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Gangsta Lovin' by Eve

Album: Eve-OlutionReleased: 2002Charted:
  • Alicia Keys is the featured vocalist on this song. The part where she sings, "I just want to rock you" is sampled from a 1981 Yarbrough & Peoples song called "Don't Stop The Music."
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Comments: 4

Good.... Good people on this page of songfacts.com.... Good to see these ones aren't bashing rap... Way to go!Hotelmotel - Hoppingbetweensidesofbc, Bc
At the beginning of the video for this song, they show some girls taking food at a buffet. Their T-shirts show in turn "Eve", "Alicia Keys" "in" and "Gangsta Lovin'". For some reason, the video as shown on MTV fuzzes out the T-shirts.Jimoh - The Bronx Ny, Ny
cool song.Ashley - Chester, Va
yo this is one great song! i cant stop listening to it.Bee - Johhanesburg, South Africa
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