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You'll Be Mine


The Pierces

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Raised in Alabama by free spirited, hippie parents in a large family of five children, Allison and Catherine Pierce trained to be professional ballet dancers, before deciding in their late teens to pursue a musical career and begun playing in local clubs. It was while they attended Auburn University, that a friend sent a tape to a record company in Nashville. This eventually resulted in their 2000 debut album The Pierces. It wasn't until the release of the sisters' third album, Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge that they began to attract some attention, especially after one of the tracks, "Secret," featured on the primetime TV shows Gossip Girl and Dexter. However, despite Catherine's high-profile celebrity romance with the Strokes guitarist, Albert Hammond Jr., the increased publicity didn't translate into sales.

The siblings were on the verge of calling it a day when a friend of theirs, Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman, offered to produce them. The result was The Pierces fourth album, You & I, their first release after signing to Polydor. Allison recalled to The Sun Berryman's offer of help came in the nick of time: "We broke up as a band. We felt like there was no more energy left in The Pierces. We couldn't get out of our record deal. We had a kind of tyrant head of the record label. I remember we were on the phone and we said, 'This is over. This is done.' We wanted to do solo projects. And then the very next day Guy called us and changed our lives for ever."
This is the first single from the album. Catherine explained in an interview: "This song is about how sometimes you fall in love with someone and for some reason they are resisting you."
The Pierces
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