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Eric Church

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The opening track from American country singer Eric Church's third studio album Chief was penned by the singer with Marv Green. The Music Row writer is best known for co-penning Lonestar's 1999 chart-topper "Amazed" and Carrie Underwood's hit song "Wasted."
Church told The Boot this is his favorite cut from Chief. He explained: "I just like the groove and the way it sounds so different from the other stuff you hear today. I love the Roger Miller 'bow-ba-bow' vocal-that wasn't planned, it was just a product of being in the room and being involved in the magic. 'Creepin' was the first track we recorded, and from the time we recorded it, I knew we would start the album that way. I love that kind of song that makes you want to listen to the record."
Church took a month off from touring to record the Chief album. He said: "I put so much into the record making process, every time we do it, I empty the tank doing it. And this time, two records in, I felt like our career had really got to a point that, it had gotten to the next level, I wanted to make a record that was indicative to that. The only way I knew how to do that, was to pause, and just take time, and figure out where we go from there. That month in the cabin, there was no television, cell phone service, which in the middle of football season is brutal. I spent a lot of time at a local bar. But I sat there with co-writers, got them out of their element, and sometimes we'd write a song at 3 am, sometimes we would write a song at 7am, sometimes we didn't write a song, we'd just ride around and drink beer in a four wheeler. It was really, really cool to just let the creative process, just unharness it, and let the creative process flow. I think that 'unharnessed' really became part of what the record was. It just is, there's no rules. It's unchained, it's loose, it's wild, and I think that started in that cabin."
The Peter Zavadil directed music video was shot at the Tennessee Valley Train Depot. The clip is set in the old west, centering around a train robbery in which Church and his band portray the roles of the villains. Church explained that things got pretty heated on set. "One of the scenes we had to film, we had to park the train in a tunnel," he recalled. "It kind of reminds me of the old club days. We used to play in the bars and clubs, [it's about] a 110 degrees in there. We were in there 45 minutes…we were all spent. It's the first time I ever sweated through the bottom of my boots on a train. It was so hot."
Eric Church
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