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Papercut by Linkin Park

Album: Hybrid TheoryReleased: 2000Charted:
  • The first song on Linkin Park's debut album, "Papercut" is about people who have annoyed you for years and how you hate them. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Dean - Chalfont, England
  • In 2007, when performing this song live at a concert in Melbourne, part of the performance was for Chester Bennington to jump on to the stage, but he got his foot caught in a step, fell backwards and he broke his wrist. He and the band decided that "his wrist will be just as broken now as it will be in an hour" so Chester sang through the rest of the concert with a broken wrist. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Toby - Dalby, Australia
  • In the video, drummer Rob Bourdon gets bored with just sitting on the couch, and decides to put on some make-up. The results are pretty scary. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mandy - St. Louis, Missouri
  • A live version from London appears on their 2002 album, In the End: Live & Rare. The song "Points of Authority" was included on this single.
  • A version of this also appears on their 2002 album, Reanimation. It was remixed by Cheapshot from the group Styles of Beyond, as well as MC Planet Asia and Rasco. The entire album is comprised of remixed versions of Linkin Park songs.
  • The video is a thank you to Linkin Park's fans in the UK. If you look carefully at one point in the video you can see the creature from the room run past Chester and Mike. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Pawl - London, England
  • This is one of the Linkin Park songs the supposedly influenced Charles Andrew Williams to go on a shooting spree in Santee, California in 2001. On an NBC Dateline interview, one of Williams' friends said that Linkin Park's music inspired him to kill.
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Comments: 35

To say that this band doesn't understand hardships is wrong. Chester was molested as a kid, got picked on in school, and had serious drug problems. They are writing from the heart (not to mention the fact that alot of time and thought goes into writing their songs). As for the angsty, or as some say immature nature of their lyrics; remember they were still young at the time they made these songs. If you listen to their later material they have more positive and uplifting lyrics in their songs (Mike even says, "I am not the fortune and the fame, NOR THE SAME PERSON TELLING YOU TO FORFEIT THE GAME," in one song. If you don't like their music that's fine but don't fasely accuse them just because the don't fit your personal tastes.Zero - Nowhere, Nj
I'd prefer to say their songs sound similar well at least the earlier stuff every band has their sound and about chester not being able to sing is crazy to me but 1 thing about rock is you dont have to be and R&B style singer to come out with something good but its not like these guys are just bringing out just anything alot of this stuff takes talent not everything is going to be to everyones liking. Anyway I think this song is about someone being overly cautious in other words paranoidDominic - Lawton, Ok
Stephanie Meyer was listening to this song while writing the scene where Bella gets a papercut in New Moon and how disastrous the results were.Jennie - Ansonia, Ct
From my point of view, this song is acctually about dealing with the paranoia of your problems while everyone around you is terrorizing you about it, while they probably have similar problems. I felt this way quite often at the begining of the school year.Azalea - Hot Springs, Ar
I am a musician and songwriter and honestly, I can't find signifigance in it. when I write a song,I have lyrics in my head nagging at me. then, i get a paper and it just pours out. it's called soul. as for it's adolescent "guidance" I have attempted suicide 3 times from ages 13 to 15. the only music that helped me was my own and bands that actually understoodMatt - Houston, Tx
Actually I am split. I think christy is right because linkin park's songs sound the same. Technichally though, they started their own sound. I hate modern day music, say a few bands, but I could understand someone liking this.I"s not like my type. I think they could better spread the message by bieng dark and inconspicuous but that is just my opinion.Matt - Houston, Tx
christy, they are a very original band. while u may not like them, thats fine, but dont go on a tangent about how they dont know anything about music theory. correct me if im wrong, but led zeppelin and other classics werent started based on musical education and theory. they just went, and people loved them. same with linkin park. they are a sensation, whether u like it or not. and i love linkin park, disturbed, slipknot, and other modern bands. u can argue that they are just a bunch of idiots making uneducated music, but in truth, all the aforementioned bands are very lyrical and intelligent. and if u dont buy into that, listen to system of a down, if they cant make u think, u are obviously not as intelligent as u would like to think u are. today's music, at least some of it, it way better than people like you give it credit for. linkin park and soad are better than most "classic rock" bands. nobody cares if you're sixteen, that doesnt make u an expert, that just reveals u as ignorant. if u dont like it, fine, but dont publicly criticize it unless u know what ur talking about.Ian - Chilli, Oh
Christy, i am a classical musician, and i can respect this music. in music today, its all about the words. and even though they dont put lots of work into the details and making it difficult, for them its all about the chord progression and the sound. when i say "they," i am talking about all of today's artists, everyone from Slipknot to
Brad Paisly to T-Payne. Linkin Park all sounds the same, and i love it every time. i love this song too. PS no one is going to respect your opinion more because your 16 and not an old person. f off if you cant respect today's music. go post a more positive comment on a song you actually like.
Minh - Strongsville, Oh
the lead "singer" can't actually sing I just hope you know and all of Linkin Park songs sound the same and they don't know about melody, harmony, instrumentation, or music theory. Thats why music today sucks and I am not an old person saying this, I'm sixteen.Christy - Palm Springs, Ca
hey i think this song is about having a little voice in the back of ur head telling you to do stuff u know is wrong you know like as LP says "a face right beaneath the skin" Linkin park rocks!Tilsen - Lewiston, Id
I definitely agree with Alex from Cupertino, CA.
I have schizophrenia, and a lot of the lyrics describe how it feels. They talk about a bunch of things like how the face points out your mistakes, and laughs at you. Whenever I'm around people I don't know, or are uncomfortable with, I sort of turtle up, and over-analyze everything. "I don't know what stressed me first
Or how the pressure was fed, but
I know just what it feels like
To have a voice in the back of my head"
Perfect description there.
Thank you for your time.
Garrett - Islip, Ny
After studying for my Psychology final, I listened to this song... and it totally reminded me of Schizophrenia... or Multiple Personality disorder.

