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Forever Blue by Chris Isaak

Album: Forever BlueReleased: 1995
  • "Forever Blue" was inspired by a letter Isaak had planned to send an ex-girlfriend. Isaak told Star Bulletin: "I wrote that letter 10 times that day and still didn't send it because it wasn't right. Then I picked up my guitar and wrote it to her in song. When I got done I felt that everything had fallen into place what I couldn't say in a letter." Issak added, "This song started as a letter to my ex. I hope she hears it someday."
  • Isaak told Oxford American Magazine he thinks the song would make a good cover song: "It has pretty lyrics and the melody is easy to sing. It would be good for a soul singer or a country singer."
  • The line: "You did your best, life did the rest" came from Isaak's brother.
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