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Heart On Fire by Scars on 45

Album: Grey's Anatomy Original Soundtrack Volume 4Released: 2011
  • Scars On 45 is an indie/acoustic band from Leeds in the north of England, who are fronted by former Huddersfield Town junior footballer Danny Bemrose. After being ignored by the British music industry for a number of years, the band secured a deal with the US with Chop Shop Records, a division of Atlantic Records. The label is owned by Alexandra Patsavas, who is the music co-ordinator for Grey's Anatomy and she chose this song to promote the 2011-12 season of the ABC medical drama series.
  • Bemrose told Artist Direct that he likes to write about matters of the heart as it's a topic people tend to be familiar with. Said the frontman: "Relationships are a big part of people's lives. We simply write about things that we know. I've always been a believer that everyone should be able to understand lyrics. I'm not a big fan of lyrics that take years to figure out."
  • The band already had this song in their pocket when they signed with Chop Shop Records. "It was written a while ago to be honest. It was written before we were signed" Bemrose told Alternative Addiction. "It's gone through different demo stages and acoustic versions. It's kind of an old song, but it feels new every time we play it. It's one of those songs that every time we play it live it breathes new life into it."
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