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It Must Have Been Love by Roxette

Album: Pretty Woman soundtrackReleased: 1990Charted:
  • This song was written by Roxette's instrumentalist Per Gessle. In a March 2011 interview with the London commuter freesheet Metro, he was asked how many times Roxette had performed "It Must Have Been Love," to which he replied:

    "We've done it at every show, so it's been hundreds of times. We don't need to rehearse it, put it that way. It's the same with 'Listen To Your Heart' or 'The Look' – when you stand there in front of 10,000 who love it, it's an amazing feeling."

    Asked further, "Have you heard your songs in any unlikely places?", he said of the same song: "I was in Siberia the other day and heard a balalaikan version of 'It Must Have Been Love.'"
  • Originally called "It Must Have Been Love (Christmas For The Broken Hearted)," the song was released as a single backed by "Turn to Me." >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2
  • Recorded before Roxette started working on their Joyride album, "It Must Have Been Love" was written for the movie Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The movie was an enormous hit, and so was the soundtrack, which also featured "King Of Wishful Thinking" by Go West. Released in March 1990, Pretty Woman developed a huge following, which helped send this song to the top of the US Hot 100 in June, where it stayed for two weeks.
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The original song It must have been love (Christmas for the broken hearted) had a Christmas reference in the lyrics "and it's a hard Christmas day" and was changed when they re-recorded the song for the movie "and it's a hard winter's day". The song was originally released in Sweden but nothing happened outside until the Pretty Woman movie. The just it exploded everywhere and now it's a trademark of Roxette music.Alberto Garcia - Peru
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