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Jailhouse by Sublime

Album: SublimeReleased: 1996
  • This is a cover of a Bob Marley song. The original was recorded in 1965 and can be found on the album Wailing Wailers at Studio One, Vol. 2. Jamaican music was a big influence on Sublime.
  • "Rudy," who is mentioned in the song, is just a shorter version of "rude boy." This was taken from another Bob Marley song, "Rude Boy," which can be found on the same album.
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Comments: 5

Rudy is referring to rude boys which were the rebels that influenced change of the popular genre ska to reggae, in Jamaica. So most reggae artists that say Rudy are talking about those kids.Wendie - Houston, Tx
This is also a (partial) cover of Tenor Saw's song "Roll Call". If you like reggae and never heard his stuff...check him out.Brad - Columbus, Oh
This song makes me think about how much bigger they could have been if Bradley hadn't died. At least Bud and Eric formed Long Beach Dub All-Stars. My favorite line of the song is 'Oh Bud Gaugh will be singin there And Eric Wilson will be bangin' up there, yeah Oh, and we'll be all singin'
It definately reminds me of them singing at a party and just having a ball.
Amanda - Manchester, Nh
How come more people do not comment on Sublime songs? They are full of hidden meanings and messages, and besides Sublime is a great band. Jailhouse is a great party song, like any other Sublime mixes.Scott - Canton, Oh
Sublime also mentions Rudy in the song "D.J.'s" , where they cover a part of the hit rocksteady/ska song "A message to you, Rudie" (Rudie is the the original spelling) by The Specials, off their 1967 self-titled album.Torey - Santa Fe, Nm
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