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Mr. Rogers by Korn

Album: Life Is PeachyReleased: 1996
  • "Mr. Rogers" refers to Fred Rogers, who had a children's show on PBS for many years called Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. The show was beloved by parents and children, with kids learning valuable lessons about kindness and acceptance from the genial host.

    You would have to have a pretty twisted childhood to have beef with Mr. Rogers, but Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis had a combination of adolescent trauma and drug abuse that led him to lash out at him in this song.

    In Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, folks are generous and kind. Davis learned that this is not true in the real world, and blamed Rogers for leaving him ill-prepared to deal with it, especially when he got picked on in school.

    Davis says he got "obsessed" with Mr. Rogers, and spent three months writing this song about what he saw as the TV host's betrayal. The thoughts Davis expresses in his lyrics don't come naturally, of course. He was high on amphetamines while he was writing the song, making Mr. Rogers the target of his drug-induced psychosis.
  • Fred Rogers died of stomach cancer in 2003 at age 74. See a photo and learn more about him in Song Images.
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Comments: 20

Apparently Jon himself is ashamed of this song seeing as they've never played this song live. And when they let they let their fans vote for songs to play in their setlist for their 2000 tour, even though this song and "Seed" received overwhelming amounts of votes they still wouldn't play them.Zero - The Abyss, Nj
I think Korn has so much talent, but all their songs are bulls--t. Its like, get over it dude! So you were bullied, grow up and quit being such a punk. No wonder you were bullied all you do is whine! And how dare you write a song about Mr. Rogers, he was a good man and tried to make the world a better place.I think its time to move on.Toni - Plant City, Fl
have you ever heard of under water make-up ? dedede!!!!!!i really dont know about the whole sniper thing though .why dont you check military files i will guarantee hes in there!!plus he could have a look alike.Brad - Knoxville, Tn
Mr. Rogers was not a sniper and he was not a marine. He was not covered in tattoos there is an episode where he goes swimming and guess what, no tats.Jacob - Champlin, Mn
Any thing i said below is a urban legend or bullS@#$ Im sorry to all Marines.
Mr. Rogers always wore the long sleeve shirts and sweaters to cover up tattoos is also false go to a bio about him and it will tell you the truth. But any Marine I have offended Im Sorry I love the Corp Semper Fi.
Frank - Nicholasville, Ky
The reason for the show Mr. Rogers was cause he was a #1Sniper in Marine Corp in nam. Hated the voilence he saw there and to stop it he tried to reach the kids to stop Voilence hence the reason he wore the sweater to cover up his tattoos. I knew this is a true fact cause he is respected in the Marine corp. I was not a marine I was Army but visit Parris Island many times. If im wrong a real Semper Fi Marine can set me straight.Frank - Nicholasville, Ky
An interesting fact: Mr. Rogers always wore the long sleeve shirts and sweaters to cover up tattoos. KInd've amusing in my opinion.Frank - Hickville, Ga
He's repeating "Boomerang, Zoomerang, Doomerang, Up"Sean - Armagh, Ireland
does anyone know what the muttering with the echo in the beginning is or what jon is saying?Billy Ross - Hagerstown, Md
hey people this isnt even about daddy or him getting sexually harasased he just made this song up he was trippin on acid when he madeJake - Aberdeen, Wa
I always heard it was about his hate for Mr. Rogers (from the TV show)Jake - Houston, Tx
"Fred, you told me everybody was my neighbor..." Fred, not but. But thanks for the rest of it, I have been studying it, trying to figure them out :-PChris - Manassas, Va
This song is about how Jonathan Davis took Mr. Rogers advice on everybody being a good person, a kind person and a trusting person. Jonathan Davis trusted too many people and got f*cked over for it, therefor he hates Mr. Rogers for making him so easily decieved.Tc - Oob, Me
the snare part in the beginning is my favorite. the head is tight.David - Richmond, Va
its about how he watched mr roger's and mr. rogers' main theme was everyone's ur neighbor, but his neighbor raped him, in one part of the song it says : "But you told me everybody was my neighbor/They took advantage of me and then they/Took their turns hating me". so i also agree with what mitch said too about people in his school making fun of him.Crys - Denton, Tx
its unfortunate that Jon hates mr. rogers...I love mr. rogers...Joseph - Manteca, Ca
I still have a hard time beleiving this song doesn't have something to do with the sexually abusive neighbor Jon had as a kid. Great song though, they just had a different sound back then, they won't get that sound back.Brian - Paoli, In
John D. plays additional guitar on the track.Nick - Paramus, Nj
this song is about how jonathan davis use to watch the show and how he listend to what mr rodger had to say and he always said love your neighbore and he love you and jon belived that and then the whole thing with kids makeing fun of him he found it was not true and that is why he hates him and why the song was writtenMitch - Belvidere, Il
That song was pretty tight, I understood what that song meant the first time I heard it.Racheal - Bell City, United States
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