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I'm Leaving It Up To You


Dale & Grace

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This was originally recorded in 1957 by composers Don F. Harris and Dewey Terry as "Don and Dewey," but the single didn't chart.
Dale Houston and Grace Broussard were teamed up specifically to record this as Dale's solo career fell flat.
This was #1 in the US on the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
Their followup song, "Stop and Think It Over," sung in a similar vein, peaked at #8.
In 1974, this was a #4 hit for Donny and Marie Osmond as "I'm Leaving It All up to You." (thanks, Brad Wind - Miami, FL, for all above)
Dale & Grace
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Comments (4):

As stated above "Stop and Think It Over" was their follow-up hit; and on March 1st in 1964 it peaked at #8 (for 1 week) on Billboard's Hot Top chart; it entered the chart on January 19th at position #66 and spent 9 weeks on the Top 100...
The duo had one other Top 100 hit, "The Loneliest Night", it peaked at 64 in 1964 (its on You Tube)...
In 1967 Perry Como released a record also titled "Stop and Think It Over"; it was a completely different song and it reached #92 (also on You Tube)...
R.I.P. Dale Houston (1940 - 2007).
- Barry, Sauquoit, NY
Grace adds a lot to the song.She only sings the chorus of the song but her vocals add a lot to the song.
- Martin, Fresno, CA
I have this song on a double cd with all famous duets from The Everly Brothers,The Righteous Brothers, Peter, Paul and Mary, Ike and Tina Turner... I love this song very much.
- Teresa, Mechelen, Belgium
We had this on a 45 when I was a kid and it had the worst B side I have ever heard. The song was titled "I've Been Carrying A Torch For You So Long (That I've Burnt a Great Big Hole In My Heart)" Pure cheese.
- Ray, Spring, TX
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