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Baby, I Love Your Way


Peter Frampton

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This is a very romantic love ballad. Frampton is telling his girl that he loves everything about her and wants to be with her day and night. (thanks, Alec Thorp - Yorktown Heights, NY)
This went nowhere when Frampton first released it as a single in 1975. The next year, he included it on his live album, Frampton Comes Alive, and it helped the album become a huge hit. The live version was the second single released from the album, after "Show Me The Way" and before "Do You Feel Like We Do."
Lisa Bonet sings this in the 1999 movie Hi Fidelity. John Cusak's character hates the song until he hears her sing it.
In 1988, the group Will To Power had a US #1 hit with a medley of this and "Free Bird."
Big Mountain hit #6 in the US with this in 1994. Their version was on the soundtrack to Reality Bites.
Peter Frampton
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Comments (15):

An ok song that, as an oldie, is overplayed on the radio these days, along with a few other Frampton hits. Why do stations only seem to have a set playlist of the same old tunes and neglect to play so many other great old songs?
- Camille, Toronto, OH
Slow ballads like this, imo, are much better than their hardrocking counterparts. Especially if you intend to make it "your song". My girl loves this song so I have to put it on when we are getting in the mood.
- Nick, Lafayette, IN
Do you feel,like i Do is my all time favorite,but of course,the woman in my life have love this one instead,lol
- Jorge, Bronx, NY
This song was on Family Guy. Peter Frampton guest starred.
- Ryan, Anahola, HI
This was my parent's wedding song and I just love it. It always makes me smile.
- Fred, Seattle, WA
Every car had Peter Frampton comming from it's speakers.
- sara, eckerty, IN
Great song to get a woman in the mood too. Light some candles, put this on and she's putty in yourhands. Great song in concert, but the LP version is awful compared to this. What an overall great album. He never compared to what he did on Frampton Comes one has actually.
- Danny, Your Town, IA
Frampton had the uncanny ability to take a medium to slow song and make it rock. I don't know how he did it but he did.
- Thomas, Somerville, AL
Will To Power's version is not so good!! They misquote one of the most visually beautiful lines in the song. They say "Shadows grow so long before my eyes with the help of some fireflies..I wonder how they have the power to shine, shine, shine.." as opposed to "Moon appears to shine and light the sky" etc. etc. which makes a lot more sense! As long as they were redoing the song, they should have sung the correct words. Then, it may not have been so bad . Bottom line, why mess with PERFECTION!!!! Simone, Los Angeles, CA
- Simone, Los Angeles, CA
On the Will To Power 1989 release "Baby I love Your Way/Freebird", I liked the female vocals that featured on the "Baby I Love Your Way" section, but the nasal male vocal on the "Freebird" section was downright irritating and I feel it spoiled what otherwise would've been a decent cover... Big Mountain's 1994 cover of "Baby I Love Your Way" was an OK cover as well
- Dave, Cardiff, Wales
No, it wasn't. That's another Peter Frampton song but it sure as hell isn't "Baby, I love your way."

Another interesting thing to note is that this is often misrepresented as a Bob Marley song on Search engines and Peer-to-Peer software, since it has a reggae beat and Peter Framptons voice is similar to Marley's, to an extent.
- Sam, Leawood, KS
Will To Power's version was less a medley and more of a blending of the two songs. It was done very well. The two different songs sound almost organic; almost as if they were meant to be together.
- Robert, Puyallup, WA
One of my favorites of all time.
- AJ, Cleveland, GA
This song is really cool on the "Live" album
- Connor, Whakatane, New Zealand
This was performed on the show "Family Guy" as a anniversary gift from Peter to Lois.
- Aidan, Boston, MA
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