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Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March by The Box Tops

Album: DimensionsReleased: 1968Charted:
  • This song was written by Jon Stroll and Bobby Weinstein, who recorded as the short-lived duo Weinstein & Stroll. "Sweet Cream Lady" is a slang term for a prostitute, which is clearly the subject of the song: "They will love you in the darkness, and refuse to recognize you in the light. Tell the socialites to look the other way." (thanks, Robert - Citrus Heights, CA)
  • This novelty song was the first single released from Dimensions, which was the Box Tops last studio album. Tommy Cogbill and Chips Moman took over production duties for the album from Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham. The Box Tops lead singer was Alex Chilton, who went on to form Big Star.
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Comments: 3

I've never known what this song is about. But I've never thought about it before today when I saw the title. That gave me pause for thought.
In 1968 I was only 10 and didn't give it any thought.
Reg - Kemptville, On
I like this little song back in the day. Even at 14, I had a preetty good idea what it was about. Looked it up on iTunes and downloaded it 40 years later.Guy - Woodinville, Wa
I remember when this song came out in 1968. The local AM radio stations pretty much banned it from airplay because of the topic.Bob - Southfield, Mi