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Be Like That by 3 Doors Down

Album: The Better LifeReleased: 2000Charted:
  • "This song," 3DD lead singer Brad Arnold told us, "was strange, because I wrote the verses and the choruses at two completely different times. And I couldn't think of the verse for the chorus, or the chorus for the verse." Until one night driving home from band practice, the singer had an epiphany, "and I was sitting in my car singing, and I put those two together, and I was like, Duh. And I went home and just got a three chord structure going for the melody of it, and took it to practice the next day, and I asked Chris to make something out of it, and he came back the next day and he had it, and it just went from there."

    Arnold confesses to having no ability to play guitar, so when he writes a song, it's more like "chicken pecking" notes, and it can be a long process.
  • According to Arnold, this song is about following your dreams. "And I know everybody has 'em. It's not also just about following your dreams, though. It's kind of a little bit about dreams that you've missed, and a little notion of regret, also."

    The person in the first verse of the song is fictional, and Arnold left it open to interpretation on whether that person is older or younger. He explains: "It's just kind of an idea. And it's kind of weird. Maybe it doesn't have a perfect string full of lyrics in that first verse, and for me I've never thought it had a perfect one, because it's almost suggesting that it's an older person, but in a lot of ways it's kind of suggesting it's a younger person. But I left it like that because I want things to be like that. I want it to be like it would be interpreted a lot of different ways. I don't do it so much anymore, but I used to think that when I write lyrics, I tried to do every line to where it could be taken more than one way. And my thought process behind that was, Well, if I can get two meanings out of it, then there are countless meanings out there for somebody else to apply it to their own life."

    He also offers this bit of philosophy: "The difference in a good song and a great song, to me, is the difference in a good book and a good movie: They're both telling you the same story. They both have the same outcome. But whereas the movie is telling you exactly what to see and be heard, the book kind of lets you see whatever your mind comes up with, and it makes it a lot more applicable to your life in a lot of ways." (Check out our full interview with Brad Arnold)
  • With a small edit to the first lines of this song, this song was re-recorded and used in the movie American Pie 2. This version is known as the "American Pie 2 Edit."
  • In the second verse, the lyrics "She spends her days up in the Northpark" refer to The Northpark Mall in Mississippi, where the band is from. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Brittany - Jackson, MS
  • This was one of the tracks on 3 Doors Down's debut album. The next year, it was included on the compilation Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 8.
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Comments: 15

i love this song, i listen to it when its a good spring/summer sunny day and you want to hang out and be active and be with your girlfriendTom - Bellingham, Wa
i love this song, i listen to it when its a good spring/summer sunny day and you want to hang out and be active and be with your girlfriendTom - Bellingham, Wa
I could see this being autobiographical of 3 Doors Down. I'm sure in their early career they felt stuck as a band from a small town in Mississippi wanting to make it big all over the world. I'm from the same area as they are, and here it's small town, USA. 3 Doors Down has become the kind of inspiration they sing about in this song.Emily - Ocean Springs, Ms
This song is about a guy that has a normal life with a 9 to 5 job but he just wants to be a star while their is a girl that has nothing and she just dreams of being normal and having a home to come to every night because thats what being a star is to her.Tyler - Valley Falls, Ks
the line she spends her days up in the northpark mean the northpark mall in ms(where the band is from). im from MS and i go there all the time. i can see why they added it in their song.Jay - Jackson, Ms
Beautiful song, i guess we all have our moments when we dream of being someone else, someone so perfect and seems soo happpy with life. this song brings me to a reality check each time i hear it.Esere - Nigeria, Other
i like the song. it talks a lot about self esteem.Uzoma - Kano, Other
The reason why I love this song so much is because it portrays the need for a perfect life in all of us.Anne-griet - Lichtenburg, South Africa
I LOVE THIS SONG! i cried when my crush played it for me. it absolutely took my breath away. i miss him so much...he moved away a week after he sang it to me.Lilly - Stephenville, Tx
Wow.. I love this song so much. I cried when I heard a friend of mine play it.. It's just amazing. The song is just that powerful and makes me cry.-megan - Oshawa
I love this song! I like the melody of it.Niki - Chicago, Il
this song is in my mind the best, you can argue me to death but you wont change my opinion. Its just something every teenager might or probably will go throughKristen - Campbellville, Canada
this song a goodie! its kinda sums me up when my parents went away forever when i was 1 now 13 years later i cant look back and think like i was 1 and says "If I could be like that, I'd give anything just to live one day, in his shoes," i dont have to give anything up or only live one day. Its free and unlimited.Michael - Chichester, England
This song reminds me a lot about myself when I was 4 years old. I always wanted to be what I am now 10 years later. The acoustic guitar in this song is beautiful.Gabe - Utica, Ny
when i frist heard this song i cried it was me all over i love this songAngie Bellamy - Columbia, Sc
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