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Wait For Me by Rebecca St. James

Album: TransformReleased: 2000
  • This song by the Christian singer Rebecca St. James is about abstaining from sex until marriage, and about the belief that the right person to marry is out there somewhere. In early 2011, she got her guy when her Californian boyfriend Jacob Fink asked her to marry him. We spoke with Rebecca St. James shortly after the engagement, and she told us: "It's an entirely different experience singing that song now. The first time I sang it after I got engaged it was incredibly emotional for me. My fiancé Jacob's grandparents were actually there for that show in Colorado, so I think it added something to it having part of his family there. But as I was setting up the songs, talking about the fact that I'd written the song for my future husband and never knew for ten years of my life who that was going to be and now I do, the audience just responded with such warmth and love. And I started crying as I'm intro-ing it. And singing the whole song, it was just – I was fighting emotion the whole time I was singing those words. Because there's a part in 'Wait for me' that says, 'Waiting for the look in your eyes when we meet for the first time,' and that was there when I met him. For the first time meeting a guy, there was something very, very special right from that first glance. I actually ended up asking him once, I said, 'Did you know the lyrics of that song when we first met?' And he didn't. He knew some of my other songs, but not that one. He wasn't even aware that there should be a look when we first meet. It was just organic, so I love that."
  • St. James expanded the "Wait For Me" concept when she released a book in 2002 called Wait for Me: Rediscovering the Joy of Purity in Romance. This was followed by Wait For Me Journal: Thoughts For My Future Husband in 2003 and Wait For Me Study Guide: Discover the Power of Purity in 2005.
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