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Spanish Caravan


The Doors

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Doors guitarist Robby Krieger wrote this song.
The intro riff was taken from "Asturias," a Classical piece by Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz (1860 - 1909). (thanks, Daniel - St. Brieuc, France)
Krieger played his guitar in a flamenco style. Some parts were processed through a fuzz box.
"Andalusia," which is referred to in the first verse, is the Southernmost area of Spain. It was repeatedly conquered by various groups until it was divided into 8 provinces in 1833.
The Doors
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Comments (21):

This is great musicianship by Robbie. This song could have been three times as long and I would have liked it even better.
- dogg, Tulsa, OK
Ok, before anyone tells me I"m wrong, I went by the clip here on the page. On this version, the intro is Austurias, however, I went back to the recorded version on my album and indeed the intro is a flamenco piece ( I play classical ) and the song is Granadinas. On the other hand, a small part of Auturias was played during that intro as well. Again, after the inro the song is original. I am impressed that Krieger played a somewhat difficult piece so well. Perhaps there is also a version with Spanish Dance #5 somewhere but I did not find it. That is another classical piece and not flamenco.
- Jim, Tampa , FL
Robbie did say it was from Spanish Dance #5, it is however still Austurias that is played in the begining of Spanish Caravan. If you disagree simply check youtube and listen to these songs, both of which I am very familiar with. I have no idea why he make this error but I commend his honesty in admitting he used it in the intro of a song which he otherwise did write. It certainly is one of my favorite Doors songs.
- Jim, Tampa , FL obviously dont no (anything) about the classic guitar.. the first riff is from asturias..i know..i've been playing the classical guitar for about 10 years and im very good at it..but still its a hard piece, played mostly only by students of classic guitar..its certianly not Paco de Lucia's Spanish Dance #5 :PP..well..i must say that krieger played it very well all in all..hes suprised me, i must say..
- dale, Osijek, Croatia
I´ts from a classical piecie called "Leyenda", by Isaac Albeniz, its very fun to play
- Petter, Uppsala, Sweden
Great piece from Krieger. It almost rivals Morrison's work for intelligence. For once Krieger wrote something that wasn't too plastic. No offense Krieger.
- Matthew, Los Angeles, CA
Right. Granadinas. I should've read on further. THAT'S the song. I was surprised they hadn't been sued for it too. They did NOT play this song at Singer Bowl, by the way in August of '68 when I saw them. Waiting For The Sun had just come out and while they did a medley which included 5-to-1 and some others from the then "new" LP, it was a damn good show which ended in a riot naturally. A little known band called The Who opened for them who had just come out with a tune called MAGIC BUS. The Kangaroo's from Australia opened for the Who and were pretty much laughed off the stage by the locals. Not a bad gig for my very first RnR show. Albee.
- Albee, Amityville, NY
I asked Robbie Krieger if, in fact, this song was lifted from Albeniz' Asturias and he said NO it was NOT. It's from another classical piece, the name of which I do not have at my disposal, so sorry about that. I will try to find the tape I have of the conversation I had with him on a radio show when I called in and asked him. A great, great song too; in Em by the way. Albee.
- Albee, Amityville, NY
It's a fantastic song to sing in the shower. Try it.
- Johnny, London, England
Spanish Caravan was actually cut, meaning it was longer. Robby also used an actual Ramirez guitar for the first part of Spanish Caravan then the Gibson SG for the second part w/ the Fuzz Box.
- Joey, Tampa, FL
The Doors were actually sued for this song because it had parts used from A Flamenco song one learns learning Flamenco style guitar. A song called "Granadinas". "It was kind of a cover version or a Spanish traditional", says Krieger. The people who sued them for it didn't get too much. The people who owned "Granadinas" got the publishing that was earned in France, cause that was where they were at.
- Joey, Tampa, FL
definitley my favorite doors song
- zach, philly, KS
Beautiful arangement....Kreiger is stunning in this song...
- Matt, Monroe, LA
the organ at one point of this song sounds like the into of light my fire when played backwards. have a listen. it could be my imagination though
- jon, sydney, Australia
"Asturias", from the "Spain suite" by Isaac Albeniz, was originally composed for piano, and later brilliantly adapted for guitar by Andres Segovia. I think Robbie Krieger plays exactly this version. But the piano version is excellent, too.
- Daniel, Saint-Brieuc, France
"asturias" was written in the XIX century
- alejandro, Mexico D.F., Mexico
the intro riff was taken from "asturias", taht is in the "spain suite" by isaac albeniz... a beautiful play of classical guitar... Try to play that and you will become addicted to it
- alejandro, Mexico D.F., Mexico
My very most favorite song by The Doors!
- Michelle, Rockford, IL
Robbie Kreiger rocks in this song, when he plays in this song, i get chills, then Jim's voice to top off, great song
- Desirae, Harrison, OH
This whole song was taken from Paco de Lucia's Spanish Dance #5... its an awesom song though.. cant go a day without listening to it!
- Veronique, Gatineau, Canada
I just can't go a week without listening to this song.
- Jason Lee, New York, NY
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