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Hangover by Taio Cruz

Album: TY.OReleased: 2011Charted:
  • It appears Taio Cruz drank too much on the lead single from his third studio album, TY.O. Having got trashed the night before, he's now suffering from a hangover but still wants somebody to pour him some more. It's no surprise to hear Cruz admitting that he "don't ever ever want to grow up."
  • Cruz's fellow drinker US rapper Flo Rida spits a verse on this club banger, which was produced by American producer Dr. Luke. The British singer and hitmaker previously worked together on another party anthem, "Dynamite." However, the good doctor doesn't appear to have a cure for Cruz's hangover.
  • The explanation for the album title lies with Taio's frustration regarding the incorrect pronunciation of his name. Its title is the phonetic pronunciation of the two syllables "TY" and "O" creating TY.O or Taio.
  • Ironically, Cruz himself is not a drinker. The singer told Artist Direct the inspiration for this song came to him when he was out partying with friends in Ibiza. Said Cruz: "It's quite funny, I don't drink myself. It's not a true story [about me] but about everyone who goes out and goes crazy, and has an incredible party. You wake up remembering the night before, with a mild headache. I thought it was fun and I thought it really tracks the way those people live."
  • The song's music video is a spin on the 2009 hit movie Hangover. Flo Rida makes a cameo whilst actor-comedian Bobby Lee plays the character of Taio's assistant, who dresses as a bear being bottle-fed in a cot.
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