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Yeah Right by Dionne Bromfield

Album: Good For The SoulReleased: 2011Charted:
  • Teenage singer-songwriter Dionne Bromfield may have been given a leg up into the music business from being Amy Winehouse's goddaughter, but she is a fine singer in her own right. This song was released on March 20, 2011 as the first single from her second album, Good For The Soul and showcases the sound she has developed for her material. Dionne told Digital Spy; "With 'Yeah Right', I just wanted to make something that was catchy, and write about something that we say in everyday life. This was the song that decided the direction of the album, because it created the exact vibe I was going for - old school for today's generation."
  • The song features a contribution from rapper Diggy Simmons, who is the son of former Run DMC member Reverend Run. Diggy appeared with his father on the MTV reality series My Super Sweet 16. Dionne told Digital Spy: "Originally 'Yeah Right' was just a solo song, but someone at the label suggested that a rapper be put on the track. We tried out Tinchy Stryder and Tinie Tempah, but it didn't quite click. I forgot all about it, and a few weeks later the finished version was sent to me with Diggy on it. I couldn't believe they got Rev Run's son on it!"
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