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Easy Please Me by Katy B

Album: On A MissionReleased: 2011Charted:
  • This track features Magnetic Man, and according to the NME was originally intended for the dubstep trio's self-titled debut album before being considered "too girly."
  • Magnetic Man's Benga succeeded in getting Katy completely drunk on sambuca liquer during one recording session. "I just remember being in the vocal booth swaying," she blushed to the NME.
  • Katy said regarding On A Mission: "It's me, just as a young woman, partying, relationships... the album's definitely where I'm coming from. Tracks like 'Disappear' and 'Easy Please Me' are all experiences in my life and emotions that I've felt."
  • The song isn't about anybody in particular - just guys in general. Katy told The Sun: "'Easy Please Me' is about how men need to be honest about their intentions and not sleazy or creepy. Most guys approach relationships all wrong."
  • Katy grumbles on this song: "I love a bad boy mentality/But I don't wanna be visiting no jail." The NME asked her if this had been a problem in the past. She replied: "Look, I don't want a guy who's got an attitude problem but I want them to look after me. If anyone fits that bill then they should, er, write in."
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