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Saving Amy by Brantley Gilbert

Album: Halfway To HeavenReleased: 2011
  • Bradley Gilbert penned this heartbreaking song with Bonnie Baker about a girl he knew at school. He recalled to KNUE 101.5 FM: "That song took me longer to write than any song I've ever written. I wrote it about a friend of mine from high school. Her name was not Amy, but her boyfriend had proposed to her and actually got in a car accident and died on the way home that night. And then about six months later I was still working on it, but I changed the title to 'Saving Amy,' I didn't want to put her name in it, and I played it for my cousin who had just come back from Iraq and he started tearing up, and I was like 'Dude, what is it?' He said, 'Number one, that's a sad song, but I've been waiting for somebody to write a song about Joseph for a long time.' And it clicked. I didn't know it, but a friend of mine, Joseph Hensley, proposed to a girl named Amy one night, and on his way home he was actually hit by a train and the only thing that was untouched in the whole entire accident was his Bible. So it turned out to be a pretty strong song, and I felt like I had a little bit of help writing that one."
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