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Bloody Mary


Lady Gaga

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This spooky electro ballad is sung from the perspective of Mary Magdalene, who was one of Jesus' most celebrated disciples and the first person to see Jesus after he rose from the dead. Gaga told NME: "I believe that Mary Magdalene was both fully divine and fully human. She has to be strong when Jesus fulfills the prophecy to die for everyone's sins, but she still has the moment of humanity where she's upset to let him go. She had to be a superstar, but she must have cried too."
The song finds Gaga singing a line in French, "Je ne veux pas mourir toute seule" ("I don't want to die alone"). She also concludes the song with the Portuguese phrase "Liberdade e Amor" ("Freedom and love").
Born This Way musical producer Fernando Garibay told MTV News the electro pop tune was developed from a track that was put together by co-producer DJ White Shadow. "This is another one that started on a White Shadow track," he recalled. "I remember [Gaga] played this to me in Australia and we sat down and ... opened up the track and she started singing [the melody and lyrics] to it. We came back and added a few more parts to it and facilitated with the production of the record," he continued. "Again, it stayed pretty much intact as the original demo. It's a beautiful song. It's very personal to her. It's pretty bold."
Gaga owns a vintage blood red Rolls Royce, which she refers to as "Bloody Mary."
In a Facebook post shortly after the album was released, Gaga explained: "Bloody Mary is about living halfway between reality and fantasy. I went to a dirty party in Berlin, and wrote Schei├če the next day. It's about wanting to be bad without permission."
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Comments (1):

ScheiBe is about wanting to be bad without permission... not Blood Mary.
- lisl, cape town, South Africa
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