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Silver Threads and Golden Needles


The Springfields

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The Springfields were a Peter, Paul & Mary-style Folk trio of Dusty Springfield (later a solo star), her brother Tom, and their friend Tim Field. The song was originally recorded by Wanda Jackson in 1956 - it was the first single for the Rockabilly singer. The Springfields heard Jackson's version and recorded their own. Their version is an early example of Folk-Pop, complete with a jangly guitar solo.
This song was written by Dick Reynolds and Jack Rhodes. Rhodes wrote some popular Rockabilly and Country song, including "A Satisfied Mind."
Some of the many artists to cover this song include The Cowsills, The Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt and Johnny Rivers.
The Springfields released the successful singles "Breakaway" and "Bambino" in the UK before issuing "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" there in April, 1962. It was a flop there, but when it was released in America as their first single in July, 1962, it became a Stateside hit. When the album was released in the US, it was named after this track, but in the UK it was called Kinda Folksy.

The Springfields failed to make the US Top 40 with any more songs, but did have further UK success with the hits "Island Of Dreams" (#5), "Say I Won't Be There" (#5) and "Come On Home" (#31).
The Springfields
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Comments (9):

I personally like the Linda Ronstadt version best.
- Keith, Rochester, NY
My father BC Money Jr. wrote this song for a contest as a child and was never contacted.
- Kay, Columbia , AL
There is also a lovely slow version of this song by the late female vocalist Sandy Denny and her band Fotheringay. It was recorded in 1970 but not produced until 2008 on the album Fotheringay 2.
- Ray, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
My great uncle, Dick Reynolds, wrote this song and I am working on a book to tell his story. It is so full of history you would love it-He was an alcoholic and amazingly talented but never was able to pull it together. Look for the book out next year entitled "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" This song was written about his finance that broke up with him. His only love and he never recovered, so sad!
- Lezlee Liljenberg, Arlington, TX
I favor the Skeeter Davis version.
- Bill, Ft. Myers, , FL
The song was written by Jack Rhodes and Dick Reynolds and recorded by rockabilly great Wanda Jackson back in 1956. Jackson is considered to be the first great female rock & roll artist.
- Steve, Gaithersburg, MD
This great song was also recorded by Skeeter Davis and Lynn Anderson, both very good renditions.

Don, San Jose, CA
- Don, San Jose, CA
If you can handle country, Loretta Lynn also did a terrific version of the song. That's the first one I heard to tell the truth!
- Jeri, Schenectady , NY
Linda Ronstadt recorded a tear-up version of "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" on her 1973 album, "Don't Cry Now".
- Dana, Albany, NY
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