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It's Raining Men


The Weather Girls

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The Weather Girls were the duo of Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes, who were both overweight and also recorded as Two Tons Of Fun. Wash, who had a very powerful voice, sang on many projects over the next several years, including songs by the groups C&C Music Factory ("Make You Sweat") and Black Box ("Strike It Up"). She was often uncredited and replaced in videos by models lip-synching her lines. She eventually sued for royalties and released a solo album under her own name. Rhodes died in 2004.
This became a gay anthem. Like "YMCA" by The Village People, the gay community helped popularize it.
Geri Halliwell, formerly a member of the Spice Girls, recorded this in 2001. Her version was used on the soundtrack to the movie Bridget Jones' Diary. When released, the single shot straight to #1 for 2 weeks. This was Halliwell's fourth #1 single in a row, and it made her the British female artist with the most #1 singles (11 in total, 7 with the Spice Girls and 4 of her own).
Halliwell's version was her fifth single. Her new ultra-thin image in the video caused a field day for the press, who came up with all sorts of ways she had achieved this - some included her reported bulimia. (thanks, Thomas - Borehamwood, England, for above 2)
This was written and produced by Paul Shaffer and Paul Jabara. Shaffer is David Letterman's bandleader; Jabara wrote "Last Dance" and "No More Tears" for Donna Summer.
Barbara Streisand and Diana Ross were both offered this song and turned it down. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for above 2)
This was used on an episode of the TV show Friends when Chandler and Monica went to Las Vegas to see Chandler's dad to tell him they were getting married. Not long after they met him he sang this on stage. (thanks, matt - Milton, PA)
The song returned to the UK Top 40 in February 2014 following a social media campaign to get it back in the charts. The campaign was driven by former UKIP councillor David Silvester blaming Britain's bad weather since the turn of the year on the government's decision to legalise gay marriage.
The Weather Girls
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Comments (17):

Paul Jabara - who was definitely gay - wrote the lyrics. Paul Shaffer - who is definitely straight - wrote the music and the arraignment. Shaffer said in his book (We'll Be Here For The Rest Of Our Lives) that his girlfriend at the time (who is now his wife) absolutely HATED the song. She refused to go with him to a NYC outdoor music show where the Weather Girls were to perform the song! He convinced her to go on a bike ride with him near the festival so he could at least hear the crowd's reaction. He said she was stunned when the crowd seemed to LOVE it.
- Ken, Louisville, KY
My name is Jeff and I am the cousin of of Paul Jabara. First of all, Paul Jabara wrote this song and Paul Schaffer helped with the music.

Paul presented the song to Sony records and they turned it down - they could not understand how it could rain men. Paul got really mad and said IF IT CAN RAIN CATS AND DOGS ... IT CAN RAIN MEN. Later Sony took the song after the discos started playing it... this a true story because Paul is my cousin!
- jeff, mahwah, NJ
There's a ukulele version of this on YouTube by Julia Nunes. Yes, a ukulele version! It' s worth checking out.
- Jim, Morgantown, WV
This was used in the 2010 movie Vampires Suck, when Jacob's pack enters and dances to it.
- Rodger, Frontenac, MO
THE WEATHER GIRLS began as "Two Tons O' Fun", a backup group for flamboyant gay singer Sylvester, who had a disco hit in the late 70s and early 80s called, "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)"-
- Kristin, Bessemer, AL
Once on a youth trip to the beach, somebody said "Let's all hold hands and sing a folk song", someone else suggested "How about It's Raining Men ?" LOL
- James, Gettysburg, PA
Weren't The Weather Girls technically considered a One-Hit Wonder?
- Annabelle, Eugene, OR
I wish there were more woman singers like Matha. Not only does she sing great, she is HOT!@!@!@! My company needs to hire some hotties like Martha.
- Mark, Schaumburg, IL
the original recording by The Weather Girls never reached #1 but Geri Halliwell did reach #1 for 2 weeks.
- Thomas, Borehamwood, England
Martha also re-recorded the track w/ RuPaul titled "The Sequel"
Also, I read that Martha supposedly did not like Geri's version seen in the movie Bridget Jones Diary.
- Jake, San Mateo, CA
Paul Schaffer is very talented, he even played with the Blues Brothers (no Surprise, all SNL members), but no way was he going to be part of the band in the movie.
He really got Femme, in later years of Letterman, then to no surprise I found out he co wrote this song.
- PHIL, San Jose, CA
Always a brilliant song (I even liked Geri Helliwell's cover).

Did you know that March 10th 2005 is the 21st anniversary of the Weather Girls original entering the UK charts?

I'm an artist and have produced a piece celebrating that event - see

Have fun!
- Mary-Clare, Abbotsbury, England
Gay anthems are all great for one reason: You can still sing them weeping drunk.
- Pinky, Wellington, New Zealand
If it was really raining men, and somebody would walk outside in the middle of the storm, they would surely be hit hard!
- Annabelle, Eugene, OR
From that same episode of the Simpsons--Moe: "...and I'm taking your favorite song out of the jukebox." Homer: "'It's Raining Men?'" Moe: "Yeah, not no more it ain't."
- Kurt, Downers Grove, IL
Aparrently, this is Homer Simpson's favourite song! In an episode, where Homer is barred from Moe's, Moe takes this out of the jukebox, throws it out the window and it hits Smithers in the face.
- tom, Trowbridge, England
Paul Schaffer, of Late Night With David Letterman, wrote this song.
- Shelli, Madison, WI
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