But realistically it's probably about our inner-critic. God knows, I have a few of those.
Alex - Cupertino, Ca
I think this video is the coolest!! But I still don't understand the meaning of this song.Sadman - Pittsburgh, Pa
IMO, The title "Papercut" is a metaphor for the feelings described in the song wherein, it may not look like a big deal on the outside but can be extremely painful to experience, referred to with the line "right beneath your skin". When I listened the first time I immediately thought it was about social anxiety, aggravated by a "perfect" older sibling or some other role model.Dan - Greater Detroit, Mi
I started feeling sort of paranoid when I was 14. I'm 16 now. I thought I knew what the song meant. Then I figured I wasn't old enough to understand. Now I'm like "Damn I"m feelin' this song." Linkin Park use to be my favorite band.Daniel - Ada, Ok
I don't particularly think that Papercut is about paranoia, as everyone seems to believe. I think it's more about having part of your subconscious nagging at you and constantly reminding you of every time you screw up or do something wrong, and how the thoughts can drive you mad.Schatten - Seattle, Wa
this song is awesome its my one of my favorite songs to play guita to.Ryan - Pembroke Pines, Fl
Linkin Park have really weird titles for dome of theri songs, like Cure For The Itch and Figure.09. I don't even know how to say that.Ashley - Moncton, Canada
mikes rapping in this song is incredible. and while they were making the video, they had to speed up the song so they could play it back slow to make it look like the words are coming out of the boys' mouths a bit slower, meaning mike had to get the already fast lyrics out EVEN FASTER. p.s. i belive the title "papercut" was a working name for the song that just stuck after it was finished.Kayla - Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
Linkin Park gives names to songs before they actually decide what the official name is. Papercut is an instance where the working name they gave to it became the real name. An example where they changed the name is the song "Rhinestone" that they later renamed "Forgotten".

I just thought I should inform all of you looking for some meaning in the name that there isn't one.
Corey - Dothan, Al
I Think It About U Knowing Yur Messing Up And Yet U Do It Anyways And Like Not Soo Much Paranoia But Like Someone Is Always Looking Over Your back Like Yur Parents or Teachers Watching U Screw Up Your Life But Not Help And Its Like There Always there Even When There Not It Beneath U And In Yur Heart like U Know There WatchingMercedes - Portland Yah!, Or
Mariah was inquiring about why the song was about paranoia yet it was called papercut. Well, my take on subject, is that some people worry more than others, and often about little, insignificant things, such as papercuts. In a literal sense, some people actually go out of their way to handle paper cautiously just to ensure their "safety." It sounds silly, but that's what makes the title so fitting. Paranoia is all about worrying about things that do not matter much at all, but eat at you as badly as any meaningful concern should.Matt - Tulsa, Ok
I reckon the title comes from the lyrics being a tiny glimpse at what lies beneath his skin.Fungus - Here, Scotland
The papercut video was freakin wierd, but I will tell you one good video, the best music viedeo of all time if you ask me...Points of authority, the graphics are AWSOME.Josh - Reading, Pa
I suppose, but, it's still kind of confusing to me, for I don't see them implementing any sort of injury. Maybe I'm looking too far into this?Mariah - Miami, Fl
Possibly the vision of a face glaring at you from inside the cut? The face inside is right beneath the skin.Dude - Tx, Tx
So... I if this song is about paranoia... Then, why is it called "Papercut"? This is the only element of the song I don't quite understand...Mariah - Miami, Fl
i like my music dark i'm kinda the dark music type person i just love lp so much and i agree with u chloe...........lp foreverRebecca - Peoria, Az
Linkin Park are the best songwriters! Its great that they talk about teen issues like low self esteem, depression, peer pressure, self harm and suicide in their songs. They really know what they're on about! ThanksChloe - Hampshire, England
This song is great to wake up to. It's rythem is awesome. I think the song really describes your conscience.Gabe - Utica, Ny
I think this is about the thought that starts usually around the ages of 12 or 13 that your worthless, you cant do nothing right, this usually leads to teen suicide..so this song really makes a really strong point to its teen listenersHoneybunny - Kkkkkk, United States
This is 1 of the songs that is so obvious. Listen to the song, the word "paranoid" is used quite a lot.Rabi - Zionsville, In
Actually, This song is about being paranoid. On the Frat Party DVD they tell you this (you have to put on audio commentary).Heather - Fruita, Co
It's about the voice in your head telling you that you're not good enough or that you're not gonna make it, that you're too weak or too stupid.Chronometer - Somerset West, South Africa
The video for "Papercut" was directed by DJ Joe Hahn and Nathan "Karma" Cox. If you watch closely, there are little things inserted in the video you might otherwise miss, like at one point, Mike's fingers get really long, and as mentioned before, you can see part of Rob's face being distorted for a brief moment. :DSarah - Morganville, Nj
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