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Wait and See by Brandon Heath

Album: What If WeReleased: 2008
  • In this song, Heath talks about how he was a troublesome child, but grew into a strong man under the watch of God. When we spoke with Brandon Heath in 2011, he explained: "I wasn't the worst kid. I'm an only child, so I got all the attention from my parents. I was a little bit of a people pleaser and hated to get into trouble. But I was pretty bad at school. I didn't make good grades and I talked a lot. It wasn't like anything major, but it was just not very conducive to learning and all that stuff. And I remember bringing home really horrific report cards and my parents wondering, Man, what's gonna give? And what are you going to be able to do in college? And a lot of it was that I was going through a hard time: my parents were divorcing. When the dust settled, like any other kid, there comes a time when it just clicks and you just do it, because you want to do it.

    So college was better for me and I actually did pretty well in college and graduated with an English degree. But for me there came a point when I had to realize that I was in a longer story and my life was only just beginning in those times. When I wrote that song, I literally was thinking about middle school kids. What an awkward time. You're growing into your teeth… (laughs) Remember when your teeth were bigger than everything else in your body? But you're starting to date a little bit and all that stuff. So if you can tell kids, 'Hey, this is just a phase and it's gonna get a lot easier from here,' I think they'd maybe take themselves a lot less serious and it'd be easier for them."
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