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Old and Wise by The Alan Parsons Project

Album: Eye in the SkyReleased: 1982Charted:
  • This song features the voice of former Zombie's lead singer Colin Blunstone. Blunstone re-recorded this for one his own "Best Of" albums. (thanks, Rick - Lafayette, NJ)
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Comments: 8

I would like this song to be played at my funeral...Alon - Forest Hills, Ny
While I share some posters' attitudes about the pharmaceutical industry, and sympathize with their losses... advertising is spam even if well-intentioned. Let's talk about the songs and not about commercial interests.Randy - Suburban, Mn
It appears that many of the people here have had there loved ones pass away from illness. This never should have happened, and the pharmaceutical industry and its wicked allies are responsible for these disasters. Thankfully, there is somebody fighting to expose and eliminate these evil disease-mongers. This person is Kevin Trudeau, the owner of The pharmaceutical industry, its allies, and those who have been brainwashed by their lies all vehemently criticize Kevin Trudeau, but their insults are nothing more than empty falsehoods designed to shield them from their own wickedness. I support Kevin Trudeau, and I'm encouraging each and every one of you to do the same!!! (That means you, Michael!)Matthew - Milford, Ma
I'm Michael's brother, so I can confirm his statement. I swear by my uncle's name, I will crush the pharmaceutical industry! The pharmaceutical industry is not the kindhearted organization that it claims to be. It's actually fueled by pure, undistilled greed, and it will stoop to any depth, including propaganda, unlawful imprisonment, and the ruthless debunking of natural cures in its pursuit of cold, hard cash. The pharmaceutical industry has no respect for the existence of anything but itself and its money, and has committed countless crimes against humanity in order to make ludicrous profits. This evil entity cannot be allowed to exist, so I beseech you to visit in order to learn how you can help to stop it!Matthew - Milford, Ma
My Uncle died of a Glioblastoma Multiforme after a 16 month fight with this deadly cancer, and at his funeral, at his request, this song was played.Michael - Milford, Ma
I have contemplated suicide before..I have put this song on and remembered all the ones I love who passed before me while struggling to live!! I saw thier faces as the slipped from this world... I have a life yet I wish to feel numbness. I realized then I will not feel numbness, rather death. This song keeps me in tears and reminds me of my giftMaureen - Philaelphia, Pa
I came to this site today to read the words to Old and Wise. On July 9, 2005, my sister passed away from an aggressive, diagnosed-too-late ovarian cancer, shortly after her 40th birthday. After she died I opened an envelope she had left, to be opened only if she died. In it were the written instructions for her funeral, and this song was specifically requested by her - to be sung by her co-worker, the worship leader at our church. I had never heard the song before and I wanted a copy of the words to keep but it's taken me this long to reach the point emotionally where I can read it and not fall apart. Susan.Susan - Edmonton, Canada
An awesome song reminding me of what has happened in the past and how to cherish those memories (yes, it's sappy but true).Joseph - Bowling Green, Ky