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You May Be The One


Stevie Nicks

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In the past Stevie Nicks has mainly written alone, but for In Your Dreams she collaborated with ex-Eurythmics member Dave Stewart on seven of the tracks. "We wrote the song 'You May Be the One,' and my eyes instantly opened and I understood why Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote together - because they each had something the other didn't have," explained Nicks to Billboard magazine. "And with Dave and me, he had thousands of chords and this amazing musical knowledge, and I had thousands of pages of poetry - and I know six chords. It was like an amazing little meeting of the minds, and I immediately went, 'Well this is just great!'"
Nicks re-connected with Stewart at a pilot for an interview show with Jimmy Iovine and decided there and then she would ask him to produce her next record. Nicks then gave Stewart a binder of 40 poems before they started working together. She told The Ventura County Star how he then developed the songs from her poetry: "When I got together with him (Dave) and asked if he would produce this record, I gave him a book of poetry that had been pulled by my best friend Rebecca out of the last seven to eight years of journals, which was something I would never do. He came the first day to my house and said, 'All right, I like this poem. Why don't we start with this poem?'

So we had a little recording thing set up hanging over the coffee table and in front of the couch. He's sitting across from me and starts playing the guitar. He just says, 'OK. Go,' and I start reciting my poem. By the end of a half an hour, we had written a great song. I was completely amazed."
Stevie Nicks
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Comments (1):

This is another beautiful song from this album. We can't understand why this none of this gorgeous music is being played on the radio!!
- John, Las Vegas, NV
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