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Children by V.V. Brown

Album: Lollipops & PoliticsReleased: 2011
  • The first single from English singer-songwriter V.V. Brown's second album is this upbeat soulful song in which she calls the listener to action. It was released to US iTunes on September 20 2011.
  • The song features some rapping from Chiddy of the American Hip Hop duo Chiddy Bang.
  • There is a sample of the traditional kid's playground song "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" during the beginning and end of "Children." It's not the first time the children's tune has been used in a more adult context. Back in 2006 American Rapper Jibbs reworked some of the words into a brag about the jewelry on his neck for the chorus of his hit single, "Chain Hang Low."
  • The song was the only single to be released from Lollipops & Politics. After several delays, the album was eventually canceled, with some of its tracks planned for a later album.
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