Long Beach, CA. All Cross Streets of Anaheim Ave. Willow St. is also mentioned, also in Long Beach. there's a bunch more but if this helps in the pursuit of the truth then my job is done. more laterLuda - Granite Falls, Wa
People, you need to check your facts. Lafire.com is a great site for reference. It has a timeline of the actual events which ***STARTED*** APRIL 29, 1992 NOT BEFORE. There were NO riots in LA County (Long Beach included!)related to this incident before the verdict was dropped on APRIL 29, 1992 where 4 LA county police officers were acquitted for the beating of Rodney King.
Yes, 187 is the CA. penal code for Homicide and correct Peace Frog does not mention Miami. Geez. . . .
V - Los Angeles, Ca
Okay what is the list of cities i thought that the riots only occured in L.A.Marcella - Lawrence, Ks
the irony of this song is that sublime grew up in the affected area, gigged and partied in the area but were out of town when the s--t hit the fan. they were watching coverage on paul leary's tv and just kicking themselves. that is where the first person narrative of a looter comes from, their wish list of items they would snag if they were there. kinda funnyMic - Tualatin, Or
This is a great song! i love sublime. Is it true that Bradley Nowell was part of the riot?Veronica - Danville, Ca
It says:

"let it burn
wanna let it burn
wanna let it burn
wanna wanna let it burn."

then later in the song it says:

"wont you let it burn
let it burn
let it burn
wont you let it burn
wont you wont you let it burn
let it burn
wont you let it burn
let it burn."

so who ever was arguing with who ever saying it doesn't say blah blah blah... your wrong :)
p.s. stevi is a girl name!
Stevi - Keller, Tx
It's not LAPD transmissions, it's LBPD (Long Beach Police Department) radio transmissions, Temple, Wardlow, Alimitos & Anaheim are all streets in Long Beach. ALSO There are 2 versions of this song, The Leary version and the final one. April 26th 1992 and April 29th 1992. & 187 is a code for Homicide (murder)Jason - Long Beach, Ca
I like this song a lot and can care less if the date is wrong. I can play on my guitar. it is a very good song and going to be doing a current events project on April 29, 1992Nick - Gardena, Ca
Don't change the lyrics...there are actually two versions of this song; One that says April 26th and one that says April 29th...I know for a fact beacuse my best friend has the 29th version and I have the 26th version.Jeevy - I.e., Ca
sweet song i listen to it all the timeCory - Rochester, Ny
Im pretty sure the list of places at the end wasnt a list of where riots took place, but was the places sublime visited whilst on tour that year.Mike - London, England
im pretty sure he says 'wanna let it burn' not 'won't you let it burn'El Pacco - Chicago, Il
Can we change the lyrics so that they're right?
Bradley definitely says "April 26th, 1992" in the first line.
Sean - Nyc, Ny
funny song, i love it.Izzie - Lala, Hi
187 was a police code for murder.. take it from someone who listens to Eazy E.. which Sublime refers to, (not in this song but also KRS1)...Juice - La, Ca
187 is the California penal code for murderTim - Fort Collins, Co
The date Brad sings in the song is an accident. Yes, there were riots in Long Beach before the 29, but the song is about the ones that took place in LA, which started on the 29. Besides, the Verdict in the Rodney King case was made the 29th anyway.Andrew G - Pelham, Ny
it is not the LAPD, Anaheim police, or Alamitos police. it is the long beach local police department. Ons Junior market was the local market in longbeach. it was recorded as one of the first buildings attack by the rioters

- andrew toms river, NJ
Andrew - Toms River, Nj
I agree with Cameron from Hayward. It's about police brutality.Ben - Encinitas, Ca
Screaming 187 on a (mother fu--ing) cop isn't really killing a cop, its calling a cop a murderer. This isn't directly related to the King incident, but is just about the riots being incited by that incident, but more generally about police brutality and unfairness.Cameron - Hayward, Ca
This song is refering to the streets Anaheim & Alamitos IN LONG BEACH...NOT the city of Anaheim and it's also NOT the LAPD or Anaheim police radio that you hear...It's the Long Beach police!!!Brad - Long Beach, Ca
hey, this kick as song says my city in it, when it goes to the ANAHEIM radio communications, not LAPD!Mike - Anaheim, Ca
Miami isn't on Peace Frog by The Doors, just Chicago (for the 1968 Democratic Convention) and New Haven (Jim Morrison was arrested on stage there in 1967). There are also lyrics about blood staining the roofs and palm trees of Venice, and the "bloody red sun of fantastic L.A."Ben - Encinitas, Ca
187 is the police code for murder...so 187 on a cop means killing an officer...hope this helpsJarrett - Lincoln, Ne
What does it mean to scream
"187 on a mother f---in cop"?
Corey - Vancouver, Canada
the dates in the song refer to the date brad wrote the song which was also the date the riots in long beach really started but the title is when the riots started in L.A.Taylor - West Palm Beach, Fl
the date on the song is not incorrect, but is refearing to when the real riots began in long beach, where bradley and friends liveJeff - Ontario, Ca
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