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Cars Hiss By My Window by The Doors

Album: LA WomanReleased: 1971
  • LA Woman took a little more than a week to record, and along with this song, "Been Down Long," "Crawling King Snake" and a few other Blues songs that didn't make the album were all recorded on one single "Blues Day" session.
  • The "wah-wah" sound you can hear on the song was Jim Morrison impersonating first a guitar, then a harmonica.
  • A new version of the song was included on the 2007 re-release of the LA Woman album, which featured new mixes of the songs by the remaining members of the band and their original engineer Bruce Botnick. The updated song had an added verse and a new stereo mix.
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Comments: 2

The song has two alternate names: The first being 'The Walking Blues' , the other being 'The Bastard Son of Jimmy and Mama Reed.' (As heard in the 2011 re-realease of L.A. Woman.)352072 - Los Angeles, Ca
Definitely one of the creepiest songs in a long list of creepy songs from the Doors.
"Window started trembling with a sonic boom...BOOM! / A cold girl will kill you in a darkened room."
Oldpink - Farmland, In
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