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Azwethinkweiz by Incubus

Album: Enjoy IncubusReleased: 1997
  • At the end of the song there is a backwards vocal. If you record it on your computer and reverse it you will hear something like "One night we smoked indigo and Azwethinkweizim was born." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Sydney - The Woodlands, TX
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Comments: 3

I've created my own definition - When ever I see something out of the corner of my eye and then I turn my head and I see nothing (does this ever happen to anyone else?) I always say, "I think I thought I saw an Azwethinkweiz!" to which the people around me proceed to respond, "Dude, WTF?!"Zero - Nowhere, Nj
ofcourse. i found Azwethinkweiz is science thats studying philosophys of people who had consumating weed...am i right? :) well, i know what is like...
Azwethinkweiz...i love that "word"!
Sanja - Zabok, Croatia
"Thursday night we smoked indica and azwethinkweizm was born"Zoe - Kettering, England
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