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2 Sides of Me by Hinder

Album: The All American NightmareReleased: 2010
  • This is a track from Oklahoma rock band Hinder's third studio album. Frontman Austin Winkler explained in an interview with Noisecreep that the song acts as a companion tune of sorts to the album's title track. "'2 Sides of Me' is about having one side where you're a gentleman and then you do that extra shot and maybe you're not that gentleman anymore," he said. "'All American Nightmare' is about the middle guy, who can talk you into anything and maybe also talk his way into your mama's panties."
  • Winkler admitted to Hardrock Haven that the song is inspired by his weakness for alcohol. Said the frontman: "I remember I was in Nashville in a hotel room, and there is no kind of happy medium with me. Sometimes, I just can't have one drink; I have to drink it all. Day to day, before I start drinking I am kind of a shy person and consider myself gentlemen. When the sun goes down, I can be a completely different person when I have a couple of extra drinks in me."
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