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Anne Murray

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Murray recorded this after watching its composer, Gene MacLellan, perform it on Canadian TV. It was the second song MacLellan had ever written and he penned it in just 25 minutes.
This was Murray's first hit. She started recording when the producer of a show that turned her down as a singer gave her a shot 2 years later. She became a very popular Pop/Country crossover artist.
This was the first ever gold record by a Canadian solo female artist.
Lyrically the snowbird is used as a metaphor for freedom by contrasting the narrator's in ability to leave the place of his/her heartache with the bird's ability to just up and fly away.
Other artists who have recorded this song include, Lynn Anderson, Bing Crosby with Count Basie, Burl Ives, Loretta Lynn, Al Martino, Elvis Presley, and Andy Williams.
This was an inaugural song inductee of the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2003.
Anne Murray
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Comments (6):

This song was part of a major plot line in a 2013 episode of The Family Guy. Stewie and Brian become obsessed with Ms. Murray's music, and after debating the meaning of Snowbird, decide to ask Ms. Murray directly. She generally affirms both their interpretations, but also notes that she didn't write the song (or any of her own songs). Stewie immediately deems her a "fraud" and much hilarity ensues.
- Ken, Philadelphia, PA
Beautiful - Reminds Me Of The Beautiful Simple Things In Life - A Trip To Fosters Freeze For An Ice Cream Cone - Thanks Anne And Gerald
- James, Diamond Bar, CA
I first heard this song when I was 13 and have loved it ever since.
- Robert, Denver, CO
This song was used on the closing credits to Michael Moore's satrical movie "Canadian Bacon". It was used as an "example" of Canadian music!
- Ken, Louisville, KY
Gene MacLellan committed suicide in 1995.
- J, Calgary, Canada
This used to be my one of my mom's favorite songs and now I like it too.
- Sarah, Ottawa, Canada
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