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Tomorrow's Food by Incubus

Album: If Not Now, When?Released: 2011
  • Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd and guitarist Mike Einziger visited the Oxford Union of UK's Oxford University on March 3, 2010 where they spoke and played some songs. This tune was written prior to the visit and the pair decided to play it for the students. It was the first song penned for If Not Now, When.
  • Guitarist Mike Einziger told Rock Sound magazine: "I love that song. It's a little representation of our song-writing relationship; sometimes I write things that I think he's going to like but he doesn't, and then it happens the other way around. So many of our songs have come from little nuggets of music that I've written but thought that Brandon wouldn't like, but he's taken them and interpreted them in his own way. This song is an example of that. I don't think 'Tomorrow's Food' sounds like anything else we've ever written. But that's a good thing."
  • Lyrically the song specifically references a quote from American Philosopher Ken Wilbur's A Brief History Of Everything, "No epoch is finally privileged. We are all tomorrow's food. The process continues. And spirit is found in the process itself, not in any particular epoch, or time, or place." Boyd explained on the band's official website: "No one had ever put so succinctly and eloquently into words how I felt about growing up. About reaching my mid-thirties. After reading this quote, and witnessing the vast push and pull at play between the old and the new, the young and the not so young, I saw the inherent beauty and wisdom in the process of it all. And consequently, wrote a song about it."
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